The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Let decency season your actions and conduct and dressing, just as the salt makes food taste nice.

  2. Feel free to love, but do not fornicate. Fornication puts you in a retrogressive mess.

  3. Thus says the Almighty, "I shall use the youths for evangelism. I shall show the world my glory through the youths."

  4. Do not spend the day watching home videos.

  5. Intending couple (both man and woman) should go for deliverance before marriage.

  6. To discover or recover your talents, engage in selfless services, pray seriously and be dutiful.

  7. Do your best to avoid indiscipline: many are today in hell because of indiscipline. They plead for another chance to come back to earth and correct their wrongs, but “It is too late,” is the reply they get for all their pleas.

  8. Majority of the youths break the business agreement they make with their masters and run away. They think that they are being smart. It is not so in heaven. As far as you do not fulfill your own part of the agreement, you cannot enter heaven.

  9. Many of the youths are busy stealing the money and properties in the company, offices, organizations, etc, where they are working, and they think that they are free. It is not so. For stealing only a stick of matches, a soul has already built for himself a cell inside the hell fire.

  10. Beware of the careless dresses people wear these days. Examples are saggy and baggy trousers, half trousers, tight-fittings, show back, half-shoulder, ever-ready, mini, gowns and skirts with openings or slits, etc. They are demonic dresses and are the ways by which Satan is busy luring people into the hell fire, where he has no plans for their welfare, except everlasting suffering and regrets. You know demonic dresses by the characteristics. They are usually shapeless, irregular and abnormal. God banned all demons out of the everlasting kingdom because demons are shapeless, irregular, abnormal, always doing things out of order and without control. Observe the current trend in human societies. You will notice that dresses tend to be shapeless, irregular and abnormal, with general lack of control. If you want to enter heaven, you must dress like the heavenly beings who are always appear decent and beautiful.

  11. Avoid noisy, booming and bombarding music. They are the works of demons. Such sounds and music pull and push you down the ladder of spiritual progress, without your knowing it. Evidence to show you that what I have said is true is that nowadays, youths are aggressive, intolerant and heartless, which attitudes are the attitudes of demons. They do not want to submit to discipline or control.

  12. It is quite unfortunate that people are so blind (ignorant) that they do not even know that such a terrible war is already raging on against them. People are everyday expecting Armageddon and anti-Christ to happen in the future, without knowing that many are already inside the enemy’s net. God has promised to show His glory to the world through the youths. Therefore, you must devote time to study the sacred-texts. Nobody knows what he has not spent time to study. Do not live like the previous generations, which became wasted generations, because they failed to know God and follow His footsteps.

  13. Always remember that this world is passing sensation. Strive for the coming kingdom, which is everlasting.

  14. Many of you have been carefully chosen, anointed and sent to fight the End Time Battle. Therefore, be God conscious always, and participate in the works of God. Those of you who have spiritually endowed with gifts of the Holy Spirit should put the talents to active use.

Extra Ordinary Message To The World
Very Important Messages To The World! To All Religions, To All Churches, To All Nations, To All Tribes, To All Languages, To All Organizations, To All Institutions, To All Families and To Everybody.