General Questions & Answers

Part 1



The Man Who Saw God Face To Face

Raphael Okechukwu Nweze


Whatever I have said about myself is also possible and true about you.

The Holy Trinity testifies that these things are true.

That is why I say, “Sing Praises!”

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Introductory Explanations
         Below are questions which the man who saw God face to face was asked. Each question is immediately followed by his response to the question.



About The Man Who Saw God Face To Face

1.     Who are you?

I am the man who sees God face to face, here on earth and in the heavens.

I am the one sees, knows and experiences the Holy Trinity - One God in Triple Manifestations, just as water has solid ice block, liquid water and gaseous vapour, and just as fire is heat, flame and light.


2.     Are you a son of God?

Every child of God is a son of God and is God, just as the offspring of an animal is also an animal as the parents. Humanity are Gods-in-seed form, still in the process of spiritual evolution. God Almighty is the Father of All. We are Sons of the living God.


3.     Are you asking the world to believe you?

Believing is good, but it is not enough. They should investigate my statements. The end point of investigation is confirmation or rejection. That is why Jesus did say, “Seek, and you will find.”

I am neither begging nor arguing with anybody. I only say, “Follow me to the Father.” Just do my teachings, which are triple explanations of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and the Angels shall lead you home.


4.     You said that God speaks to you. How does He speak to you?

·        God speaks to humanity through dreams, visions, trances, oracle, signs and wonders.

·        He speaks to us through inspiration, which is the light of Holy Spirit, which radiates from the heart of God to the hearts of all creation.

·        God speaks through light, sounds, vibration, magnetism and resonance.

·        God speaks to us through animals, plants, winds, lands, clouds, etc. The breeze that blows unto you brings news and messages from distant places to you. That is why we have speaking winds, singing stones, talking plants, etc. The real problem is that people are not spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced to recognize and respond to the Holy Spirit.

·        God also speaks to us by the visitation of Angels or by transfiguration, whereby an ordinary human being is transformed to have heavenly experience.

·        Above all, God speaks to us in silence, by telepathy (long distance communication by thought).


5.     Some people see you as mystical?

It all depends on what you mean by being mystical.

A mystic is a Master, who is spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced. Among all the ministers and children of God, it is only the mystics that see God face to face. Not only that, they experience God and attain God. They become one with God. That is why Jesus often said, “The Father and I are one.” I bear witness that what Jesus said is true, because I know God the Father. I came from the Father, the Father is with me and I shall return to the Father.

Anybody can become a mystic if he wants to. That is why Jesus did say that you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

The real problem in the world is that people are not seeking for the Truth. They are more interested in sensations and worldliness, which are both false and misleading.


6.     Should churches encourage prophecy?

Not only churches, but also schools, should encourage true prophecy. God is God of prophecy. And to worship God without prophecy is nothing but hypocrisy. How can a man claim to be working for a company when he does not take directives from the company? The foundation of prophecy is Truth. When you know the Truth, you can prophesy. Prophecy is the evidence of Truth.


7.     Now that you have seen the Holy Trinity, by which title should people address you?

Beware of title. Learn the simplicity of God and you will be free. For the ordinary man, organizations and churches, titles are relevant. But in the Heavens, what matters is not your title, but knowledge of the Truth and living by the Truth, for the Truth, in the Truth, as the Truth, and with the Truth. The same Truth is God.


8.      Which church do you attend?

         The Truth is like the sun. The light of the sun enters into every building, but no building is large enough to contain the sun. So it is with Truth. Likewise, the man who knows the Truth. The churches are different shades of the same Truth. It is better to seek, find and know the Truth than to cling to the shady religions, which are man-made and often misleading.


9.     Sir, before you reached this spiritual stage you are now at, how was your beginning? How did you get started?

I was interested in the things of God. I was usually gentle and quiet. The Holy Spirit wants gentility and quiet times from us. I visited the holy places often. I studied the scriptures. I read about people who have had spiritual experiences.

I live in the world, but I do not go the worldly way. I prayed from time to time. I delight in discipline, and would not join in misconduct. I do not participate in doing something simply because others are doing. I do something because I consider it right and proper.

I do not play with duties assigned to me. I always like to complete duties on time. Whatever I do, I aim at excellence.

I cultivated the habit of patient thinking.

I cultivated the habit of not attaching myself to the world, events, possessions or people. I enjoy helping people out of their problems.

I seriously prayed for knowledge and wisdom, even for many days and years. And God has answered my prayers, even more than I had expected.


10.            Please sir, how did you reach this extent (spiritual level) that you are now at? What was your approach, both physically and spiritually?

I read several scriptures of God, irrespective of their religions. I always searched for the Truth, not for church or religion.

By quiet times, silence and rest. Did Jesus not say, “Come away to a lonely place by yourself and have rest for your soul.” By detachment. By meditation. And by knowledge, through reading of the scriptures, sacred texts and good spiritual books. By praying, no longer by so much fasting or penance.

Above all, “not by power nor by might, but by the spirit.” When the student is ready, the Master shall appear. Indeed, there are so many Masters who are ready and willing, but the students concern themselves with irrelevancies.


11.            Why don’t you belong to a religious association?

I was sent by the Father to call every group back to Himself. You go back to the Father just by following my teachings, which are triple confirmations of the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you do so, the Angels shall take you home, heavenwards. You do not know the way. I know the way, because I came from the Father, the Father is with me and I shall return to the Father.

The problem with associations is that they soon start telling you where to go and where not to go, which may limit the extent that God wants you to reach. At times, it is even better to walk alone like Abraham and enter heaven, than to walk with multitudes and go to hell. I do not mean that others are evil, but I say the facts.


12.            Since you bear triple confirmation to the teachings of Jesus, are you greater or equal to Jesus?

It is God that is God Almighty, the same God is Almighty Love (Jesus Christ) and He is Almighty Presence (the Holy Spirit). We are God’s children.


13.            Who anointed you?

I was anointed by God, with the Holy Trinity, and for God.


14.            Why do you always speak with power and authority?

That is the evidence of Truth. Those who know the Truth speak with power and authority, because they are full of the Holy Spirit.


15.            Why should I believe the Bible?

·        It is God’s word.

·        It is God’s revelation of Himself to humanity.

·        It is a window into the nature and character of God.

·        It is a guide for righteous human relations.

·        It teaches you how to build and enhance your mansion in heaven.

·        It shows God’s plan of the ages.


16.            Are you married?

Marriage or no marriage does not make a person holy. A person becomes holy when the Holy Spirit indwells him. The devil is not married; yet, he is not holy. Jacob married four wives, and is still a holy man of God.




17.            If animals are all so intelligent like human beings, why don't they build houses and temples?

The purpose why God sent His children to the world is not for them to build all kinds of houses and mansions. And it is not for them to accumulate all kinds of wealth. The sole purpose for which you were sent to the world is for you to gain knowledge and skill by experience.

Do not mind the churches, who are busy competing with number of church buildings they have. God is calling anybody for the person to build kingdom. God is calling you to inherit a glorious kingdom already built. 

Houses are good and necessary, but not in the light of craziness with which people seek for money and wealth by all means.

Definitely, man has not played the roles expected of him on earth. Henceforth, concern yourself more with things of the spirit, so that when you get to the heavenly kingdom, you will be a rich man. Otherwise, you shall end up regretting it all in the life after this.

On this particular world, admittedly, people dominate by force and by all means available to them. But, to dorminate others makes you a spiritual dwarf. Do everything out of love, and for the benefit of others. That is the only way to easily and quickly attain the heavenly kingdom.


18.            Do animals and plants speak?

Yes, animals speak. They talk to each other, and they also talk to human beings. The real problem is that people are not spiritually developed to hear them. Science teaches the world that there are living things and non-living things. But in spirit, everything is a living thing. Humanity, including schools and churches, should introduce and promote Spiritual Science. All education without Spiritual Science is incomplete, and half education is dangerous.



Astral World (Astral Travel, Spiritual Visits, Etc)

19.            Does spiritual travel take a long or short time?

It all depends on what the aim is. It may take a long time or just a very short time.


20.            I saw a beam of light. Then, came a second beam of light. The next thing I knew was that I went far away in spirit. Why does it happen?

The first beam of light was when the first Angel leading you came into the house. The second beam of light was when the second Angel came in. usually, the Angels move in twos. Once they hold you hand, you are off with them at a very high speed to wherever you are wanted.


21.            Do the evil spirits know when a person goes out or comes in spirit? Can they prevent someone from coming back?

Sometimes, they know. Also, they may try to stop somebody from coming back. But they cannot, because your Guardian Angels are there with you. Fear not, for there is nothing to fear, because your defender, the Holy Spirit, is there with you.


22.            When you move to the higher dimensional planes of existence, do you have one or more astral bodies?

You always have a body. It may be physical or spiritual. In whatever dimension you find yourself, you have a solid body for that plane. Much depends on your spiritual level and capabilities. A person may be operating only in the physical body. Another, two bodies; some other one, five bodies. For others who are highly evolved, more bodies can be added to their current number of bodies when necessary, or withdrawn immediately the appropriate task has been completed, just as you put a sweater to guard against cold and remove it as soon as you feel hot.


23.            When you are astral travelling, how do you find or reach the planes in which animals live?

You do not have to go about looking for the planes. To get to a place, all you have to do is think of being there and you are soon there.

If you are a lover of some particular animal, you will get to the animal or that animal may come to you. People invite you just by thinking about you, by thinking of being with you.

When you get beyond this Earth things are very different. Animals are not just senseless creatures who cannot talk and do something. They are intelligent and useful beings in different dimensions of life.

Actually, it is the humans that are the blind, deaf, dumb, lame and paralyzed because they refuse to use their natural spiritual abilities. Animals can and do communicate by telepathy. Some of them like the cats have excellent vision.


