The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

A Paper Delivered By The Director Of Successpoint Computer College, Abagana, Engr R. O. Nweze, To The Handicapped And Less-Privileged During A Workshop Organized By Save The Victims International On 7th October, 2010 At The Civic Center, Umudioka, Anambra State, Nigeria.

Why Education Is Necessary
         The need for education explain why we attend gatherings in the form of workshops, seminars etc. We attend these occasions to:
1. Acquire knowledge
2. Develop our skills and
3. Know how to succeed in life.

Why Do We Have Challenges In Life?
         Challenges in life include problems, difficulties, illusions, disappointment, handicaps and hindrances. We have these challenges because:
  1. They provide opportunities for God to manifest His glory.
  2. They provide wisdom through experience, which is the best teacher.
  3. They teach us the realities of life.
  4. It is a divine plan that mankind should move (evolve, develop) from illusion to realities. It is like laying a strong foundation for a house. The house builder does not start by laying blocks. First, he pulls down existing buildings, lays a good foundation by digging trenches in the ground.
Life In Spirit
         It is necessary to know about life in spirit because of the following reasons:
  1. Spiritual life is different from earthly life.
  2. Spiritual life is far better than earthly life.
  3. Life in spirit is free from handicaps.
For example, Lazarus was full of sores while he was on earth. After death, he was in heaven a perfect being. Likewise, Moses was a stammerer. But in the transfiguration, he was seen with Elijah discussing with Jesus. They were so full of heavenly glories that Peter pleaded that they should remain on the mountain forever. Also, children born by the handicapped parents do not have any handicap. And very importantly, life on earth is temporal. It shall pass away, whereas life in the spirit is eternal and in it there is no handicap.

Challenged, But Successful Personalities.
         Being handicapped is not an end of life. Handicap does not make a person useless. In fact, some handicaps have opportunities to make money and a successful life. Some examples will explain better.
  1. Aki and Paw-Paw, are dwarfs. But today they are millionaires and popular in the world. They are graduates and have won so many awards.
  2. Steve Wonder is a blind man, but he is today a world musician, popular and successful.
  3. Eric Azodo from Abagana was a blind musician.
  4. Nnamdi Emelife from Abagana, is lame. Today, he is one of the most popular MCs in Anambra State.
  5. Moses was a stammerer. Yet, he was one of the greatest leaders the world has ever produced.
  6. Namaan was a leper, yet a warlord, an army general.
  7. Chief Okosi from Abagana had only one leg. Still, he was a driver and a very important personality, widely admired.
Impressive Observation
         In the course of this gathering, I felt happy because of several observations I have made. One, many of you have handsets. It shows that you have not been left behind by civilization and modernization. You belong to the system. Two, the young girls in your midst are well dressed, made up and beautiful. It shows that you are strong in spirit; all hope is never lost.

What A Challenged Person Can Do.
         A handicapped person can learn one or more different kinds of trade in:
  1. Education
  2. Printing and Publishing.
  3. Computer Application.
  4. Electronics Repairs and Maintenance.
  5. Home Economics
  6. Fashion and Design.
  7. Metal Works
  8. Wood Works.
  9. Sports (even for World Competitions).
  10. Etc.
Messages for the Igbo People
         This lecture will not be complete, without a special message to the society. The message should serve as focus or vision for general development and well being:
  1. A manís greatest asset in the world remains his fellow men.
  2. The shortest road to heaven is charity Ė Matthew. 25:30-end.
  3. The longest road to heaven is selfishness.
  4. The secret of the prosperity of American is charity. This charity in turn attracts Godís blessings and prosperities for them.
  5. The Igbo people should learn from the Yoruba people. See how Yoruba girls are moving about selling medicinal herbs. They share their knowledge and skills with one another, for their own general progress. Who in Igbo land is ready to teach his brother how to succeed? It is hard to see.
  6. It is foolishness for Igbo people to travel to other places, develop the places and come home empty-handed, as if God has not blessed them with strength and prosperity.
  1. Being handicapped is not the end of life.
  2. Desire to make a name for yourself. A good name is better than money.
  3. Learn one or two trades.
  4. Learn how to use computer.
  5. Develop reading and writing habits.
  6. Get a radio or television for yourself.
  7. Learn to pray. Those who pray are among those who influence the world. Others are the
  8. thinkers, consultants, producers and consumers.
Message For The Organizers
         Your joy should be great, because you co-work with the Angels. Likewise, your rewards in heaven shall be greater than those of millionaires and VIPs, who care not for the wellbeing of others.