The Word Of God Is Mightier
Than The Pen!

Of what use is multiplying one evil
into so many pages of publications?

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

         It is quite unfortunate that the most of the times, the press literally fight against the ministers of God, especially by gossiping, criticizing and condemning the soldiers of God. “The pen is mightier than the sword,” they usually say.
         Today, as humanity have entered the end time, it shall no longer be so, for all hands must be on the deck in the fight against the forces of darkness. And I prophesy in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, without mincing word, that any press organization that shall rise against any minister of God shall collapse and phase out of existence. Of course, you know that the word of God is mightier than the pen. This prophesy is as certain as the Bible text:

9 "Behold, I have put My words in your mouth.
10 See, I have this day set you over the nations and over the kingdoms,
     To root out and to pull down,
     To destroy and to throw down,
     To build and to plant."
     Jeremiah 1:9-10

         It is dangerous to frustrate the work of God, especially in this end time. Be warned, lest the Angels slew you with their sharp two-edged swords, which are already drawn out.
         For the past centuries, the press has been a ready and willing tool in the hands of the Devil, without the public knowing it. You need to stand for a minute at the gate of hell and see the number of souls lost to the hell fire for you to understand the gravity of what I am saying. If the eyes of the press men were to be opened for them to see the terrible spiritual warfare raging on against humanity by the evil spirits, demons, mermaids, ghosts, witches and black energies, no press man would write or publish anything against a minister of God, even when the minister has done something wrong.
         When you have a very great task to do, which is a noble one, you may find that people who are not themselves noble will try to prevent you from achieving success. They will stoop to any sort of trick to prevent you from achieving success. You see, people get jealous, fabricate lies, write something, or draw something which many would acknowledge. And they find the press a ready and willing tool in the hands of the enemies of God - the Forces of Darkness.
         The press has been a great disadvantage and hindrance to the ministries of God in the following ways - The true evidences being tabled before the throne of God by the saints and saviours against the press:
  1. They are always looking for sensation and spreading the same to the world, to the advantage of Satan and to the detriment of the children of God. Thereby, they shy away from the Truth that sets people free and encourage all forms of worldliness.

  2. The Press, by inflammatory reporting, add fuel to the flames of sensations, which are the misleading lies that sound like folktales, pleasing to the ears but benefiting nothing. At times, it seems that the essence of journalism is vulgarity divested of truth.

  3. They fail to give encouragement to the ministers of God, by giving them time and space to spread the gospel. Instead, they price every second and tag every space.

  4. Some pressmen fabricate an entirely imaginary story together with 'documentary proofs' and by so doing cause a very considerable obstacle to a good task.

  5. Where an interview has been granted, remarks made with good intentions have been grossly distorted in their reports.

  6. It is sin against God for a minister of God to be abused by a set of dirty newspaper scribblers who have the rudeness of Satan, who poke about among the lazy ones, and pick up irrelevant rumours and publish them as facts, and then make these devilish rumours swallowed by the public. All because they are inspired by the evil spirits, without knowing what harm they cause to the kingdom of righteousness.

  7. At times, the way the press analyze and present details serve as a source of information for the forces against Truth and the enemies of progress. A wise man never behaves in such a self-defeating manner.

  8. What the pressmen call press freedom on earth does not exist in spirit and in the heavens. At best, the phrase ‘press freedom’ can be likened to uncontrolled speed of the soul of pressmen into the hell fire.

  9. Often, it seems the press is more interested in evil happenings than in good things. Of what use is multiplying a single crime into so many pages of the newspapers. By so doing, the press commit the same crime far more than the person that the press is gossiping about.

  10. Jesus said you shall be held accountable for every word you say.- By your words you shall be saved or condemned. As a confirmation of what Jesus said, I tell you that the same thing applies to every thought, word, action or writing. Be warned!

  11. The press has always been quick to publish cultural shows and festivals. Unknown to them, they are intensifying God’s anger against humanity, for God has warned several times in the sacred texts that there must be no other gods beside Him. Indeed, there is none, except the Almighty. That is why He is The First, The Only and The Last. All the praises, honour, respect, fear or worship accorded to the idols are like stolen goods from the vineyard of God. And severe punishment awaits those who commit such crimes. Even those who report their offenders to idols, for judgment and vengeance, should know that the idols have no such right or power. The idols and their evil spirits are only preying on the ignorance of the people.

  12. People do think that they do or say something and get away with it undetected and unpunished. So you may say. In this world, you escape with that. But it is not so in spirit. Every evil act becomes the handcuff that immediately imprisons you to the requisite prison terms. This is true, unavoidable and irrevocable. Be warned. That is how karma works. Spiritual justice does not need witness, a judge and a prosecutor before you can be found out. You are the actor, the reporter, the police, the prosecutor, the judge, the rewarder or the jailer.

  13. It is a sin to be always finding fault in what a person is doing. The irony is that the angels would love the offender and hate the talebearer. Therefore, anyone trying to pull down another person will only end up pulling himself down.

  14. The press frame up, accuse, judge, and condemn by the venoms of the pens.

  15. The Press, the television stations, and the radio have consistently refused to publicise the works of the ministers, even in this end time, unless such ministers pay money. But, they are ready to publish or broadcast anything immoral, even without censoring. So, how can you claim to be on the Lord’s side, when you are aiding His enemies? You need to see the fiery eyes of the end time Angel Armies of the Lord, for you to drop your pen which you happily sway against the ministers of God, and unsheathe the sword against the enemies of righteousness. The end time warrior a Angels will only call you arguements what they are, ‘irrelevancies.’