24.            On several occasions, I have attempted to visit you in spirit. I may see ‘someone’ who slightly resembles you but not exactly like you. Sometimes, he engages me in romance. What is actually happening?

To visit somebody in spirit is not as simple as going to his compound. The spirit does not allow unnecessary intrusions or uninvited visitors into another person’s life.

Those who are spiritually developed have an effective barrier, which protect them from intrusions. Also, you should know that the elementals or demons like to play tricks on people. They can pretend to be somebody whom they are not.

Avoid sex in spirit or dreams, irrespective of whose appearance the demons use to approach you.


25.            What is the effect of anger on astral or spiritual life?

Seriously, you should never end a day on a negative note, of anger, hatred, harshness, etc, because it adversely affects your perceptions and reactions in the spiritual world. Also, it really causes havoc to your body organs and systems. Women do this a lot, and think that they are being smart or wiser, without knowing the grievous problems they cause to themselves. For, by negative reactions, your spiritual growth is frustrated and you suffer serious health problems.




26.            Is it possible to see a person's aura in a letter or on it? How much can you tell about a person other than the words he writes down?

Yes, it is possible to see an aura through a letter, by psychometry. But that will not be so clear as seeing the actual physical aura.

For best results, a person has to be with the observer in a room, and at least 12ft from another person. The person must be entirely without clothes. He or she has to stay without clothes for about half an hour while the effect of the clothes wears off. If you are spiritually sensitive enough, the moment you touch a letter or something, you can tell the facts about it.




27.            Is it possible to have a physical or spiritual child as a result of sexual intercourse in dream?

Yes, it is possible.

What you call dream is reality manifest and experienced in spirit. By all means avoid sex in spirit. Even if the partner appears in the form of a person you know or love, do not accept.


28. At what stage exactly does the spirit enter a baby to be born?

Many have this question on their mind.

Everything in nature follows a definite process. But the time varies as often as is necessary. That is partly the reason why some children are born late or earlier. Further, the spirit who is going to take over the body does not take over at any specific time. Much depends on the degree of evolution, much depends on the need, much depends on the type of career, and much depends on God’s plan and timing.

The best advice is that people should become more spiritual and cultivate the habit of obeying the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Several pregnancies have been aborted or mishandled simply because people were doing things the way they think, instead of following the guidance of the Holy Spirit. People often follow the wrong path. The worst thing is that people pray to God for solution and turn round to refuse to do what God has directed.

          Life begins the moment conception takes place. And abortion, including suicide, is a grievous offence punishable in hell fire.


29. Where should the placenta fallen (removed) from the naval of a baby be kept? And how should it be disposed off?

Bury it in a safe and hidden place. Do not use it for ritual nor sacrifice it to idol or shrine.




30.            Is it proper to celebrate Birthday?

Here is the truth about birthday. Whatever has a beginning, has an end, but whatever has no beginning has no end. You are everlasting, because God your Father is everlasting. The issue of birthday should not arise.

The world is God’s own school. You enter the school by birth, leave it at death and come back into it through reincarnation. And people reincarnate several times. A student does not spend his time celebrating the day he entered a school. Does he?

Celebrating your birthday does not in anyway add to your worth in life. It neither solves problems nor makes you grow in spirit. It is one of the marks of ignorance exhibited by the people, and encouraged by spiritually ignorant leaders.

The best you can do on your birthday is to seek the face of God through prayers, thanksgiving and charity.

The same truth applies to celebrating Christmas. How can you be celebrating the birthday of somebody who is from everlasting to everlasting? And Jesus made it clear, “Before Abraham, I was.”

The Bible records that people of Israel do not know where Moses was buried. All because God foreknew that some of them may engage in the idolatrous practice of praying or worshipping at his tomb.


     While astrological signs can be accurate, God wants you to depend solely on Him.


Arise, shine;

For your light has come!

And the glory of the LORD is risen upon you.

2 For behold, the darkness shall cover the earth,

And deep darkness the people;

But the LORD will arise over you,

And His glory will be seen upon you.

3 The Gentiles shall come to your light,

And kings to the brightness of your rising.

"The sun shall no longer be your light by day,

Nor for brightness shall the moon give light to you;

But the LORD will be to you an everlasting light,

And your God your glory.

20 Your sun shall no longer go down,

Nor shall your moon withdraw itself;

For the LORD will be your everlasting light,

And the days of your mourning shall be ended.

Isaiah 60:1-20




31.            How can one know if he is not injuring himself by reading different books?

One, reading in life is both necessary and compulsory. The world is God’s own school. Humanity are here on earth to gain knowledge and experience.

Two, you do not stop going to market simply because there are fake products in the markets. The only thing you should do is to be very careful. Yes, be open-minded, and yet, very careful.

Three, do not engage yourself to read everything you see. Select those books that can help you grow in spirit.

Four, do not believe the advice of religious leaders, who tell you not to read books. You are here to learn. And if you end up gaining all the treasures of the world, without learning as expected of you, you are the worst loser.

Five, reverend ministers of God delay your spiritual progress by telling you not to read books written by members of other churches. No church can claim to know everything about God. Besides, people do not and cannot dictate for the heavens. It is the duty of man to search out books writhen by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and read such books.

Six, at times people say that those who read spiritual books will become mad. Let the world show an example, only one example of somebody, since the time of creation of the world, who became mad simply because he read a spiritual book from God.

Seven, books are meant to teach and guide, to inform and educate you. It should not take away your power of independent thinking. You have free will, free choice and individual responsibility as ordained by God. And I ask, what do religious leaders gain by keeping people ignorant? Or, what do they gain by leading ignorant multitudes?

Eight, people always give uncountable reason why they should not read spiritual books. That is not good, and it is the Devil’s way of keeping people in bondage and captivity. The only power Satan has over you is your own ignorance. He knows that the moment you know what you are, the moment you know your spiritual rights and privileges, he can no longer defeat or affect you.

Nine, when you read, concentrate on one author and one subject at a time. Do not rush to read everything over night. If you do so, you harm yourself and also delay your spiritual progress. Always adopt a slow and steady pace in things of the spirit. As if nothing is happening, yet much is being achieved.

Ten, pray and desire seriously to grow in spirit. Otherwise, you end up like others who are always claiming that their church is the best, without knowing that they are spiritual dwarfs, who have not even started the journey back to God.




32.            Why do priests not get married?

Priests can get married. God said in both Old and New Testaments that they should get married. But some priests held a meeting in the past and decided that priests shall no longer marry. They started to teach their agreement as if it were God’s commandment, as if getting married makes somebody unholy.

Sometimes, a church may need a man to devote his whole life to that religion. In other words, he must, in effect, marry the religion. A man who is not married will be more devoted to his call and will have more time to attend to the needs of the church. A married man would not be able to give full attention to his religious duties. That is why Catholics and some other priests do not marry.

But, naturally, it is good for them to marry. Many cases of sex-abuse priests would then be prevented. I must add that marriage or no marriage does not make a person holy. A person becomes holy when the Holy Spirit, the spirit of holiness, indwells him. And as compulsory, every minister of God should undergo deliverance before ordination.




26.                        How do I know when I am ready to become a Christian?

When you start living the life of a Christian. But I must warn you, it is not enough to just believe and accept Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour. You must seek for the Truth and grow in spirit. Otherwise, you make yourself a hypocrite without knowing it, just like many who parade themselves about as Christians but are not recognized as Christians in heaven.


27.                        How do I talk to my friends about Jesus?

Just start talking and the Holy Spirit shall take over form you, and will be speaking through you.


28.                        What does being a Christian mean to you?

A Christian is person who lives the life of Christ. A life of love, mercy, kindness, forgiveness, holiness, purity, joy, happiness, selflessness, etc. A life that is always thinking of God and His nature.


29.                        What is the Bible?

·        The Bible is God’s revelation of Himself to humanity.

·        It is a record of God’s word, which include His commandments, statutes, precepts, teachings and corrections.

·        It is the book of salvation meant to lead mankind to the everlasting Kingdom.


30.                        Why is the Old Testament so important?

The Old Testament is the root of the New Testament. No tree can stand without its root, just as no house can stand without a strong foundation. And I warn the world. God has neither Old nor New Testament. That division is man-made. The Word of God is one. It is neither old nor new. It is always new.


31.                        The Bible is for the Israelites only. Why should the Igbo people study it?

The bible is not for the Israelites only, because God made it clear that the same laws of His applies to both Israelites and non-Israelites. For example, Jeremiah was made a prophet to the nations, and not to the Israelites only. Likewise, God’s covenant was meant for all the nations of the world, because God told Abraham that in his (Abraham’s) seed shall all the nations of the earth shall be blessed.



31.                                    What about those who like to pray for others? 

It is necessary here to say a bit about the people who are so anxious to pray for others – the people who always believe that their religion or church is the best. Definitely, it is very good to pray for somebody. When you pray for others, you are doing a very good work for God and humanity.

The real problem is that these religions and churches that claim to be the best are indeed among the worst in spirit. The members never accept or understand that what his church has taught him were fabricated during meetings, councils and synods by their leaders.

Imagine the irony. Such is the state of most of the religions, churches and their members. Each claims to know the Truth, whereas all they say and do are blind faith, false beliefs and man-made doctrines, which are misleading. That shows how proud and boastful people can be.

I was amazed to hear somebody say that they are praying hard for me to know the Truth. A person who has not gone to heaven at all and has not seen God even for once wants to pray for a living saint who has gone to heaven several times and has seen God on so many occasions, so that the saint would repent. The main reason why I say all these is that everybody, including the religious and church leaders, must humble themselves to study Spiritual Science. For the time being, most of what they believe in and practise are nothing but the figments of imaginations, the fabrications of falsehood and the deceptions of the enemy.




32.            What causes enmity?

One is evil spirits.

