Read Me First
         Point 1:This website is a knowledge base. It contains over 1000 books and topics on Truth: spiritual knowledge and wisdom. God is God of knowledge. To live without knowledge is to be half-dead. Therefore, devote time to read and know more. Also, the website provides links to very important and related waebsites.
         Point 2: The contents of this website have no copyright reserves. Feel free to use the contents as you may need or deem fit. Any church, organization, group or body is free to publish the contents and distribute free to the members and public, provided that the publisher does not change any of the wordings or statements. Translation or publication (by website design or otherwise) into other languages is allowed.
         If the content you want to publish is from a book not directly written by the author, like the missing books of the bible or contents of related websites, then you have to obtain permission from the respective authors or publishers.

         The author responds to invitations to speak at churches, ministries, fellowship, prayer houses, crusades, camp sites, gatherings, offices, schools, colleges, universities, etc, without discrimination.

Mode Of Writing
         Most of the writings are mainly narrations, reports, descriptions, teachings, conversations, corrections, prophecies, messages, warnings, questions and answers or explanatory comments, which explanatory comments were added at the time the angel or saint was delivering his messages and teachings and were therefore accepted and confirmed by the ministering angel or saint.

Why You Should Not Play With This Website
         Do your best to study the contents of this website, for many do not know that this world is a lost world. After several visits to heaven, I have discovered that many religons and churches that claim to be the best are indeed among the worst. After seeing God face to face over forty (40) times, I have found out that religious leaders do not even understand the spiritual statements in the holy books. Whoever that wants to enter heaven must turn to the only one true teacher and guide, who is the Holy Spirit, through Spiritual Science and Practice. Those who neglect to heed this warning do so to their own deceit and detriment. And time is short.

How To Make The Best Use Of This Website
         Below are guidelines on how to make the best use of this website and library.
  1. Your everlasting fate (Salvation or Doom) is not something to play with.

  2. Such an important matter should not be carelessly entrusted into the hands of ignorant religious leaders.

  3. Read the messages, prophecies, corrections, topics, books, especially Divine Love and Mercy. To open it, click Books, and scroll down.

  4. A black charcoal becomes fire (Red Hot) by staying in the fire. Therefore, you should frequent this library. The more you read about God, the more you become like God.

  5. Devote time to study all the contents of this website. You will be amazed! Jesus did not say 'only believe'. He said that you have to first seek the kingdom. In fact, to know the Truth, you have to study it as you would study a course or career. Indeed, you will be amazed when you know the Truth. And reading one holy book is not enough.

  6. When you feel sad, confused, depressed, disappointed or frightened, open one of the spiritual contents and read it again.

  7. When you want to pray, but cannot control your mind, open a chapter and read.

  8. Read an encounter or a chapter, each time you want to meditate about God, heaven or life.

  9. You can use any of the prayers provided herein, because of their efficacy.

  10. Learning is a life-long exercise.

  11. It is your duty to study very important, juicy and powerful missing books of the Bible. The books are available in and through this library. To access them, click Books. It is not enough to believe. And it is a disgrace to be an ignorant believer.

  12. It is your right to ask questions. Click Contacts to ask questions or click Comments to send comments.

  13. To get the best screen view on your monitor, adjust the screen resolution of your monitor to 1024 x 768, or change Text Size, from the View on the Menu bar. On your hanset or andriod, use and follow the Settings icon.

About Diverse Statements Or Conflicting Copies
         People may discover that copies of the same writing differ from one another. You should know that several documents were reviewed from time to time. Some were expanded to include more facts and figures, while others were rewritten to make the points very clear. And where necessary, documents were edited to suit the target audience. In all, what is in the online DivineBase Library is the final copy, and shall be treated as superseding all others.

Above all,
         You should help Jesus save others by:

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