DivineBase Bible
The Everlasting Covenant Of God

The Encyclopaedia Of Truth

This is the most comprehensive compilation of the visitations
of God Almighty, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit, Angels and Saints from heaven,
as well as a complete record of their messages,
teachings, explanations, corrections and warnings.

Compiled By
DivineBase Ministry, Abagana

Approved By
The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze


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Real Life Events And Reports
         God the Father came down for the end time harvest and discovered that the world is not yet ready, just as He foreknew the same. He found humanity unqualified to enter the glorious kingdom of heaven. In His love, goodness, kindness, mercy and grace, He decided to sit down in the midst of humanity, in the congregation of DivineBase Ministry, in the city of the rising sun, Abagana, in Anambra State, Nigeria, to give the world extra time for repentance, to teach and to warn people, to guide and to explain, before the Warrior Angels use their merciless swords flush out the disobedient humanity.



          Humanity were given the Bible to guide them in all their engagements. But, out of disobedience, negligence and competition, they abandoned the Bible, and formulated all kinds of religions in the name of freedom of worship. Every religion, every ministry, every fellowship and indeed everybody, each decided for themselves how to worship God, without inquiring from God, and without minding whether what they do pleases God or not. In their attempt to fabricate their diverse religious beliefs and practices, they strayed away from the Truth, from the way of Truth, from the true worship of God and from the salvation of God.

          The religious leaders, who supposed to guide and guard humanity, were the very ones corrupting the commandments, statutes and precepts, and were misinterpreting the teachings of Master Jesus. They were teaching and practising man-made laws and doctrines, which were personal opinions and collective decisions made (forged) at meetings, councils, synods and conferences, and which are the figments of imaginations, the fabrications of falsehood and the deceptions of the enemy (Satan). The false imaginations of ignorant religious leaders.

What you hear from them is "Council said...," "Synod said...," and "Meeting said..." They are busy doing what they like, teaching man-made doctrines in place of God's commandments. A true minister of God should say, "God said...," "God told me...," "Thus says the Lord...," "Jesus said...," "The Holy Spirit instructed ...," "I saw an Angel, who told me..."

          Already, confusion has been created in the worship of God, due to freedom of worship, with contradictory teachings and conflicting beliefs, and because various groups produced diverse copies of the same Bible. Thereby, humanity became like the parable of the people who moved from light into darkness, and do not know again how to come out of the darkness.


General Lack Of Interest

          In order to set the record straight, to reset the priorities and to correct wrong teachings, to remove false beliefs and to stop wrong practices, God Almighty came down from heaven and sat down in the midst of humanity. Then, He gave various corrections, diverse teachings, serious warnings and wonderful revelations, for the good and salvation of humanity.

          It is really quite unfortunate that while God laboured for the wellbeing of humanity, many people were by-passing the ministry. They did not care to know or to find out Truth. Even after several invitations, processions or demonstrations were being made, and directed by the God Almighty, who was both spiritually and physically present, people felt less concerned. Many were even working, fighting or plotting against the ministry. On several occasions, people came at night to remove the signboard, which God Almighty directed to be placed at the entrance, so that people should treat the ministry as a holy place of God. People were busy drinking in the nearby restaurants, and would come close to the holy ground to spit or urinate. People were daily marching on the holy ground with their shoes, sandals, slippers and stockings on their feet, despite several warnings from God.


Supremacy Of The DivineBase Bible

          The DivineBase Bible is the supreme bible, as approved by the God Almighty, because God Almighty came down from heaven, with all the Hosts of the Angels in Heaven, sat down in the midst of humanity, to direct affairs, to dictate the way people should worship Him, to warn humanity, to teach both old and new things, to give corrections and warnings, to clear doubts and confusion, to reset priorities and procedures, to restore what have been misplaced or misinterpreted by the world.

          From week to week, every Fourthday, every Sixthday, every Seventhday, and during the weekly Sabbath, as well as in the times and celebrations of each of the seven annual festivals of God, and during New Moon Feasts, God Almighty, God the Son Jesus Christ, God the Holy Spirit, the Hosts of Angels and Saints, were busy teaching and supervising what things that are written in this book, which is a great compilation, called the DivineBase Bible, The Everlasting Covenant of God and The Encyclopaedia Of Truth.