Two, mismanagement of human desires.

Three, if two persons’ vibrations are not compatible with one another, then we have hatred, anger, provocation, social upset. The vibrations are very often produced or governed by the sorts of food people eat and by their lifestyles. The food gives our bodies’ chemical intake.




33.            The Bible says in the book of Exodus that God visits the iniquities of the fathers upon their children, to the third and fourth generations. But the book of Ezekiel says that children shall not suffer for the sins of the fathers. Between these two statements, which one is correct?

One, the two statements are correct.

Two, God visits the iniquities of the fathers upon their children to the third and fourth generations.

Three, children inherit both assets and liabilities from their parents.

Four, every family has to perform family deliverance and spiritual works to free themselves from the iniquities, abominations and curses of the ancestors.

Five, as long as they refuse to perform the deliverance and spiritual works, they remain under the bad influences of the ancestors and suffer the consequences.

You should note that ‘to the third and fourth generations’ means that once an evil is committed, it takes about 4 x 30 years (120 years) for the bad effects to wear down and phase out. Here is wisdom, and an enough warning to everybody to avoid evil, even the least sin.


34.            When you rent a house and notice something uneasy, unusual or negative, how can a person get rid of the evil?

First, you have to find out what is actually bad or what was done wrong in the place. It may somebody was murdered inside the room. It could be the land was dedicated to shrine in the past. Or, that strong and influential personality wrongfully took the land from the owner. In some cases, ghosts torment residents without their knowing it.

Before telling you the possible solutions, I must warn you that God is God of justice. He does not tolerate injustice. He punishes whoever is wrong and those who support the person. Therefore, if you find yourself in such a place, do everything possible to effect solution before the situation becomes worst. Many businesses have collapsed simply because they were established on lands accursed with ancestral abominations. Some have died untimely death simply because they stepped on poison, charm, kept for another person. Families have suffered miscarriages or crisis simply because they lived in house infested by demons.

As for the solutions, you can pray yourself out of the situation.

If you discover that you cannot handle the situation, invite a prayer warrior or minister of God who is spirit-filled to come and perform deliverance.

Do not say it does not matter. Because, before you know it, you would have lost so much time and fortunes for neglecting to do spiritual house-clean up.




35.            Would it be possible or likely for an elemental or some such to control the responses of a pendulum or the spiritual messages being received by person?

Yes, it is very much possible for evil spirits to do so. That is why prayer is necessary before, during and after receiving spiritual messages. The evil spirits can block, delay or twist messages. For prevention and remedy you can do the following:

a.   Watch and pray.

b.  Examine the sprits.

c.  Ask for confirmations of messages, for signs and wonders.

d.  Live a holy life.

e.   Maintain a clean environment.

f.    Etc.


35.                        How can I resist Satan?

Seek and know the Truth. When you know the Truth, and you shall discover that Satan does not have any power over you. The only power Satan has over you is your own ignorance. He has been feasting on your ignorance. That is why Jesus said that you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set free. And when the Truth sets you free, you shall be truly free. For what is free is free indeed.




36.            Should people learn of and effectively use astrology for the good of the living?

Many years ago, when people were more spiritual and careful,  astrology was extraordinarily accurate. Normally, astrology is founded on a new science, the influence of the stars on objects of this Earth - including humans, animals, plants, etc. 

After thousands of years, the zodiac is different and therefore, the predictions or forecasts are all wrong. What was written about a thousand years ago may no longer apply today.

Astrology, practised without the guidance of the Holy Spirit, is just a waste of time. Surely, it is inaccurate for the simple reason that no allowances have been made for the differences in the configuration of the zodiac. Today, people do all kinds of things without minding the consequences, simply because they want to make money out of everything. The idea and practice are contrary to the demands of the Holy Spirit.

Another problem is that people are so selfish that they are always asking for what God would do for them. They fail to understand that God has His own needs. His need is that you reach out to people in need and help them out.

Above all, you do not need to depend on your birthday or stars. Depend solely on God.


37.  Is the use of the zodiac sign sorcery?

The use of Zodiac is not sorcery. The Zodiac signs were established by God, to control the destiny of humanity. However, do not use it for evil purposes.


38.  Are the stars in the sky each different from other star?

Everything God created is unique. The stars are each different from the others. Yet, they behave alike.


39.            What do you have to say about retarded children?

Some of the retarded cases are necessary, and they did not happen by chance or accidents.

Some of these retarded children, by themselves, chose that sort of life to gain that sort of experience. In this world, what matters is knowledge and experience you get while on earth, and not money, wealth, fame, power or popularity as people mistakenly think.

The conditions of retarded children caused by carelessness at birth or simply by bad training of the medical staff, can be prevented or improved with caution.

In actual life, it is hard for the ordinary man to distinguish between those who were retarded for the purpose of learning necessary experience on earth, and those who actually are retarded by carelessness.

The medical science and practice still has to undergo a lot of development. They still needs to learn how to recognize and respond to the assistance of heavenly Doctors and Nurses, who are always ready and willing to assist, but are everyday neglected by the medical doctors and nurses and other paramedical staff. That is the simple fact. And it calls for much concern from the society, government, churches and families.

Currently, the world is in dire need of spiritual scientists, who can direct the working class in their everyday engagements. Blessed indeed is he who encourages and promotes the new development.


38.                        What is Predestination?

Predestination, also called destiny, simply means that God sent you to the world for you to accomplish certain tasks. You should not fail in that task. Some would say that they do not know their respective destinies or talents. Just live a selfless life and the Holy Spirit shall reveal your destiny to your. Attend to people, serve them, help them, run errands for people and encourage charity.




39.            What are the differences between serving God and serving one’s self?

One, when you are serving or worshipping God without prophecy, you are simply practicing hypocrisy. It means that you are everyday just doing what you want, and not what God wants. Religious leaders must, must and must, train ministers in such a way that ministers under them should be able to recognize and respond to the Holy Spirit from time to time.

Two, when you do things when you like and not when God wants.

Three, you are serving yourself if you are always claiming the doership. You claim to heal people, perform miracles, etc, without giving the glory to God. Learn from Jesus, who said, “The Father in me does His work.”




40.            We do not know how God dresses.

·        God dresses in ways that are decent.

·        His dresses in flowing white garment that covers His legs.

·        His garment is made of light.


41.            Why do some churches wear white flowing garment?

Spiritually, white signifies the following:

1.     Truth.

2.     Perfection.

3.     Righteousness.

4.     Holy Spirit – white light and seven colours..

5.     Peace – all colours are at peace in and as white.

6.     Purity.

7.     Goodwill.


White garment is the heavenly dress of Angels and Saints. It is the sample of garment of righteousness and the robe of salvation.

Currently in the world, black is the most popular colour. That is very bad because black means so many things that are unacceptable to God. In spirit, everything behaves according to its own nature, and that nature it cannot hide. People love and wear black because they are spiritually blind, ignorant and bad.

Some reverend ministers tell their members that wearing black does not matter. Please tell them that it matters a lot. God does not want black dress. In the past, saints wore black out of spiritual ignorance.




42.            What of eye pain?

The body is made up of different chemicals, which should be in the right proportion. When there is imbalance in distribution or accumulation of the chemicals, people experience pain, stress or muscle pull.


43.  What is the solution to eye heaviness or cloudiness?

Take yeast tablets, according to dosage or ten (10) tablets in the morning and night. Also, ensure that the lighting in the environment is spread out, bright enough and always steady. Avoid dark and stuffy houses/rooms.




44.            What Do you have to say about fashion?

In all fashion and design, learn to appear in dresses that are decent, dresses that are simply best. The same applies to make-ups.

It is such a bad thing that nowadays people think that anything foreign means that foreign is good or best. At times, people are crazy for nothing, or so, out of misconception.

Excessive make-ups and extra-ordinary dresses hinder your spiritual growth.

          Avoid all worldly fashions and trends because they are the broad and easy way that leads to the hell fire.




45.            What is faith?

Faith is the knowledge of the truth and abiding by the truth in one’s everyday thoughts, words and actions. First, a person should have knowledge of the truth. Then, he lives according to the truth. Anything contrary is false belief, blind faith or misleading assumption.


46.            What Can A Person Do When Faith Does Not Work?

When faith fails to work or achieve what you want, all you need to do is to consult God. Do not do things simply because you can do it. For example, a minister of God went for spiritual work in a compound. At the door leading into the house, he saw a large python inside the house. Therefore, he said all kinds of prayer that he knew, yet the python did not move out. So, he turned to God in prayer. God told him to go outside, and then come in backwards. Immediately, he went outside, and at the door, before he could finish turning round, the python ran away.


45.                        Is it wrong to question God and Miracles?

No, it is not wrong to question God or miracles, just as it is not wrong to ask questions. However, it is wrong and dangerous not to believe God or to condemn and blaspheme His miracles.


46.                        Has Science disproved God?

Science has not disproved God. Instead, Science has steadily proved God and His works as true. Scientific laws are just man’s definitions of God’s will in creation. Scientific discoveries and inventions are the confirmations and utilizations of God’s providence. For example, before Science started to apply the law of action and reaction, the birds used it to fly; the fishes used it to swim: and people used it to walk, for no physical movement is possible without its application. For more details and explanations, see Science and Religions




47.            What about those fearful spirits one meets in dreams? Shall one meet them when he is going home – heavenwards – in spirit?

You may or may not meet them. But if you meet them, you do not need to fear them. They cannot harm you. They only frighten you to entertain themselves. Imagine a smart citizen harassing a police man who does not know his rights and duties.

At times, you find yourself passing through them, yet nothing happens to you. God is so loving and careful enough that He provides every protection you need. No harm will happen to you, unless you refuse assistance by believing what is false. If you become afraid, they rejoice and frighten you even more.


