Public Lecture Series


The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

The Order Of Presentation
         The following topics have listed for public lectures and enlightenment:
  1. Special Messages (2 Weeks).

  2. How To Enter Heaven - A Top Priority.

  3. Pages Of Correction (4 Weeks).

  4. Holiness.

  5. About Divine Base Ministry.

  6. About The Man Who Saw God Face To Face.

  7. Deliverance And Spiritual Works.

  8. The Holy Spirit Is Rebuking The World Against Noise Making.

  9. Introduction To Spiritual Science.

  10. Frequently Asked Questions.

  11. End Time Message Warnings And Responsibilities.

  12. Why Many Who Are First Shall Be Last.

  13. The Problem With The Churches.

  14. How Devil Misleads The World (3 Weeks).

  15. Missing Books Of The Bible.

  16. Which Religion Or Church Is The Best?

  17. How To Grow In Spirit.

  18. How To Worship God In Spirit And In Truth.

  19. The Seven Spiritual Levels.

  20. The Seven Spiritual Centers In The Body.

  21. The Future Of The World.

  22. Man Is A Son Of God.

  23. Spiritual Abilities Of Man.

  24. Natural Colors And Their Meanings.

  25. Characteristics Of Truth.

  26. Know The Truth And Set Yourself Free.

  27. How To Know The Truth.

  28. Holy Substances And Their Uses.

  29. Holy Communion.

  30. Basic Health And Nutrition.