Simple Solutions To Hard Problems

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  • Everyday Prophecy Book III
  • Here are narrations of real life dreams, visions, trances, etc and their correct interpretations. It is expected of you that you be able to understand what the Spirit says to you from time to time.
    1. Aches And Pains 1
      Problem: You feel aches and pains while sitting on a chair or desk
      Solution: Change the chair or adjust its height and distance from the table

    2. Aches And Pains 2
      Problem:Aches and pains after sleeping or lying on a bed.
      Solution: Change the pillow. A pillow loses its softness after sometime (about a year). Then it becomes hard to lye on. Many continue to use an old pillow until they start to feel aches and pains.

    3. Aches And Pains 3
      Problem:Aches and pains when you do not know the cause.
      Solution: You should know that evil spirits, demons, mermaids, ghosts and black energies can cause headache, just to torment people. Bless water, pray that God turn the water into the blood of Jesus, and use it to wash your head.

    4. Anger - Unknown Cause Of Anger
      Problem:Sometimes, you feel angry, without anything making you angry.
      Solution: Then, an evil spirit, demon, ghost or black energy is around the corner. Just pray that the fire of Holy Spirit burn and cast away the evil spirits. Soon, you discover that the evil spirits are gone and that your peace of mind has returned in full. You feel free and confident.

    5. Anxiety And Worry
      Problem:You are disturbed by so many things to attend to or to settle.
      Solution:Take a paper and write them down in an outline. Pray over the list and keep it away. Soon, you discover that all yours worries, cares and anxieties are gone.

    6. Forgetfulness
      Problem:You find yourself forgetting often.
      Solution: Just, silently pray the Holy Spirit to help you remember.

    7. Inability To Write
      Problem:You want to write on a topic, but cannot bring yourself to seat down and write.
      Solution: Do not force yourself to write. Always work/write on the interesting topics or on those topics for which you have materials. With time, you shall discover that several topic have been written, even effortlessly (The topics are said to write themselves, because the inspiration comes to give you the points, details and ability.)

    8. Internal Wounds
      Problem:Wounds or scratches inside of the mouth while brushing.
      Solution: Change the brush. After a certain period of use, a brush loses its springiness. Then it starts to wound the inner surface of the mouth, because it is no longer flexible enough.

    9. Mistake
      Problem:You get offended each time a mistake is made or a fault is discovered.
      Solution: No, you are punishing yourself. Just ask yourself, “In what way is this mistake beneficial?” Soon, mistakes and faults turn themselves into advantages

    10. Patience
      Problem:You introduced a new thing or idea, and everybody is not interested in it. They remain disinterested, however well you try.
      Solution: Never mind. Just allow them to do as they wish. Later, they shall come back calling for the new thing.

    11. Pile
      Problem:You feel pains in the anal region. You find it hard to ease yourself in the toilet. Sometimes, it is quiet painful to seat down or get up. Also, you notice blood stains when you go to toilet.

    12. Procrastination
      Problem: You find yourself always postponing the things you should do.
      Solution: Set a deadline for the completion, and you shall find yourself completing many of the duties on or before the time. If one deadline did not accomplish all, set another.

    13. Reading
      Problem:You have a book you want to read, but you find it hard or uninteresting reading the book.
      Solution: Check through the pages of the book. Start reading those pages, topics or chapters you find interesting. Before you know it, you have finished reading the entire book.

    14. Tooth Ache
      Problem:You experience tooth pains from time to time.
      Solution: Add salt to your toothpaste or use only salt in a water solution, Do not rinse the mouth immediately after brushing. You can rinse after twenty minutes or later. If there is a hole in a tooth, you have to consult a dentist.

    Jesus Is The Restorer.
             In spirit, a series of video was playing before me. It was showing all the things I lost in life. The views were so bad and terrible.
             While the display was going on, I shouted, “Jesus is the Restorer. Jesus is the Restorer. Jesus is the Restorer.’’ The video played backwards, and all the good things lost were restored. All were in place and well arranged.
             Therefore, you can restore wasted years for yourself or others, just by calling or shouting, “Jesus is the Restorer. Jesus is the Restorer. Jesus is the Restorer.”

    The Lord of hosts, Indeed!
             In spirit, a man visited me. The man was tall and black. When he was leaving, he did a demonstration at the gate that showed he was a member of a secret society. He crossed the main road and did the sign again.
             He came a second time, proving himself as a member of secret society. On the third time, he came with two other persons, and a knife was in his hand. He wanted to stab me with the knife.
             I shouted, “Lord of Hosts. Lord of Hosts. Lord of Hosts.” And the man could not do anything.
             Whenever you encounter battle, in spirit or physically, just call or shout “The Lord of Hosts. The Lord of Hosts. The Lord of Hosts.” Great and immediate shall be the response, deliverance and victory.