48. How can a worker or labourer give first fruit to God?

Out of the first salary or payment, give God whatever you like.


49. First Fruit  Shall first fruits be given monthly or yearly?

Once a year.




50.                        How do I know that God has forgiven me when I have sinned and feel so guilty? How do I ask for forgiveness?

If you offended anyone, go to him and ask him to forgive you. If he refuses, do not mind him, because you have done your part, you have done what God said and you are free.

If you have sinned against God, kneel down and pray to Him for forgiveness. Then rise up, knowing full well that God has forgiven you. This is true because I have seen the Lord so many times. It is His delight to forgive, even before you ask for forgiveness.




48.            I said my prayers three times to win raffle draw, but I didn't win. What went wrong?

Spiritual abilities are not for making quick profits. They are meant to be used for spiritual development and for the wellbeing of the general public. Using the gifts of the Holy Spirit to do gamble can do you a lot of harm.

You use prayers or recitations to confess your faith, and to draw the attention of your subconscious mind, which is very necessary for success and development. You also use it to convince yourself of what you know to be sure.




50.            What do you say about the martial arts?

Humanity were sent to the world so that they learn peace and stop war. Instead of doing just that, they are busy learning all kinds of harmful practices. All sports should be turned into purely entertainment and harmless activities. The real martial arts are neither for the purpose of fighting people nor were they for defence. They were designed as ways for developing mental, mystical, and spiritual discipline. After all, the more you know, the more you become gentle. That is why children run about during plays, but a student would not do so. The more wisdom you have, the more your conscience tells you to be gentle.

Do not think that you can use Judo or Karate against a gun, especially when the bullet is already speeding toward you. Remember that those exploits you see on films and videos were intentionally organized to appear so. Every form of violence, even harmful games, must give way to peace and harmlessness.




51.            What is holiness?

For comprehensive explanation, see Holiness.


52.            How Can A Person Prevent Defilement From Graves In The Family Compound?

Use rope, framework or flowers to cordon off the area. Explain to the members of the family why they should not go to the grave or touch it.


53.            What does a corpse or grave do to a person?

For details, see Why You Should Avoid A Corpse Or Grave.


54.            Washing hands before touching a person’s hair, is it advisable?

Yes, it is highly recommended. It helps prevent transformation of spiritual deposits from one person to another. In fact, it should be the regular practice. People do not ask for it because generally, people are spiritually ignorant and blind to the realities of life.


55.            What are the holy rites a person or church members suppose to observe?

For details, see Holiness.




56.            What does Christianity says about aliens?

By aliens, I suppose you mean foreigners and Gentiles.

In God, there are no aliens, because all of us are children of God. We should all speak and defend the brotherhood of mankind. Discrimination, antagonism, conflicts and deceptions were introduced by religious leaders who were not spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced. And wicked and selfish tyrants encouraged and defended the blind religious leaders. It shall no longer be so today.

Of course, there are other worlds, where beings live in other dimensions of life different from what is obtainable here on earth. They can visit the earth, just as humans can visit theirs, especially by astral travel called spiritual journey.

Aliens also mean beings from other worlds, who visit this earth from to time. Well, the Bible gave various accounts of Angels visiting this world. That is enough for you to know that there are other worlds – planes of existence. However, what is most important to humanity now are How To Enter Heaven, How To Fight The End Time War, And Study Of Spiritual Science And Practice.




57.            You said that the gate mentioned in Psalm 24:7-10 refers to the hearts of people. But our Pastor told us that it refers to idols and shrines?

Truly, it means the hearts of people, the souls of children of God. God can come done to indwell you and become one with you. It has happened to me several times.

Also, what Pastor told you is true in a way, because every shrine or idol is made with a human being.



57.            What is Initiation?

Initiation is intended to mark a turning point in the life of a person. It is usually commenced with a decision to turn a new and better life, in the form of a simple straightforward affirmation, the affirmation is a statement of intent, a promise that one is willing and ready to do or study certain things. A simple affirmation is all that is necessary as an initiation ceremony, except where otherwise specified by the Almighty. Initiation is a ceremony to make others understand that a person is ready to take certain steps, which will enhance his spiritual wellbeing and psychic abilities. Where the purpose of initiation is good, it makes others to respect and support the move. However, avoid every form of evil initiation.




58.            How can we know when a good or bad spirit is speaking to us?

a.      Gradually, the Angels take time to train you.

b.     With time you shall be able to recognize good and true messages.

c.     Ask the spirit to make itself known.

d.     Speak to God by saying, “Let God reveal the spirit that is giving me messages.”

e.      Question the spirit thus, “Are you speaking the word of the Creator of heaven and earth?”

f.       Just say or shout, “Holy Spirit!” or “Blood of Jesus!” and the spirit will disappear or flee away if it is not from God.

g.     God will give you the signs by which you know which messages are true and from Him.

h.     Study the scriptures and sacred texts to learn more about prophecy and its interpretations.

i.        Learn from somebody who can interpret messages – dreams, visions, trances, etc.

j.        Pray to God for revelations.

k.     If you are steady in having fellowship with God, He will start telling you when next He will come or speak to you.


59.            Does inspiration work for the righteous, as well as for the unrighteous?

Yes. The only difference is that the righteous receive inspiration from God, while the unrighteous receive their own inspiration from the Devil or evil spirits. That is the reason why you should be steadfast in prayer, so that the evil spirits cannot affect or influence your life.




60.            How does the karma of a race affect an individual?

At times, people say or pray as if God is on the throne handing down any destiny He wishes to people. A destiny is both self-made, and then divinely complemented and supplemented.

Before a person reincarnates to earth, he goes to a Council of Advisors or whom you call Guardian Angels. The person who is coming back to Earth knows what he is coming to do. He knows or selects where he or she has to go. He is aware of the circumstances he is going to meet while on earth, which circumstances are necessary for doing particular task or learning a lesson. In other words, the person takes into account the basic karma of the race to which he is going. Usually, one goes to a race whose karma is suitable for increasing one's opportunities for gaining the necessary experiences. Unfortunately, people forget all these things while they switch into the baby mode in order to be born.

Almost everyone asserts that his destiny must come true. Many say this out of ignorance, for there are many who come to this earth loaded with bad karma. People should rather pray for the mercies of God and His blessings for success and prosperity.




61.            What do you have to say about marriage?

Marriage is a responsibility. Unfortunately, most of the couples about to wed do not know this. They think of love and sweetie, only to be soon swept off balance by life’s changing situations.

Two persons set for marriage should be ready to sacrifice, to tolerate and to offset each other’s weakness.  They should love each other, and be able to put up with the undoubted faults of the other. They should do things that increase, harmonize and strengthen their spiritual level of vibration, not those things that would tear them apart.

It is good if they belong to the same religion. But this is not a compulsory condition for marriage, because one person can lead the other to a better religion.

It is not always possible to know when you are marrying the right partner. Allow the Holy Spirit to lead. Even when the couple are right partners, they soon forget that marriage should be maintained. Instead of ensuring a successful marriage, they often keep themselves busy blaming one another.

Nowadays, marriage seems to be a very haphazard business. And youths hurry into it with all their false values about life. That is what is causing marriage crisis, break ups and divorces. At times, a pair of couple who have been living happily together soon after marriage develops all kinds of antagonism.

Other causes of marriage crisis include ancestral abominations, marine possessions and manipulations, witches, etc.

Many return in a state of hatred, saying that marriage or partner was not what he or she had expected. And without giving the marriage a chance, they rushed off and get a divorce. Thenceforth, many become bitter, frustrated and certainly appear so.

Marriage is a very important engagement, and like other important businesses, it should not be entered into lightly or in a hurry. Couples have a lot of give and take in marriage. The idea or practice of divorce or re-marriage are not in God’s plan of life.

The society should know that nowadays, women are neurotic, introducing every form of indecent dressings and behaviours. Observe the changing and repulsive shapes of women and their aggressive characters.

The worst is that both government and society do not care to censor films and videos. It is really terrible. Even more so dangerous, spiritually.

Women should know that they are not organically equipped to compete with men in all fields of work. The more they shy away from household/domestic duties and challenge the men, the more frustration they are likely to get in life. In the olden days, the women looked after the family, taking care of the children. Then, children were well behaved and the women were happy and healthy. Now, the women have abandoned the children to all kinds of evil experiences and home videos, and all the society is suffering dearly for it.




62.            Will the next Master or Spiritual Leader begin his reign before or after the future World War III?

The Leader is ready and willing, but humanity are not yet ready. Whatever people fail to learn in kindness, they have to learn by suffering. Because people are not ready, they shall have to suffer much more first. It is only suffering that make people change their bent, inclination, mental set or habit. For the time being, despite the fact that the religions and churches each claim to be the best, most of them are still among the worst in spirit. Being the best or greatest is not what you become just by saying or claiming it. The churches and their members claim to be the best and think that is enough to make them the best. Indeed, they are ‘inside the Devil’s stomach’ without knowing it.

A Leader is ready for this Earth, but he will not make his presence known until the conditions are suitable. Even if he makes his presence known now, people are not ready to follow him. Instead of following him, people will start arguing or challenging him, like the Israelite leaders did to Jesus. And Holy Spirit does not want disobedience or argument.

Every civilization will eventually pass away, and others will follow, rise up, collapse and pass away to make room for better races, because this Earth is just a school for the children of God. People keep on reincarnating to improve the spiritual state and abilities. The problem with humanity is that they are very proud, ignorant, boastful and unrepentant. All these negative qualities they have to repent from, either in peace by simple obedience or in suffering by calamities.

End time warnings are true. The warnings are signal that school shall soon close. Then after, the good ones shall be promoted into the higher planes of existence called heavens, while the bad ones shall be cast into the outer darkness or repeat all the events of Dark Age, man’s inhumanity to man, if they are so lucky. Be warned!


