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The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Public Lecture Series
  2. Here is a golden opportunity. A wise man uses the times and tides of life to seek and find the Truth.

  3. Leadership, Human Rights and Crisis Management
  4. Man was created to rule. Therefore, training in leadership is compulsory.

  5. Enterpreneurship and Career Opportunities
  6. It is necessary that you know how to manage things. This is the hallmark of responsibility.

  7. How To Discover and Recover Your Talents
  8. Many are disturbed by the problem of how to know one’s talents. Others who once knew their talents and have lost the talents are concerned about how to recover the talents. This lecture provides necessary explanations about talents, especially how to discover and/or recover your talents.

  9. A Call For Action For The Nation
  10. "Why do people make this world a place of residence?" asks the Almighty. Nobody is qualified to enter the kingdom, until he becomes as selfless as Zebulon, the son of Jacob.

  11. A Message Of Hope
  12. A Paper Delivered By The Director Of Successpoint Computer College, Abagana, Engr R. O. Nweze, To The Handicapped And Less-Privileged During A Workshop.

  13. Reading Is Relevant To Spiritual Growth
  14. A student who reads only one book remains a student, while the student who reads so many books becomes a master. More over, a lazy class keeps the teacher ignorant of many things. But an inquisitive student makes the teacher versatile in knowledge.