Step-By-Step Guide

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

The world is Godís own school.
You enter the school by birth,
leave it at death,
and come back to it through reincarnation.

How To Use Step-By-Step Guide
         This Step-By-Step Guide is intended to present the contents of this website in an orderly form to interested public. It has been organized the way a university course is prepared in an outline. It ensures that the visitor misses none of the contents of this online library. Every course or stage is expected to prepare the reader/visitor for the next level.
  1. Face To Face With The Almighty God

  2. Visits To Heaven

  3. Corrections

  4. Messages
    1. The Messages
    2. Extra Ordinary Message To The World

  5. Prophecies
    1. About Coming Changes
    2. Changes Already Made
    3. The Prophecies

  6. Frequently Asked Questions
    1. About The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
    2. About DivineBase
    3. FAQs

  7. The Beginning
    1. Know Yourself
    2. All About God
    3. The Glorious Life In Spirit And In Truth
    4. How To Grow In Spirit

  8. Intermediate
    1. The Truth - 'The Golden Books Of Life'
    2. Esoteric Knowledge And Wisdom Of The Ages
    3. Prayer And Worship
    4. Very Important Topics

  9. Advanced
    1. Spiritual Science And Practice (Life in Spirit and in Truth)
    2. Spiritual Awakening (Being Born Again)
    3. The Homeward Journey Called Death

  10. General
    1. Comparative Religious Studies
    2. The Golden Books Of Life

  11. Corrections
    1. Corrective Messages From God
    2. Necessary Corrections I
    3. Necessary Corrections II
    4. Necessary Corrections III
    5. Necessary Corrections IV