          Therefore, all previous bibles are hereby banned, and rendered null and void, by God Almighty. People may temporarily use the previous bibles, until the DivineBase Bible is published. And in using the previous bibles, people shall abide with them only to the extent that the previous bibles are in line (the same) with the DivineBase Bible. In any case of conflict, between the previous bibles and the DivineBase Bible, humanity shall always abide with the contents of the DivineBase Bible, and leave the conflicting statements from the previous bibles. Be warned, because your reasons and excuses for changing whatever God has ordained and approved shall not save you from the merciless judgement throne of the God Almighty, who is perfect and just in all His ways. Everything God does, right from the time of creation, has been for the wellbeing of humanity. Be warned!


Range Of Contents

           The DivineBase Bible shall always include the whole contents of this website, www.divinebase.com.



           Everybody or group that wishes to publish the DivineBase Bible, must not change anything, whether word, statement or arrangement, while doing so. If there is mistake in spelling anywhere, both the wrong and right spelling shall be included, with the right spelling inserted in-between brackets, after the wrong spelling.

          Such publications must not contain any copyright reserves, so that people shall not be forced to alter the statements in the DivineBase Bible, in their bid to make parallel statements. And the order of publication must be the same as the first and original copy of DivineBase Bible.


Initial Pages

          This page, and the related linked documents below, shall be the first set of pages, whenever the DivineBase Bible is published.


The Time Of Divine Presence, Manifestation And Ministration

          God Almighty and all the Hosts of Angels started to be actively present, manifest and ministering in the midst of humanity, as from the year 2014, on the date of the Golden Welcomes, in honour of the Angels and in the honour of God Almighty, till date, up till today. This is in fulfilment of the prophecy of Ezekiel, which said:


'For thus says the Lord God: "Indeed I Myself will search for My sheep and seek them out. 12 As a shepherd seeks out his flock on the day he is among his scattered sheep, so will I seek out My sheep and deliver them from all the places where they were scattered on a cloudy and dark day. 13 And I will bring them out from the peoples and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land; I will feed them on the mountains of Israel, in the valleys and in all the inhabited places of the country. 14 I will feed them in good pasture, and their fold shall be on the high mountains of Israel. There they shall lie down in a good fold and feed in rich pasture on the mountains of Israel. 15 I will feed My flock, and I will make them lie down," says the Lord God. 16 "I will seek what was lost and bring back what was driven away, bind up the broken and strengthen what was sick; but I will destroy the fat and the strong, and feed them in judgment." Ezekiel 34:11-16


The DivineBase Ministry
         This ministry was established by God as the last Ark of Covenant, the last Ark of Salvation, and the last Ark of Noah, where the Lord Almighty is the Battle Axe! It is to this modern world what Ark of Noah was to Noah’s generations, when the world population was flushed out by a great flood. Whoever that wants to save himself from the end time calamites should keep a regular date with the contents of this website, and abide by the same. The same applies to whomever that wants to save his soul, enter heaven and gain everlasting life.

DivineBase Bible – The Everlasting Covenant Of God - The Encyclopaedia Of Truth

This is the record of the messages, teachings, corrections, explanations, rebukes, and ministrations of the Almighty God and the Hosts of Heaven, during the end time battle, during His presence and manifestations at DivineBase Ministry, Abagana. The writings are the records of what God Almighty, Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit and the Angels said and did.


The Sequence Of Records

First, the records were written in the order of the event. However, they were compiled according to topics, in order to keep related materials together. The order of presentation in this book does not necessarily mean the order of event. Contents were added, from day to day, as the events unfolded.


The Order Of Presentation And Publications

For publication of the DivineBase Bible, the entire writings shall be organized in the form of an encyclopaedia, as a set of several books, with similar cover design and numbered in order. The order of the writings shall be as follows:


1.    Title Page.

2.    Initial Pages.

a.       Preface

b.    Dedication (To The Holy Trinity and The Hosts Of Heaven)

c.     Acknowledgement.

d.      Introduction

e.     Home page.

f.      Welcome page.

3.    Contents page.


4.    The Right Way To Do It (The Right Way To Worship God).

5.    Relevant Topics (as on this web page).

6.          Face To Face Encounters.

7.          Books.

8.          Books Of The Truth

9.          Topics (those not included in the books).

10.     Corrections.

11.     Prophecies.

12.     Messages.

13.     The Comprehensive Explanations Of The Bible


14.     Frequently Asked Questions.

15.     Comments (few and genuine comments).

16.     Miscellaneous.


Possible Errors

These writings have been proof-read. In the process, several errors were corrected. It is our hope that there are no more errors in the writing. Should they exist any error, we expect you to use your common sense to fix them right.