63.            It has often been said that when the student is ready the teacher will appear. How best can one prepare for the meeting with a spiritual teacher? Can the meeting take place in any walk of life? Must one first do certain things or give up before it can take place?

Certainly, it is true that when the student is ready the teacher will appear to guide him home, heavenwards. But it is not for the student to say when or how.

The real problem is that people are not ready; they are not open-minded. They stick to their religion and refuse to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit. They are always claiming that their religion is the best, when indeed their religion is among the worst. Another problem is that the religious leaders worsen the situation by holding people captives, by insisting that you remain their members. By so doing, the religious leaders cause so much havoc and backwardness to themselves and to the honest ones who are trying to grow in spirit. The result becomes general ignorance and spiritual underdevelopment. The duty of a teacher is to enlighten and advise you, allow you to take decision, and allow other teachers and guides to lead on.

The world is God’s own school, and you are expected to learn from different environments and diverse experiences. As long as you refuse to welcome new developments, you hinder yourself. And you keep on reincarnating, because you are not qualified in spirit to move to higher and better levels of life. As long as you refuse to welcome relevant teachings by easily accepting them, nature shall use difficulties and problems of life to make you go to places where you can gain necessary enlightenment and experiences. That is why people often go to prayer houses and spiritual churches when problems of life overwhelm them.

As to how to find a good spiritual teacher or guide, become interested in spiritual things of life. Pray to the Holy Spirit to take you home. By so doing, you increase your level of spiritual vibration. The vibration is like a sound calling on the right teacher to come to your aid. And there are so many of them who are ready and willing, even waiting, to help. Such is the abundant provision of God’s love for His children.

It is important to mention that you may not necessarily meet the spiritual teacher physically. It does not mean to seat down in a class and listen to his teachings or to attend counselling with him. The relationship is mainly spiritual, and no one is ever alone. Other ways you can meet your teacher may be by reading a book written by him, reading a publication, or listening to an audio production of his.

Learn to keep an open mind.

Do not mind those who tell you that because you are not their church member or because you are not buried and given funeral ceremony you will not go to heaven. The fact that they say it means that they themselves are not spiritually awake, enlightened or experienced. When you leave this world, you shall stand alone and answer for your successes and failures. Yourself will see your mistakes and decide to come back to correct them, by living a better life. This is true irrespective of your religion. And so it happens that the harsh ones come back to be polite; the violent ones come back to be gentle; and the wicked ones come back to be merciful. I thank God a billion times for such a good and wonderful provision.

All the end time warnings simply mean that people do not have much chances of coming back to improve their lives. Therefore, do well to become more spiritual in this lifetime, so that you shall not be among those who shall be cast into the outer darkness or be asked to start all over again.


64.            Is it possible for a person to become a world leader, a helper, supporter, follower or friend to the new World Leaders in future time?

That is God’s pleasure and desire. Jesus came not only to save you, but also to make you a saviour unto others. That is what Jesus meant when He said, “I will give you a bright morning star.” You can be a future world leader or you can be a true supporter of world leader. Apart from this, there are world leaders and their followers who are divinely appointed and assigned the works of salvation. 

One way that you can prepare is by living a decent life - a spiritual life. Another way is reading wide. When you read wide or study extensively, you broaden your knowledge and deepen your understanding of life. That makes you informed, enlightened and experienced. That is only when you are competent to be considered a world leader. Above all, you must engage in Spiritual Science and practice. There is no better way. Only then can you be setting good example to those around you.

Nowadays, we live in a truly horrid age - an age unpleasant, unkind, nasty, offensive, disgusting and discomforting - where everybody is trying to beat down everyone else, where things are going much worse unless humanity reverses the trend, where enough of us are not yet ready to sacrifice, where majority are not ready to make things better by living a decent life, and where most people will only do a thing if there is some material gain from it.

The unfortunate thing is that people do not know that earthly money and wealth are among the lowest forms of wealth which God has. That is why people are crazy for money and wealth, as if their life depends on the two. People should rather know that there are more material benefits from calmness, peacefulness and honesty, than from earthly pursuits. Until the opposing majority can be convinced of those benefits, they will not follow the straight and narrow Path.


65.            Are the forerunners of the New World Leader already preparing for him?

Spiritually, this poor old world of ours is in a horrible mess. All the standards and values are tumbling down around us. The worse is that people are not concerned. Nobody cares. Everyday, people are inviting more demons into the world and encouraging them to do all sorts of atrocities. It is pity that people do not know that demons are merciless, heartless and relentless. They come pretending to be friends, but eventually turn round to become your worst enemy. This world needs to be woken up by crisis and calamities, which humanity can prevent but are not ready to prevent.


66.            Why don’t God send righteous people who can remedy the situations in the world?

He sends many of them from time to time. The real problem is that the religious leaders and the governments would not allow them. The leaders are bent on protecting their public honours and respect to the detriment of the humanity. And most of the times, the masses join the leaders in fighting against those righteous leaders, simply because people love ease. They are spiritually blind (ignorant) and indolent (lazy).

The religious leaders refuse to accept corrections from the Holy Spirit, and still go about telling ignorant masses that their religion is the best and greatest. Is that not foolishness and madness?




67.            People pay a very large sum of money for Transcendental Meditation. Some others insist on the use of mantra. Is it right to pay large sums of money for a course on Transcendental Meditation?

Spirituality is not like business, wherein you charge every service or price tag every thing. Jesus said it all – Freely, you have received; freely, give.

This aside, it is good to make personal free will contributions for the works of God. That helps the giver to grow more in spirit, because when you give you are helping God spread His goodness to others. And I tell you the truth, do not avoid opportunities to give whenever possible, especially where necessary.

It may be necessary to pay for books, handouts, transport, etc. But, do not turn it into a business or money-making venture. Once you do that, you hinder your spiritual growth and wellbeing.


68.            Please explain the relationship and/or difference between hypnosis and meditation?

Actually, no relationship exists between meditation and hypnosis. In meditation, a person is completely under his own control; he is able to send his intellect soaring out to other dimensions. But in hypnosis, one surrenders self-control to another person, a practice that weakens the person’s self-control.

Meditation is worthwhile when done alone. Everyone has an aura, and the aura can extend quite away from the body. If many people are clustered together, the auras jam, thereby confusing the meditation processes of the people present. In that case, you have interferences, each pulling down the others without their knowing it.

The strong advice is that you should never allow yourself to be hypnotized, unless under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Those who can do as and when directed by the Holy Spirit are indeed rare.




69. Why do demons hate women in their monthly periods?

They know that it is not good. Still, they make people not to avoid it, just as fraudsters sell fake products to unsuspecting buyers, but the fraudsters do not spend their own money to buy fake products.


70.  Is it not God that created the monthly period? Why then do angels, demons and men stay away from women in their monthly period?

The right thing is that women in their monthly period should stay away from people, until the period is over. Keep away from women in menstruation for the sake of physical hygiene and spiritual holiness. God has everything, but he does not use everything, just as a farmer has everything in his farm but does not take home weeds.




71.            Is the use of black mirror good?

Do not use a black mirror because they are very, very dangerous things indeed. They enable evil spirits to work harm on you or through you.




72.  How can a person prevent muscle pull?

You experience muscle pull when the salt level is low in the body. Therefore, to prevent muscle pull increase your salt intake for about one week.




73.            What makes one move about naked in spirit. Somebody may dream of being naked while moving along a road?

One, to move about naked in spirit means that a person needs more prayers for self protection.

Two, it means the person is washing his dirty linens in the public. He is doing shameful things in public.

Three, in spirit, you put on a dress just by thinking of the type of dress you want to wear. At times, somebody may forget himself or may forget to wear dress and move out in spirit. In such a case, the person can be seen naked.

Four, nakedness at times means that the person is honest.

Five, nakedness is not evil. All things created by God are naked and still glorious and blameless. The trees, the fruits, the animals, the air, the waters, etc.

Six, the problem is that humanity have so much deviated from the plan of God that today dressing is not only good but also compulsory.




74.            Does noise hinder spiritual growth?

Yes, very much indeed.

Another thing that surprises me in the society is the Police, Fire Department, and the Ambulances. They use the loudest sirens. The sirens wobble and warble, and can really scare a nervous patient to death. The buildings intensify the sounds by echoes and re-echoes, which keep on reverberating. The ability to work in silence is the first sign of greatness. The noise goes on day and night, here and then, with the traffic adding their own unceasing vibrations. All these sounds and reverberations destroy spiritual progress. It is quite unfortunate that people do not know this, even religious leaders who should know better fail at this. What other evidence do they need to understand that they are not spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced?

It is time for humanity to understand that owing a car is not a priority in life. The number of vehicles on the roads everyday is quiet alarming, and majority of them move about almost empty. For the whole of the twenty-four hours of the day and night, there is a disturbing flow of vehicles. A wise man often wonders where all the people are going, unceasingly moving, non-stop, day and night.

In conclusion, the level of noise in the society is spiritually dangerous and damaging. If care is not taken, in future the children shall be rascals that cannot be tamed.


75.            Please explain more about noise and its effects?

It is a pity that people do not know that a lot of the abnormal and mental problems in life nowadays are caused by discordant “music”. When people hear or listen to music, their spirits vibrate in sympathy, in resonance to what they hear. And so it happens that if people are listening to a lot of disturbing jive, their personal vibrations will be set on edge. As in computer, ‘garbage in garbage out’ – the society eventually reaps the evil tendencies planted in the hearts and mind of people, even without knowing it. Observe the society and you will discover that all kinds of evil things are being introduced everyday. To those who normally say ‘it doesn’t matter,’ I say the demons are pushing and pulling humanity into the hell fire, without people knowing it.