    Look at your selves
    You have been busy scattering God’s work.
    What has the Holy Spirit done to you?
    That you should make yourself
         a ready and willing tool in the hands of the Devil?
    Beware of your publications.
    Now, the axe is set against the bad eggs among you.

  16. Before people learned by hard and bitter experience, many press men went away from them and completely misreported everything that had happened. There is no reason why the press should dance to the senseless curiosity of society, who are sleeping giants that have refused to open their spiritual eyes.

  17. The decent people do believe the truth. But, as is always the case, an extremely noisy minority make a commotion, criticising and gossiping about the ministers of God who are in a deadly battle front for the sake of humanity.

  18. Most of the times, the press set itself up as accuser, jury, judge and executioner, all on the pages of the newspapers, to the annoyance of righteousness.

  19. You must always remember that in matters of spirituality, physical proof may not be given because some aspects of the spiritual sciences are very delicate things, and indeed very fragile things.

  20. It is the brutality of the press "investigation" that shocks many budding ministers into refusing to cooperate or minister as the heaven intends.

  21. Of course, the press must bear the greatest responsibility for the multiplication of evil with their blaring, trumpeting, voices and publications.

  22. If a thing is proved beyond any genuine doubt, then the press will insist that there must be trickery somewhere and it is just too bad that for the moment they cannot point out where or what it is.

  23. It is absolutely wrong to quote some anonymous person, and then fabricate lies on his behalf, which lies are then fed to the public, only to be later cancelled or apologised for after proper investigation.

  24. You must discipline yourselves to keep away from a person’s individual and private life. It is dangerous to expose what is purely private or internal affair to the public. Even Jesus warned against publicizing one’s righteousness. If it is not good to go about publicizing one’s righteousness, then understand how bad, irrelevant and foolish it is to publicize evil. Only those who are evil-inspired and demon-possessed would spend precious time gossiping about what the evil spirits do. And dangerously enough, those who do so number themselves among the enemies of righteousness.
    Everyone has a right to privacy, and as well has the right to remain aloof from others if he so desires; yet in the press there is no privacy.

  25. Often, it is disappointing, the way you portray immoral pictures on the pages of publications and on the Internet. “Wisdom consists in knowing where to stop.” It is unfortunate that the bad things multiply more quickly than the good things.

  26. During war times, you expose the nation’s secrets and strategies to the whole world. By so doing, you do more harm than the military dictators, because you empower the enemies to defeat your own country and to defeat yourself. Is this not foolishness? Where is your love for wisdom? Where is your smartness, when you enable the evil spirits to steal, kill and destroy souls, fortunes and societies? You pretend to be innocent, but you have committed more crime than those in the prison. The worldly prison may elude you, but the spiritual prison, with hot chains, is already waiting for defaulters. Be warned.

  27. At times, the press keep on demanding answers to stupid questions.

  28. You must repent! Otherwise, Michael shall without fail flush you out with the enemies of righteousness.

  29. You do say that the pen is mighty than the sword. You say well. But today, I tell you more - the pen is mightier than the sword, but the word of God is mightier than the pen.

  30. Many ministers of God do not wish to return to earth and continue their works of salvation, because the earth had treated them so badly through the press and through hatred fostered and encouraged by the evil spirits, demons, mermaids, ghosts, witches and black energies.

  31. Quite a lot of things have been proved about spirituality, but they have not been made public because both the society and press are more interested in violence, rape, immorality, murders which seem to be the better selling attractions. You may say that this is not true. Then, why promote all kinds of devilish home videos and actors? The video industry pretends to be entertaining the society, but are busy planting the seeds of iniquities in the hearts and minds of the youths and children. How can you expect a secure future when the seeds of evil are being sown everyday. The world prefers useless sensations to the real substance of life, which is Spiritual Science and Practice. And humanity pays dearly for the mistakes, as witnessed by increasing social crisis and calamities.

         The press make things difficult for the soldiers of God. As such, every minister has to do a hard work fighting against bias, prejudice, and the hatred of the society.
         Some spend their precious time saying unkind things about people of other churches. They go to any length to discredit another person or group who appears to be more acceptable than them.
         Others try their utmost to discredit those who teach the truth, in order to continue to receive aids, gifts and favours from certain religious or non-governmental organizations, which gifts and favours should better be called .bribes'.

         You are among the people who have the best and greatest opportunities to enter the kingdom of heaven easily. You have the widest opportunities to win souls for Christ. But majority of the people blessed by God usually turn their back on God and even fight against the kingdom of righteousness. They only end up defeating themselves. A prodigal son is a wasteful child, and you are one. You waste enormous amounts of time, space, money and means on frivolities and vulgarities – on all forms of worldliness. When you publicise an evil, you multiply it and spread it. Thereby, you commit the same sin far more than the offender you are writing about.
         Henceforth, search out the true saints of God, irrespective of their religion, tribe, language or status, and support them with every opportunity to spread the light of truth to the world. For those who would accept my rebuke of love, I have taken away your pens, which are full of ink, and I have given you pens that are victorious swords of fire. You must win the end time battle, because God has never failed in any of His projects.
         Do not marvel that I speak as one with power and authority. Yes, I do, because all authority in heaven and on earth have not only been given to Jesus, but also belong to Him for it is God that came down in the form of Jesus Christ. Also, the Father and I are one.