Examples of such errors and their corrections were:

1.    From tiem to time, which should be ‘From time to time’.

2.    Beceoms, which should be ‘Becomes’.

3.    For you to it, which should be ‘For you to do it’.

4.    Traveeler, which should be ‘Traveller’.

5.    Inportant, which should be ‘Important’.

6.    Rather than to remain in ignorance, which should be ‘than to remain in ignorance’.

7.    Of the word, which should be ‘of the world’.


Meaning Of …

          The three dots mean that something was missed. Usually, it is a word or sentence that was not clearly heard, either during the delivery of message or when the record was played back. The sum of the missing words or statements represents an insignificant portion of the whole records. The missing portion does not, and cannot, make a person lose the kingdom of heaven.


Meaning Of ‘Listen…’

          In several places in the writings, you will see, “Listen…”

It simply means,

1.    Listen, let me tell you something.

2.    Listen, my children.

3.    Pay attention, to hear clearly.


Meaning Of (…)

You will find statements included inside brackets. The statements are:

1.    Explanations of the words preceding them.

2.    Further details added by the head of the ministry, in the presence of the ministering spirit, immediately the words or message was spoken.

3.    The Igbo words used or their translations.


Answers To Questions

Where God or the ministering spirit asked a question, the question is followed by the responses and answers given the members of the congregation. Where such responses are preceded by Response 1, Response 2, etc, it means that several persons spoke, one after the other.


For Relevance

Where necessary, copies of some of the writings were made and edited to suit the audience or occasion concerned. The writing was then edited for improvement, grammar, organization or contents. Many writings were posted on the Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, etc. However, the contents of this website, as titled DivineBase Bible - The Everlasting Covenant Of God - The Encyclopaedia Of Truth, remains the final, complete and supreme authority.


Relevant Topics

Click on any of the topics below to open the document. The first word serves as the keyword in the alphabetical arrangement of the topics:


