Lost But Found

Books Of The Holy Scriptures!

What do the religious leaders gain
by leading ignorant masses?
By hiding important knowledge from the public?
Definitely, Nothing!


"The Bible is incomplete," says the Almighty God.
Again, He says, "For lack of knowledge, my people perish." Hosea 4:6
Herein, we provide you the opportunity to read
very important, juicy and powerful books of
the Bible. You will be amazed!

Our free copyright does not cover the books listed below.
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  1. The Comprehensive Gospel Of Jesus Christ
    Covers the eighteen absent years (from the age of 12 years to 30 years of age), and more!
  2. The Book Of Jubilee
    Learn the great and wonderful details of the ancient times, before Moses.
  3. The Book Of Jasher
    exploits of the men of God. Convinces you that God did not create weaklings as mankind. He created us mighty and glorious spirit beings.
  4. The Book Of Enoch I
    This is the Book of Truth! Gives a detailed account of creation, Heavenly Visits, Zodiac, etc. However, the original books were hidden from humanity. The books in circulation contain unauthorized changes, lies and fabrications.
  5. The Book Of Enoch II
    Plan Of The Ages made clear. God does not play a game of chance.
  6. Kebrah Nagast
    Provides the details of what happened between King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. Narrates how the Ark of God was transferred to Ethiopia. Full of wonders!
  7. Tanach
    Of the original Hebrew Bible. The milk and honey in spirituality.
  8. The Testaments Of The Twelve Sons Of Jacob
    from the lives of the Patriarchs.
  9. The Gospel Of Thomas
    Only those who have accomplished great things are called mighty. Any minister of God who cannot interprete this Gospel has not started.
  10. The Shepherd Of Hermas
    The treasure base of heavenly knowledge and wisdom. Read this book to gain more insight, foresight, knowledge and wisdom.
  11. The Quran In English
    Indeed, you will be amazed when you know the Truth, and reading one Holy Book is not enough.
  12. Bhagavad-Gita
    God appeared to Moses on Mt Sinai. Later, He came to the Israelites in the human form of Jesus Christ. The same God appeared to Arjunah and introduced the original sacred text of Hinduism, called Bhagavad-Gita. If you were not told, you would not know the truth. Here is A Golden Book Of Life, another Book Of Truth. No one ever finds the Truth by shying away from it!
  13. The Forgotten Books Of Eden
    Read the unknown details.
    What if these books contain falsehood? Fear not. Read them the way a bird selects its food from the midst of sands. It takes its food, and leaves the sands where they are. Jesus has said it well enough : "You must be as wise as a serpent and as innocent as a dove."
  14. The Second Book Of Adam
    from creation, God made it clear that writing and record keeping are very important. Become literate and encourage everybody, even the aged, to do the same. To read about God is an enough reason for a person to become literate.
  15. The Lost Books Of The Bible
    It is not enough to be told. It is better if you can read and understand on your own. Many churches have been feasting on the ignorance of the people, simply because the public allowed them. You allow them to mislead you when you do not read the sacred texts by yourself.
  16. The Odes Of Solomon
    The pages of wisdom.
  17. The Psalms Of Solomon
    The psalms of realities.
  18. The Testament Of Abraham
    From day to day, the Truth is becoming more and more manifest.
  19. The Testament Of Job
    Only those who dig deep find the gold.
  20. The Realms Of Life
    Only the truth can set you free.
  21. Jewish Encyclopedia
    Only those who dig deep find the gold.
  22. The Holy Bible
    Every holy book is only an introduction.

"Oh Father,
set me in the your everlasting footstep,
in the Golden Path of Incorruptibility,
and clothe me with your Glory."