The increasing number of mad men on the roads is an enough warning to people to take caution. So many nervous complaints have been caused by music instruments belching out hard rock at very high volume. They are really upsetting people’s psyche.

Those who want to progress spiritually should start listening to some of good music and melodies of noble masters.

Moreover, we get much the same type of discordance with the radio waves and television signals, all worsened by increasing number of handsets. Even when people listen to good melodies on the radios and televisions, the harmony is often interrupted with hysterical and sudden announcements that devastate the hearts and minds. Imagine what happens when a speeding car is suddenly stopped. Calamities! So it is with mental and spiritual disruption, which lead to all kinds of disharmony. Every playing music should be gently and gradually brought to a stop. Not suddenly.


76.            Is it proper to use microphone always?

Microphones and loud speakers are meant to be used for occasions where there are large crowds. They were never designed for everyday use in music shops, buses or at homes. Many are already walking along the broad and easy way into the hell fire without knowing it.




77.             What causes body pains?

1.     The seat you sit on can cause body pain, if it does not have the right height for you. All heights are not the same.

2.     The bed you sleep on can be the source of pains, especially when the mattress is no longer full or level.

3.     The way you sit can make you have body pains. If you do sit with your legs crossed, bent or awkward, you are likely to develop pains. Always sit upright, with the legs square (bent at 90o) at the knees, and your feet flat on the ground.

          Pains and headache may be experienced when you receive new anointing of the Holy Spirit.




78.            Is dual personality possible?

Dual personality is not only possible but a reality. Trinity simply means that God reproduced Himself into three phases – The Almighty Father, The Almighty Love (Son) and The Almighty Presence called the Holy Spirit.

In one occasion, I saw God Almighty visit this world as double person, very tall and huge that their heads reached the sky. Yet, when you focus attention on them, they appear as ordinary human beings. The same person in two places.

Not only dual personality is possible and real, but also multiple personality.




79. What causes pile? And what is the solution?

Pile is caused by excess sugar and carbohydrates in the body.

1.     Reduce the amount of sugar or carbohydrates eaten from day to day.

2.     Eat more of fruits and vegetables

Avoid food stuffs that are lacking in fiber content.




80.            What advice do you have about police men?

The police are now hated, insulted, isolated, living in a dream world of colourful uniforms and power crazy, stamping feet and over bearing manner. It is time to re-organize, discipline and ennoble  them. Show them that they are not Lords chosen by God, but SERVANTS of the public.

Both society and government must teach the Police courtesy, politeness and manners. Let them chase (and catch) criminals, and stop molesting the ordinary man who is innocent and defenceless, who are also decent law-abiding citizens. Only then will the police regain public respect, which most certainly is now lacking.




81.            Is it wise to pray to our Guardian Angels or spirits?

          Always pray to God.


77.            Why do we pray to God for things?

Children depend on their parents. God is the Fountain of Life. None is able to do anything without the power of the Holy Spirit - “Not by power nor by might, but by my spirit,” says the Lord.




78.            What is your advice for the press men?

The press men should know that a lot of them are spiritually ignorant, who cash-in on anyone's misery, and even on a nation's tragedy. A wise man first inquires from the Holy Spirit whether it is necessary to make a matter public information or not.

The Press can get hold of a story and distort it. Sometimes, where they cannot get hold of the story, they imagine it. This practice is working against the Holy Spirit.

We should be reminded always that the critics with the least knowledge have the most to say. By so doing, they kill the spirit of budding stars and others who are ready and willing to help humanity. At times, people think that the ability to say so much is a mark of courage and wisdom. That is not true, and that thinking alone is a mark of stupidity.

The critics end up breaking down the best efforts of a few others who are striving to do some good for mankind.

The press are always talking about their freedom—the freedom of the Press. But how about freedom for individuals? If the press are to have freedom to write whatever they want, then the people should also be afforded equal space and mandate to refute or defend the lies which the press write. Usually, if any attempt at refutation is made, the press twists the sentences out of context and writes up a thing, which becomes perfectly negative or implicating.

Many people cannot defend themselves when attacked by the press. Unfortunately, many have been attacked and attacked and attacked most unfairly by the press. If  the freedom of the press is necessary, then the freedom of the people who are attacked or blasphemed by the press is equally important.

The press cause wars and race hatred, by printing only that which is sensational and which is calculated to stir up trouble. Without the press, many wars could have been avoided. It is pity that the world do not know or recognize this fact.

At times, a minor incident is transformed into a mountain of troubles simply because the press, against the wishes of the government and organizations, have burst into print with matters which should be kept silent.

As every person has something which he wants to keep private, it is nonsensical to publish or broadcast personal affairs in the public. Something which is perfectly all right within the family, might look bad to an outsider who does not know the exact facts, details and circumstances.

The press has become the most evil force which has ever existed upon this world, and must be checked, controlled and censored. If that is not rightly done, eventually, the press will control the world and lead to all kinds of irregularities as is already happening through the social networks like Facebook, which influences people to take laws into their hands.

How come that the press often quote those in authority after saying that it was not possible to contact the authorities? Either the press or the person quoted is doing the wrong thing.




79.            Can a person gain access to the Akashic Records to find out about another person's future?”

It is not possible, except when you are permitted and guided by the Holy Spirit. Your heavenly record is closed and cannot be seen by another person. Besides, it is only those who are spiritually developed like prophets and visioners that normally access the record by the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

After your death, you will be in the Hall of Memories to see all that you did on earth and blush alarmingly with shame!

Therefore, be considerate and merciful in this life, so that in the life after or future reincarnations you shall obtain mercy. That is the law of life, and it is true.




80.            How do I cope when everything seems to go wrong?

Just hand over everything to the Holy Spirit. Just say this pray,

“Oh Holy Spirit, I hand over everything to you.”

Just watch and see how He will turn many things around. The problem in the world is that people do not know how to pray to and trust the Holy Spirit.

You must know the Truth and grow in spirit. Then you can overcome the world. Then, you would have developed calm supremacy of the mind over life’s changing situations.




81.            What do you have to say about the chain letter that go around the world a number of times, asking people to send the same to others. And the receiver is warned about the dangers of not sending the same to others?

One, neglect such letters.

Two, God does not threaten people, except to warn them of sin.

Three, God does not frighten people. Fear is man-made, and it is evil. By all means avoid fear. That does not mean to live a careless or lawless life.


82.            Is there any place in the world in which the original religion taught by Jesus Christ is now practiced?

Yes, in the animal kingdom, or best still in the plant kingdom. They do not fight one another. They do not spend their time worrying or hurrying about for this or that. They live and let live. They do not make wars and rumours of wars like humanity. They are not crazy for money and wealth.

Therefore, they have progressed far better than mankind. Since the religions use the pigeon for ritual purification, it means that the pigeon is holier than man. When Jesus said you should be as innocent as a dove, it means that the dove is far more innocent –righteous - than man.

The real problem with religions and churches today is that the religious leaders are not spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced. Most of them are busy messing up. The public honour and follow them because the masses are also spiritually ignorant.


83.            Is the original version of the Bible still in existence now? If so, what can one do to enable Christianity to be taught as it was originally intended by Jesus Christ?

Yes, it is still in existence, in the heavenly kingdoms. But, it requires men who are full of the Holy Spirit to receive it down here on earth and put it into circulation. Already in this world, there are men who have being chosen and filled with spiritual knowledge and wisdom by the heavens. The knowledge and wisdom are intended for the entire humanity. Unfortunately, these men encounter unnecessary obstacles, difficulties, criticisms and persecutions from religious leaders and ignorant masses.

One, many people refuse to listen to them because people are blind and are more interested in transitory earthly gains than they are in everlasting rich benefits of life in spirit and in truth. Two, the religious leaders, whose duty it is to identify such gifted men and introduce them to the public, are more interested in protecting their positions of honour and power. Therefore, it happens that the religious leaders, being spiritually blind, oppose and persecute the harbingers of salvation. That was what happened to many ancient prophets like Moses, Elijah and Daniel. The same happened to Jesus, and He paid dearly for it, fortunately by God’s intervention to the benefit of all.

Three, the families into which the light-bearers are born turn round to reject and persecute one of their own members, simply because he does not say or do things they way they like, by thinking first of the family’s interests. The saint in a family is not there for the family alone. The families fail to understand that the saint in their midst is there to do God’s will for the benefit of the entire humanity. And so they cast him out and deny all his rights and privileges, whereas the family is intended to give solid moral and financial support to the saints of God. Eventually, it happens that the light-bearer has to start afresh to find his way in life, to lay a new foundation and raise enough funds for evangelism. Some of them succeed, but many do not because the environment is not conducive.

Furthermore, if the original version of the Bible is made available, it is possible to return to basic Christianity, but it will surely take a long time and great efforts before that pure Christianity will be established. People do not change easily, and they love spiritual indolence (laziness) to their own deceit and detriment.  They like to argue, disapprove or first prove themselves ‘fishes that are not easy to catch’. By so doing, they delay spiritual progress and hinder the good works of the Holy Spirit. 


84.            It seems that all these religions have failed us. What is your opinion?

There must be a return to true religion before the world can be set right. That true religion is Truth. It is not encouraging that all theses current world religions are causing conflicts and contradictions, when they suppose to unite mankind.  Already, in spirit, the heavens have wiped away all the current religions in the world. Any of them claiming to be the best or greatest is only deceiving themselves and as well misleading people. “Enough of all these confusions,” says the Lord. “It is time for one and only true religion, which is Truth, and time for the one and only true church, which is the Holy Spirit.” And I add that everyone, including all ministers of God, must start from the scratch to re-learn Spiritual Science and practise. There is no other alternative. Only the Truth can set people free.


85.            Why is that when a person goes to the shrine or mermaid for consultation or solution, the catholic priest and members are silent. But when you go the Prayer Houses or other Churches, they complain and threaten?

