Presented by the Registrar, Successpoint Computer College, Abagana,
Miss Mbanefo Chinenye
The Chairman Of The Occasion,
The Director Of This Great Institution,
Our Respectable Parents And Guardians,
All The Invited And Special Guests,
Distinguished Ladies And Gentlemen,
My Fellow Staff Members,
Students Of This Great Institution,

The Lecture
         My speech today is titled “A Call For Action For The Nation” because of the current state of Nigeria. Most of us Nigerians are dying in the midst of plenty, while some are having foams enter their eyes even when they are in an ocean. Yes, a lot of people are perishing because of lack of focus. Note the phrase “lack of focus”. It is true that many are complaining of scarcity of food, water, job, good roads and all the social amenities of life. We complain of our bad economy which is declining day after day. All these problems are of course posing danger to our lives and survival in this country. But the problems cannot and will never be solved if we keep on complaining and fail to look for solutions to them.
         The history of the poor state of Nigerian economy or our individual poverty can be traced back to the mind of man. If we can remember the great Zik of Africa (Nnamdi Azikiwe), how he fought - not for his own interest, but for that of his country, and all other great men of his kind who have made history. Then we will realize that this problem is an individual thing to solve. I always weep for this country each time I read the newspapers and see how our leaders, and even the followers, keep on fighting for their pockets and for their own interests alone, forgetting that a leader is meant to have good followers and that the wellbeing of all is enshrined in the Golden Rule. Well, this problem now boils down to all of us gathered here. We can start somewhere to implement changes we need to make this great nation forge ahead. It is left for you to see yourself now as a leader, in any place you find yourself. Think of the positive things that shall be of immense benefits to your neighbours and not just to think of “I”, me and myself” make up.
         Do not allow yourself to be deceived; we all know the right person to vote for, but our problem is that we are often mislead by immediate benefits, which are not only temporal, but also insignificant, compared to what we stand to gain if we can only exercise a little patience and caution. Of what profit is it to us if we gain a token, spend it for just a month and lose many years of happiness, good economy and peace mind? This is a question we should all go home with.
         The youths, leaders of tomorrow, we have to help ourselves. You have finished secondary school but there is no money to train you in university. This is not a good reason for you to start roaming about the street; look for a work or trade and involve yourself in it. You can come for computer training at Successpoint, where you will be taught to live an independent life. If you are through with your university education and have not yet found job, please do not stay idle; look for some menial work to keep yourself busy, because an idle man is a devil’s workshop.
         My candid advice to the youths of this generation is this: for you to achieve your goal in life, you must be disciplined, principled and guided by sound moral standards. Have good choice of goal and vision in your young years because your belief system will make or mar your life. This simply means that there is a call for us youths to rise up from slumber and face the challenges of a new beginning, to change our nation, not for the better but for the best.
         Finally, it is my pleasure to tell you a little about my newly found model. This is because I know you will benefit in one or two ways from his qualities and capabilities. His name is Engr. Raphael Nweze. He is an epitome of truth, justice, equity, equality, magnanimity and tranquility. In fact, I lack words to qualify his personality - is it academically, morally or spiritually - he has not been found wanting in any of these aspects. May be that is why Successpoint is the best computer training college as far as this area is concerned. Yes, our secret lies in the qualities of our humble director; he is a good leader to the core. If every Nigeria is like him, then we shall always have more, instead of less, when we look for solutions.
         Thank you and God bless.
         This is a voice that calls for action.