1. Dress very one like somebody who is on official duty.

  2. Maintain personal hygiene.

  3. Visitors, travelers and strangers are like kings, who should be well attended to.

  4. Eat your regular meal. Avoid excessive fasting.

  5. Haggling is like an unequal measure, which is an abomination before the Lord.

  6. It is evil to charge new visitors, travelers or strangers extra fees because they are new to a place. By this alone, you prove yourself unfaithful to God.

  7. It is an abomination to deceive new visitors, travelers and strangers, and even more sinful is to put them in danger.

  8. It is your duty to ensure the safety and comfort of visitors, travelers and strangers. Most of the time, you neglect this because you want to make false gain. Thereby, you choose money and reject God.

  9. Avoid harshness. This alone puts one into the hell fire.

  10. Avoid vulgar words.

  11. Avoid mocking people.

  12. Avoid cursing people, even those who act wrongly.

  13. Majority of you have very bad personal hygiene.

  14. How can you be serving those who are well dressed when you are badly dressed?

  15. How can you be serving those who have taken bath, when you have not taken birth?

  16. How can you be serving those who have washed their mouth, when your mouth is rotten and stinking?

  17. How can you be serving those who have combed and anointed their hairs, when your hairs are not washed, not combed and not anointed?

  18. How can you be serving those who have applied pomade over their body, when your body is dry and disgusting?

  19. How can you be serving those who are wearing fine shoes, when you are wearing old and wretched slippers?

  20. Your behaviour, in terms of personal hygiene is like pouring sand into a basin full of jollof rice. It is like putting curses on people, wishing them bad luck.

  21. Many of you destroy your destiny and success with vulgar words you speak in public, bad words you say to insult people, etc.

  22. You deprive people of their comfort and long life by jam-packing passengers, four in a seat, whereas they suppose to seat three in a seat.

  23. You exploit strangers and visitors by charging them extra high prices, whereas God said you should attend to them very well and help them.

  24. You disfigure your body shape by the way you stoop inside the bus, while in transit, rather than sitting on the conductor’s seat.

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