        The devil knows his ways. He is pleased with them. Therefore, he does not complain whenever his followers go his way. But he is always against the Truth, for there is no Truth in him.

         Everybody behave according to the spirit in him. If a religious leader speaks against the Prayer Houses and other Churches of God, then the person speaking is either spiritually ignorant or working in union with kingdom of darkness. There are so many good Prayer Houses and Churches. At the same time, agents of darkness have also established many false Prayer Houses and Churches. Henceforth, be open-minded; and yet, careful.

         Any person who knows the Truth and teaches the same need not fear of losing members. For instead of losing members, he gains more members. For the children of God are like the sheep, which are seeking green pastures to feed on. They know true pastures, because the Holy Spirit is in them. When they find a good pasture, they keep themselves busy eating. And when they have eaten enough, they lie down there to rest and sleep.

         Any person who clings to his church is ignorant of the Truth, for in spirit, the churches are not in existence. The only true church is the Holy Spirit. The same Holy Spirit is everywhere present. This is omnipresence. And that is why and how God is with you wherever you are. Whether you go to the East or West, North or South, He is there before you and is there with you, just as the light is there before you, and the same light is there with you.

Those who argue on which religion or church is the best should know this. – the greatest religion is Truth, and the best church is the Holy Spirit.


86.            Are all religions the same?

They are not the same, but they are different shades of the same Truth. Generally, it is far better to seek and know the Truth that to cling to the shades, which are man-made and often misleading.


87.            People go about looking for salvation and enlightenment. Are the spiritual things we seek outside or within us?

The true spiritual life is within everyone. That is why I do say that yourself is the gate of heaven. All Masters of all ages have said and explained the same thing. Even Jesus said the same.


20 Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, "The kingdom of God does not come with observation;  21 nor will they say, 'See here!' or 'See there!' For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you."  Luke 17:20-21


           All the externals – including temple worship, priests and ministers, religions and teachings – are intended to be an aid. The problem now is that people take the external things as the finality. That is figments of imagination, the fabrications of falsehood and the deceptions of the enemy.  These problems persist, continue to exist, simply because majority of the ministers of God do not know what is expected of them. This is the simple fact. Of what use is holding people captives just because you want a large membership? And of what use is serving as a minister of God when he does not know about things of the spirit? Indeed, it is amazing and disappointing.

The worst is when these ministers or priests hold meetings and fabricate teachings, without the public knowing that such a thing is happening.

Every religion must return to the ancient path of Truth: the path of spiritual knowledge and wisdom through Spiritual Science, the path of humbleness, sincerity, harmlessness, forgiveness, uprightness, devotion to God alone, purity, steadiness and self-harmony. Any person living these precepts should have faith that he is progressing rightly, even though no visions are seen, no spiritual powers are made manifest and no spiritual encounters are experienced. Progress in spirit is at a slow and steady pace, as if nothing is happening, yet much is being achieved.


88.                        If Christianity is the correct religion, does this mean that other religions are wrong?

Some of these religions represent the phases of life in the development and evolution of humanity. True Christian life is the ideal religion, the perfect model, expected of everyone. Whether other religions are right or wrong no longer matters now. What is important now is that God Himself came down to the earth and established Christianity, and He demands for nothing less that Christianity – life in spirit and in truth, just as Jesus lived and preached.


89.                        Is the Bible the only way to know Christ?

No. There are several sacred texts, which contain important writings and teachings of Jesus. Besides, people can know about God, even without reading the Bible, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Several people in the past lived and attained heaven, even before the Bible was written.




90.            Is it sin to pick up money on the road?

Yes, it is a sin. If you have picked up money, return it to the place, because the owner would go there looking for it. If you did so in the long past, such that it may not be possible or easy for the owner to find it, give it out to the beggars, on the behalf of the owner. Do not take whatever that does not belong to you.


91. My mother gave me money for school fees. It happened that I lost the money. Then, I went to her bag and took another amount equal to the first amount to pay school fees. When she discovered that her money was missing, she asked me who took the money. I told her that it was not I. she said it must be me and therefore gave serious beating. Should I still refund the money, since she has beaten me for taking the money?

You still have to refund the money. The beating she gave you was because you told her a lie. And she did the right thing, because it is not good to steal. Also, it is not good to tell lies.


92.             I picked up 2000 naira on the road. Out of the money, I sowed a seed of 500 naira and used the rest of the money for myself. Should I refund the money or not?

Return the money to the place where you found it or give it out to the beggars on the behalf of the owner.




93.            Is sacrifice still relevant?

Yes, sacrifice is still relevant. Moses introduced sacrifice before the coming of Jesus. After the coming of Jesus, Moses reincarnated again in Igboland, Nigeria and still offered sacrifice. And I tell you, among all the ministers of God, none was able to bring down God as Moses did from time to time. Sacrifice started in heavens, and it is very relevant there in the heavenly Tabernacle. Jesus said it clearly that He did not come to abolish the laws and the prophets, but to fulfill them. It is necessary to add a word of caution – do not go about offering sacrifice anywhere you like. God does not delight in indiscriminate exercise. Sacrifice should be used only when the Holy Spirit says so.




94.            What should I do to be saved?

For years, people have preached to you that you just have to believe in order to enter the kingdom of Heaven. That teaching is good, but it is incomplete. Learn and practise the spiritual Truth about God and life. Now! Devote time to study all the contents of this website. You will see a great difference. Indeed, you will be amazed of how ignorant the world have been about God and life, even for centuries.

If you observe the churches and their religious practices, you notice that many engage in different types of penances, rosaries, etc for the sake of the kingdom of heaven. Many of these practices are man-made and sometimes misleading. Always remember that God does burden anyone. If you want to enter the kingdom, do at least the following three things:

1.     Render selfless services to both God and man.

2.     Forgive those who have offended you.

3.     Pray God to bring you into His kingdom. Even, He has given the kingdom to humanity before they ask. But many are not ready and willing to enter the kingdom.


95.            Currently, there are so many churches. Which of these churches is best, and which ones are approved by God?

One, people are at different levels of spiritual maturity. Everybody knows where he is best fitted in. Even in the same religion, you still find various groups and beliefs. Water finds its own level.

Two, churches and religions are like schools where you learn about God. That is why it is good to go to church or belong to true religions. But, take a child, who is new to a school and put him in the final year SS3 class, he will leave it and go to first year class, JS1. Also, if you take a final year student and put him in the year three class, he will leave and go back to SS3. If you succeed in putting everybody in one church and religion, it is only a question of time, birds of the same feather will flock together.

Three, as to which church or religion is approved by God, churches and religions only apply on this earth and at the level of morality, because people have had different histories and experiences. In the Spirit and in the Heavens, churches are not found. There, they are not relevant. The only religion available there is Truth. There, the Presence of God in the form of Holy Spirit is the Temple. There, you live and move in the Holy Spirit, in the Truth, by the Truth, for the Truth, as the Truth and with the Truth. That is why in the Book of Revelation, Apostle John said that God and the Son is the Temple. In other words, people should not quarrel because of religions and churches.

     The final point is that all should return to God – Jesus Christ.


93.                        If Jesus is the only way to God, how is it fair for those who don’t know about Him?

God will provide opportunity for them to know Him.


94.                        How do I come back to God?

Just pray to God to take over your life and become interested in the things of God. Participate in Godly activities. Read the holy books. Think about God, and desire to attain Him. Pray and live a righteous life.




95.                        What do you have to say about the scientists?

A scientist, who is not trained in Spiritual Science, is like an ignorant man certified free to mess things up and is like an unskilled craftsman who uses every tool wrongly. Spiritual Science should be made compulsory for every person studying science and the two courses should run concurrently, with two certifications at the end of course.

Again, every minister of God has to study Spiritual Science. Without studying Spiritual Science, majority of the ministers of God are like a noisy mad man entertaining ignorant multitudes. Only God’s grace (free gifts) has sustained all the miracles, signs and wonders which they perform.



          Spiritual Science

96.                        How can a person know his spiritual talents?

It is very easy to know your spiritual talents. All you have to do is listen to the spirit.
Examine your childhood dreams, visions and plays, and you will know about your destiny and talents. Joseph had dreams when he was still a child. Samuel started receiving messages when he was a child. Jeremiah was made a prophet when he was a boy. Josiah started to rule as a king when he was a child. John the Baptist identified Jesus when he was still inside the womb. That was why he leaped inside the womb. Etc.

         Also, there are signs that can help you know your spiritual talents. For example:

·         If you see yourself wearing a spectacle, it means you have the spirit of vision.

·         A bell means that you will be a pastor.

·         Holding a Bible or microphone means you are an evangelist.

·         Wearing military dress means that you are a soldier of God (a minister of God).

·         Using a matchet to clear grass or forest means the power to solve problems by prayer.

·         A car, motorcycle, or engine means power.

·         Being given a pen means you have literal ability to produce many writings.

·         A red pen means you have become a supervisor, who should correct, guide or supervise others.

·         A stick of chalk means you are a teacher.

·         Holding a handset, tape, recorded device means that you are a prophet.

·         Etc.


97.                        Does an event continue in spirit after it has ended physically?

Physically, an event might have ended. But, spiritually, the event is still going on or being relived. That is why and how events in a particular place can be seen or felt by some one whose psychic abilities are developed. A clairvoyant may enter a house for the first time and begin to see all that ever happened in that house. This is the more reason why security services should develop Extra Sensory Intelligence and Surveillance, guided by the Holy Spirit. Their earlier this is done, the better. For the time being, the wicked ones who are spiritually developed manipulate crime and court cases without the security services knowing it. That  is to the disadvantage of humanity. Isn’t it?


98.                        Should one give up (stop) certain things before he can advance in spirituality?

      The simple and direct answer is Yes. For you to advance, you should stop smoking, stop taking alcohols, intoxicants, stimulants, drugs, addiction, etc.