1.    Abagana - The City Of The Rising Sun


2.    Abagana - Messages and Teachings Concerning Abagana People


3.    Abagana - Bia Furu Yahweh - The Triumphant Procession


4.    Abagana - The Throne Of God


5.    Abortion and Murder Everywhere


6.    About The Man Who Saw God Face To Face


7.    Altar - Sanctification, Holiness and Ministrations


8.    Angels On Ministration


9.    Animals


10.     Anointing Of The Holy Spirit


11.        Attendance And Participation Are Both Good And Compulsory


12.   Babies And Children


13.   Blessings of Peace, Grace and Goodness


14.   Blood Of Jesus


15.   Candle Prayer


16.   Charity Is Very Important


17.   Charms Are Real


18.   Child Delivery, Presentation And Protection


19.   Christmas and December Celebrations


20.   Colours


21.   Confession: The Right Way


22.   Confidential Matters


23.   Confirmatory Signs And Wonders


24.   Confrontation


25.   Congregations Should Unite


26.   Corrections – On Various Issues


27.   Corrective Messages From God


28.   Covenant Keeping


29.   Death Is Like A Door


30.   Deliverance And Spiritual Works


31.   Destinies Are Not The Same


32.    Devil, Satan And The Antichrist


33.   Director Of DivineBase Ministry Abagana


34.   Divine Messages


35.   Divine Work 1


36.   Divine Work 2


37.   Divine Work 3


38.   DivineBase Ministry - Part 1


39.   DivineBase Ministry - Part 2


40.   Dreams


41.   Education


42.   End Time Messages And Warnings - Part 1


43.   End Time Messages And Warnings - Part 2


44.     End Time Messages And Warnings – Part 3


45.   End Time Messages And Warnings – Part 4


46.   End Time Indignation - Be Warned


47.   Enemies Are So Many


48.   Evangelism


49.   Faithfulness


50.   Family Visits, Deliverance And Spiritual Works


51.   Fashion - Rebuke Against Bad Hairstyle


52.   Fashion – Wears, Makeups and Etc


53.   Fear Not


54.   Festivals


55.   Financial Matters


56.   Forgiveness And Mercy


57.   Free Will And Free Choice


58.    Games And Sports


59.   General Corrections


60.   God Almighty 1


61.   God almighty 2


62.   God - The Return of Shiloh


63.   God - The Lord Demands Covenant-Keeping


64.   Government And Leadership


65.   Health


66.   Heaven


67.   Hell Fire


68.   Holiness Is Power


69.   Holiness In The City Of The Rising Sun


70.    Holy Places


71.   Holy Spirit Is God Almighty


72.   Holy Substances Are Very Powerful


73.   Hospital Visits


74.   Humanity


75.   Idols And Idolatry


76.   Immorality Is Never Allowed


77.    Jesus Christ Is Your Personal Lord And Saviour


78.   Joyfulness And Gladness Of Heart


79.   Judges, Lawyers and Judiciary


80.   Judgment Is Coming


81.   Knights


82.   Love, Peace, Unity And Good Relationship


83.   Marriage


84.   Mask And Masquerades


85.   Medical Doctors, Nurses and Related Professionals


86.   Medical Treatment


87.   Men Of God


88.   Ministers Of God - Part 1


89.   Ministers Of God - Part 2


90.   Miracles, Signs and Wonders


91.   Miscellaneous Messages And Teachings


92.   Money, Money, Money.


93.   Mothers-In-Law


94.   Nations Of The World


95.   New Year Activities


96.   New Year Prophecies 2018


97.   News Agencies And Social Networks


98.   Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice


99.   Offerings Must Be Good And Fitting


100.                 Once Again - The Reincarnations And Teachings Of Jesus Christ - Part 1

        Once Again - The Reincarnations And Teachings Of Jesus Christ – Part 2

        Once Again - The Reincarnations And Teachings Of Jesus Christ – Part 3


101.                 Palm Fronds


102.                 Parents


103.                  Personal Messages And Warnings


104.                 Practice Makes Perfect


105.                 Praises And Adoration


106.                 Prayers and Petitions 1


107.                 Prayers And Petitions 2


108.                 Pregnancy Issues


109.                  Press Men And Media Houses


110.                 Priesthood


111.                 Problems In Life


112.                 Processions


113.                 Prophecy


114.                 Protection Of God Is For His People


115.                 Rapture


116.                  Relationship


117.     Righteousness And Saintliness


118.   Record Keeping


119.  Reincarnation Is Real


120.  Responsibility


121.  Rewards And Benefits


122.  Roads Of Safety And Convenience


123.  Sabbath Is The True Way 1


124.  Sabbath Is The True Way 2


125.  Sacrifice Of Burnt Offerings


126.   Saints On Ministration


127.  Salvation


128.  Sand Is An Effective Instrument For Fighting Spiritual Battles


129.  Servants and Applicants


130.  Smoking


131.  Speech and Talkativeness


132.  Spirit and Matter


133.  Spiritual and Medical Healing


134.  Spiritual Blindness and Ignorance


135.  Spiritual Talents


136.   Spiritual Warfare With God Present As The Battle Axe! - Part 1


137.  Spiritual Warfare With God Present As The Battle Axe! - Part 2


138.  Spiritual Warfare With God Present As The Battle Axe! - Part 3


139.  Spiritual Warfare With God Present As The Battle Axe! - Part 4


140.  Spiritual Warfare With God Present As The Battle Axe! – Part 5


141.  Thanksgiving


142.  Temple Services And Worship - Part 1


143.  Temple Services And Worship - Part 2


144.   Temple Services And Worship – Part 3


145.  Testimonies Of The Lord’s Goodness


146.  The People Of God


147.  The Word Of God Is Everlasting


148.  Timeliness


149.  Tithes


150.  Trumpet Sound


151.  Truth And Religion


152.  University Students


153.  Vision Is Very Important


154.  Washing


155.  Wedding Ceremony


156.  Fourthday Prayer (Not Wednesday Prayer)


157.  Wellbeing - Success And Prosperity


158.  Worldliness Is Abomination


159.  Wisdom


160.  Youths Are The Future Of A Nation


The Books Of Truth
Now that you have read the above writings,
   learn more by reading the following accounts of visits to the Heavens,
   which narrations and descriptions explain so many statements in the scriptures.
After reading them, you will discover that many reverend ministers of God are busy doing nothing.
They are dinning and winning on the tithes and offerings, while so many souls perish into the hell fire.

Whoever publishes the DivineBase Bible should include the following books of Truth.


1.    The Books Of Truth


2.    The Comprehensive Explanations Of The Bible


  1. The Right Way To Do It - The Right Way To Worship God



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