Prayer And Worship


The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. The Great Benefits Of Prayer

  2. If a business man does not know how to count his money, a fraudster will count and take it. That is exactly what Devil does to people who do not know the importance of prayer.

  3. How To Sing Praises

  4. Songs and music are intended to produce harmony. Harmony makes the kingdom of heaven manifest. Unfortunately, many of the songs and music are like muddled water.

  5. Why God Is A Jealous God

  6. Can a perfect God be jealous? Learn why and how God is a jealous God.

  7. The State Of World Religions And Churches In The Presence Of God

  8. Have you heard of the parable of the kingpins? Do you know about the Seven Disappointments?

  9. Which Church (Religion) Is The Best?

  10. Today, there are so many religions and churches in the world. Which one is true? And which one is the best?

  11. How To Find God

  12. God is waiting for you to return home in heaven. Unfortunately, many do not know how to find God. Some even believe that it is not possible to see or find God. God does not play hide and seek game or hypocrisy like man.

  13. Powerful And Efficacious Prayers

  14. The key to success and prosperity is fellowship with God. Prayer is the keystone.

  15. How To Keep Holy Places Holy

  16. It is not enough to build temples for the worship of God. You should know how to keep them holy. Otherwise, they become the abodes of evil spirits, demons, ghosts and black forces. Be warned!