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About Marriage

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze


  1. In the face of increasing family crisis and marriage failure, what can a woman do, taking into consideration that marriage is for better for worse?
    1. The first duty of the man and woman, as well as that of the relations, is to seek for peaceful settlements. You might have observed that when there is misunderstanding, one or both parties, do emphasize the bad aspects in the marriage, when they should encourage themselves with the good aspects. You discover that most failures are caused by stubbornness or unforgiving spirit, instigated by the demonic and marine spirits.
    2. The term for better for worse, simply means that a woman should not leave her husband because the husband, who was once a rich man, has become poor man. Likewise, the man should not hate or divorce his wife because the beautiful woman has sustained an injury. For better for worse does not mean that a man or woman shall join the partner in doing evil, in idol worship, in secret society or in doing injustice to their fellow human beings.


  1. How can people avoid family crisis in sharing properties?
    1. Family properties should be shared, equally and wisely.
    2. Due consideration and special shares should be given, according to what God said. For example, the first son should receive double portion, because he would much of his time attending to extended family matters, while others are busy making money and acquiring properties for themselves.
    3. Sharing should be wisely done, in such a way that properties should not be abused or misused. For example, it is better to leave a compound for one family than to divide into two or more useless portions.


  1. Is a man free to cancel a proposed marriage because the woman is not yet pregnant?
    1. The natural law of life is “First things first”. That means that a person should follow due process in every engagement.
    2. He is not free, he is not allowed, to cancel the marriage.
    3. Besides, it is not a must that a woman delivers a child 9 months after marriage. Some are destined to be born in 9 months, 12 months, or 15 months, even in 2 years time.
    4. Again, hurrying to get children is not good. Being in a haste produces children who are impatient, merciless, heartless and intolerant.
    5. Be warned.


  1. How often should a couple sleep together?
    As often as they like, provided that they obey the laws of holiness as specified in the Holy Scriptures:

    Also, when a woman lies with a man, and there is an emission of semen, they shall bathe in water, and be unclean until evening. Leviticus 15:18

    At least 12 hours before entering the church or holy place.


  1. Someone that gave birth in her father’s house and another that committed abortion, which of them committed an abomination?
    Two of them committed abominations. However, the girl who gave birth in her father’s house is far more righteous than the other, who committed abortion.


  1. If a pregnant woman has complications, in her pregnancy or child delivery, is it right to abort the child?
    In a complication, it may be good to save one person, while the other dies. However, bear in mind that it is an abomination to commit abortion. In every situation, inquire from God what to do.


  1. Should a church ban its members, especially women, from marrying people of other churches?
    1. Religion or church should not be causing quarrel among humanity. You should know that it is the religious leaders who instigate many of the families crisis, because they are competing for increased membership.
    2. In the ideal case of marriage, a couple is one person divided into two separate beings. Therefore, nobody, and no religion, should determine the marriage partner for a person. That is why and how ˝ + ˝ = 1 (Not 1 + 1 = 1, as people usually say.)
    3. The unfortunate thing is that majority are not marrying the right partners, because people are spiritually blind and ignorant, after failing to study and practice Spiritual Science.
    4. For the sake of peace and harmony, it is good to belong to the same religion. But, this is not necessarily compulsory, except where the two partners belong to the true worship of God.
    5. One can marry a person of other religion, provided that doing so does not prevent a person from attaining heaven.
    6. Etc.


8.      What if a man divorced his wife, and married another woman. And later, the former wife repented and returned to the man’s house. What should the man do? To continue to marry the first or second wife?


When there are problems in marriage, people should not be in haste to divorce and marry another person. The disputes and arguments may become so clear in the future, that a person who was once considered guilty is proven to be innocent. In such a case as presented above, the man shall continue to marry the two wives.


Always remember that, by forgiveness you defeat the enemies, who are Satan, the evil spirits and demons, and also win back your brother, sister, father, mother, relation or loved one. The only desire of Satan and the kingdom of darkness is to push and pull everybody into the hell fire. But you can always defeat this plan, by defending the brother hood of mankind, through forgiveness.


What if a man wants to marry another wife, is he free to do so?

First, the oath of marriage, “until death do us apart,” has to be removed from the marriage vows, so that where absolutely necessary, a person can marry another wife or husband.

Marrying a second wife or husband is absolutely necessary, if the first wife is infertile or the first husband is impotent.

Two, where it is necessary for a man to marry another wife, he has to consider the issue with his wife, and two of them have to agree and plan on what shall be done. The man should not exclude the wife, take all the decisions alone and effect another marriage, without telling the first wife.


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