Special Messages
To The
Wives Of Reverend Ministers

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

         The messages below are intended to correct, teach and guide you on how you relate with your husband, who is a minister of God. You are expected to take the messages serious. Tell other minister's wives about the messages.

The Messages
  1. Your husband is like an Angel, and must be treated as such.
  2. This holds true, whether he is rich or poor, big or small, handsome or ugly.
  3. He is like a soldier in the midst of enemies. Therefore, he needs your full support. Some of you abandon your husbands when the going is tough. But when things become good, you turn back to seat in the front seat and answer Mummy.
  4. Some of you are busy gossiping about your husbands, criticizing and condemning them before other women and the public.
  5. You gossip, quarrel or curse while cooking food for your husbands. You forget that the food he eats is a holy food. People should not be allowed to gather or gossip around the food he eats, while the food is being cooked. If you neglect to obey this message, one day the Angels will strike defaulters with punishment
  6. God uses some of your husbands to introduce new changes. It is not always easy to introduce changes. At times, the person who introduces good changes is hated by the public. At that point in time, when you suppose to give him your full support, you abandon him and criticize him before others.
  7. Some of you are always complaining and blaming your husband. You nag, curse and murmur from time to time. Thereby, you disorganize many things in the spiritual realms. You have to repent from doing this, so that the Angels will not count you as an enemy.
  8. Avoid outbursts of anger.
  9. Those of you who are aggressive should know that aggression has no part in heaven. Is there any matter that cannot be settled peacefully?
  10. Why are some of you talkative? Too much talking wearies the soul. Talking about God ennobles our life. Talking about the ups and downs of life debases.
  11. Many of you do not know how to attend to people very well, with happiness and joy. Some of you avoid people, while some use their words and actions to scar away people from the church and house.
  12. Some of you choose to dress in worldly fashion, instead of appearing in saintly dresses.
  13. Your husbands are like the radio and television stations, which receive and broadcast news. They receive messages from God from time to time, in the same way people receive text messages with handset. Therefore, they need peace of mind and quietness always, in order to receive clear and accurate messages from God. But some of you would not allow them, because you are always murmuring or complaining of one thing or the other.
  14. Learn to remain neutral when your husband has case with other people. You should continue to treat the people he has case with as friends. You should not count them as enemies, and therefore, abuse or disrespect them. By so doing, you will not worsen the situation.
  15. Allow you husbands to take decision as a leader. Avoid the bad habit of trying to dictate for him what to do. Likewise, avoid dictating for the church how to handle matters. You have been called to help, and not to lead.
  16. Ensure that the house is always neat and quiet. The Angels visit the house from time to time.
  17. Ensure orderly arrangement of properties. Avoid scattering dresses or items here and there.
  18. Make sure that food is ready on time. Increase the amount of vegetables and fruits eaten, and reduce the amount of oil, salt and sugar consumed.
         God bless you as you heed these warnings and corrections.

Extra Ordinary Message To The World
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