Righteousness And Sin

Righteousness is the perfection of God.

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Meaning Of Righteousness
  2. You shall be amazed when you know the truth. And reading one holy book is not enough.
    You shall be disappointed to discover that the numerous churches here and there do not even know what righteousness means and that they do not teach the truth.

  3. Beware Of Man-Made Doctrines
  4. They are like ripe and apetizing fruits that are bitter to taste and stinging to the nerves and veins.

  5. Examples Of Man-Made Doctrines
  6. There are so many misleading teachings, beliefs and practices.

  7. Why God Is Speaking Against Man-Made Doctrines
  8. Beware of man-made doctrines made at meetings, councils, synods and conferences, which are the leaven of the Pharisees (the false teachings of religious leaders).

Relevant Topics

The worst thing that can happen to a person
is to have an ignorant reverend as a teacher!

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  1. The World Is Full Of Darkness
  2. And people confirm this by their wide spread wearing of black dresses.

  3. Evidences That People Are Not Doing The Right Things In The Right Way
  4. Despite the multiplicity of their man-made religions and churches.

  5. Beware Of Your Lifestyle!
  6. Follow the narrow path into everlasting life, wherein is abundant treasures and pleasures.

  7. Why The Innocent Suffer
  8. The world is God's own school. It is a castle of illusion, which is necessary for a while. It is intended to provide experience, which is the best teacher. The ignorant sees only confusion in it, while the enlightened one is happy to live in it.

  9. Childlikeness
  10. Only those who are like children are fit to enter the kingdom of heaven.

  11. Consciousness And Life
  12. Know Yourself and become a master of the universe.
    A king, indeed!
    No wonder Jesus is King of Kings.

  13. Why Our Reverend Fathers And Anglican Deacons Are Not Performing
  14. Here is an opportunity to know the truth (the points and details). You will be surprised to know that for many years, people have been physically busy, but spiritually doing nothing.

  15. The Best And Greatest Gift
  16. Give without expecting rewards, thanks, praises, persuasion or force.

  17. The List Of Fornicators
  18. "First among them are those who wear baggy and saggy trousers and shorts, and thereby expose their inner wears to the public," says the Almighty.

  19. Those Who Steal From God
  20. Stealing is not good.

  21. Those Who Pay Themselves
  22. As such, they have no rewards from God.

  23. The Word Of God Is Mightier Than The Pen!
  24. By your words you shall be saved or condemned.

  25. Warning Against Suicide
  26. After so much suffering in spirit, suicide only brings you back to the earth, to the same challenges, which are likely to be worse.