These things produce negative vibrations which hinder one’s spiritual development. Also, they adulterate your spirit by making it cloudy, dark, or incompatible to the holy Angels and Guides that help people progress on the spiritual ladder. Besides, they keep you out of tune with the Holy Spirit.


99.                        You stated in one of your books that music can raise one's level of vibration, and thereby make one become more spiritual. Can you mention some composers, songs, musical arrangements, etc, that are very good?”

What suits some people does not suit others. Each person has to find the music or songs which are most suitable for him. The wrong aspect is that people are ruining themselves with all kinds of bad, awful music. The effects shall be quite disastrous on the future generations and your self may be one of them. That is why Jesus warned that whatever a man sows, that he reaps. The same fact applies to every society.

Most of the songs and music are driving people crazy. And the churches, government and society do not care about censorship. It is too bad.

Such noisy music causes nerve strain, mental disorder and health problems. Look at the young people and observe the way they dress in all kinds of indecent dressings. That is the result of previous violations of the natural laws of harmony. That indecent dressing is becoming rampant is an enough warning to the society that something is wrong somewhere.


100.                   What should one do in order to see visions or have spiritual experiences?

Desire to have dreams, visions, trances, etc and pray for such spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit. For more details, read How To Develop The Seven Spiritual Centers.



     Spiritual Level

101.                   What is the spiritual state of the world?

At the physical, earthly plane, people run around from morning till night, engaging in all kinds of business transactions, all for the care of the body, which is a corpse, to the neglect of their spiritual selves, which are everlasting. The world is in a mess. What people call civilization is like the parable of the people who moved from light into the darkness, and do not know again how to come out of the darkness.



102.                    Is tapping a sin?

As the least drop of water is water, so is the least form of sin also a sin. Tapping, tossing, cheating, etc, is sin. It does not matter what name you call it.



103.                   What should one do to be able to communicate with Spirits?

You should live a “pure life.”  By pure life I mean a life of goodwill, peace of mind and gentility. This lifestyle will increase your level of vibrations. Then you can hear or communicate with spirits, who are at a higher level of vibration than human beings.

You should observe quiet times, when you are alone and silent. It does not mean you have to be a hermit, monk or nun. This is very important for minister of God and for those who want to grow in spirit.  If you are always mixing with a lot of people, your personal vibrations will be slowed down. Also, frequent mixing with people produces so much interference in spiritual dimension of life. Generally, majority are at low level of vibration.  The irony is that governments are developing mega-cities, when they suppose to be decentralizing the already over-crowded townships.

Begin to value your dreams, visions, trances, etc. recognize and practice telepathy because often it is not good speaking to spirits in words. The reason is that the vocal system of speech is too crude, too gross, for Spirits.

That is why the schools and churches should introduce Spiritual Science. And until they do so, they are just busy making people stagnant.


104.                   I am very good at telepathy. But, I cannot develop other abilities no matter how hard I try. How can I solve this problem?

People are gifted in different ways. You find others who are very poor at what you can do very well. In the classroom, you discover that those who can sing may not know how to draw, and those act drama, may not be good at writing. So that feeling is not personal.

Again, it takes time to develop good psychic abilities. It may take a month, a year, many years, a lifetime or series of reincarnation, depending on personal effort and interest. The important thing is that you are moving in the right direction.

Exercise patience. Hurrying is not allowed in spiritual development. Slow and steady wins the race, so slow as if nothing is happening, yet much is being achieved.

Even those people we call geniuses, do not perform best in all fields of human endeavour.


105.                   Sometimes, you see small children talking to themselves. Who are they really talking to? Talking to spirits or Angels?

     Children are able to talk and see people in spirit. It is a natural and simple matter indeed. The children have better and higher levels of vibrations. They can easily get in touch with people in the spirit whose vibrations are lower. Also, special spirit friends called Guardian Angels look after the children. Children are not stupid as adults do think. The children continue to use the natural spiritual abilities of man, until parents and grown ups tell the children that they must not do so. Soon after, the children lose the ability.

     Sometimes, parents are a child's worst enemies even without knowing it. Adults are more interested in making the children what the society wants the children to become than in developing what their children are really in spirit. At times, adults, think that they are know everything, and are the custodians of all knowledge. They usually dominate their children. Thereby, adults crush out and ruin natural abilities of the child. It is a very bad thing. And it is adults who make it very difficult for beings to contact and help this world.


106.                   Is it right to meditate as a group?

No. Human thoughts are uncontrolled and radiate everywhere. Only very people can control the radiation. Others spread of their thoughts in ways that cause distractions, interferences, or hindrances.




107.                   Must war be used to control population?

God can feed the entire world population free. No, that is even too much. I mean that a ray of light from the Almighty can feed the entire world population, without people labouring at all. After all, all vegetation on earth are nourished by one single sun, through the sunlight. Yet, the sun and its radiance is not equal to a single speaking-ray of light that radiates from the body of God.

Those who fight to protect others do a glorious and humanitarian work before God. Those who fight in order to control population are doing the wrong thing and they shall pay the karma. Those who are really punished because of wars are those who cause war. It doesn’t matter whether he is rich man, a religious leader or world leader. He has to pay the full consequences of the war. Above all, you should always remember that humanity were sent down here on earth for them to stop all kinds of war, violence and crime, just as children are sometimes told to move outside the house until they become quiet and harmless. As simple as that.

Unfortunately nations are learning war and amassing weapons of destruction instead of ensuring peace. The video industry makes the matter worse by feeding the children and youths with all kinds of war, crime and violence. The society worsen the situation by seeing all these evils and keeping quiet. Everyone should remember that whatever a society sows in the hearts and mind of its youths, it shall reap the same in this life time or another. That is the law of spirit. It is race karma and it is inevitable.

God has allowed two world wars to teach the world that war is not good. Yet, humanity do care to learn from heir mistakes in the past. That is why the third world war is looming (coming), and it is disastrous.

If an army killed a band of fifteen enemies in order to save the lives of thousands of men, women, children and old people, the balance would be to the good. The defending soldiers do not get any load of karma to pay.



      Washing Of Feet

108.                   Is it good to wash the feet of members of a church?
It is both good and compulsory. And I add, wash not only their feet, but also their face and hands (the palms), even their heads.


109.                   Can the members wash their own feet?
Yes, if the minister is not present. The most senior member should play the role of a minister. He should first pray over the water before washing the feet of others. Such a person should be spiritual or at least he should be living a righteous life. Where you are alone, you can also wash yourself. First, pray that God change the water into the blood of Jesus.


110.                   Can a person wash himself or his feet with the holy water?

a.      You can wash yourself.

b.     You can as well wash others. 12 So when He had washed their feet, taken His garments, and sat down again, He said to them, "Do you know what I have done to you? 13 You call Me Teacher and Lord, and you say well, for so I am. 14 If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that you should do as I have done to you. 16 Most assuredly, I say to you, a servant is not greater than his master; nor is he who is sent greater than he who sent him. 17 If you know these things, blessed are you if you do them. John 13:12-17


111.                   What can a person do to prevent weakness or fainting?

1.     Always take balanced diet.

2.     Eat groundnuts, boiled or fried. It is the food for the heart. It makes the heart strong and normal, and keeps the blood-fluid ratio balanced.

3.     The same fact is true of beans. Every family supposes to eat beans at least twice in a week for nourishment, replenishment and strength.

4.     Take blood capsule (multi-vitamins) from day to day, to supplement daily meals, which are often not adequate in their supply of minerals and vitamins.




112.                   What will be the future of the people who are involved in  Witchcraft?

By all means avoid witchcraft, whether it black, white or any other colour magic.

Any person engaging in black magic is just living in a fool's paradise. He should know that the power he uses is not from God. It is an evil power and it is fake. Only people who are not spiritually developed fear the witches and their powers. Only a shout of “Holy Spirit” sends them fleeing away. By all their powers and practices, the only person being harmed is the witch himself. Worst of all, he delays his spiritual progress, and has to reincarnate to start all over again at the level where he joined black magic. If a man or woman is a stupid black magician in any of a lifetime, that lifetime is deemed to be wasted and the life does not count.

Of course, if the black magician causes harm to another person, he is bound to added karma, which must be paid by him in subsequent lifetimes.


113.                   Someone was into witchcraft. When he began to feel that demons were after him, he quickly stopped witchcraft. Can you explain more about the demons?

Do not learn witchcraft. Do not even associate with them. It is dangerous. Everything in it leads to the dark regions of life. Whoever engages in witchcraft delays his own spiritual progress. When he reincarnates in another life time, he has to start all over again, from the beginning where he joined witchcraft.

Witchcraft is definitely tampering with forbidden forces, which are forces of darkness. In witchcraft, a person exposes himself not only to all kinds of witches, who are evil, merciless and heartless. He also exposes himself to all kinds of evil spirits, demons, ghosts and black energies. All these evil spirit and forces push and pull him down the spiritual ladder. The person becomes dwarf in spirit and separated from God. The evil spirits may give accurate messages and predictions, but such messages are not from the Holy Spirit.




114.                   Is the world solid or hollow inside?

My spiritual experiences suggest to me that the world is hollow, like a coconut. Imagine a coconut. The outside of the coconut is the outer Earth, and the inside refers to inner space with highly advanced people living on the inner surface. In that case, moisture on the coconut is equal to the depth of the deepest sea on this Earth. This is a matter that needs further investigation.


115.                   Is the world going positive or negative?

The world now is a very dissolute (degenerate, depraved, immoral) place. Instead of being disciplined, young people are being left to introduce all kinds of changes as fast as they can imagine it. They do not respect age or honesty any more. Children do not respect their parents. Humanity should reverse all these negative trends for the good of all. Otherwise, many shall perish before they know it.

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