The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Turn to light.
  2. We live in a spiritual world. That is in a light-wave universe. See PhotoScientific Explanation Of OmniPresence (Click Books and scroll down.)

  3. There are Angel Engineers and Scientists
  4. They are ready and willing to assist you. In fact, most of the scientific and technological developments would not have been possible without them.

  5. Time To Consult God
  6. However, time has come for the scientists to consult God in their scientific adventures, and get His approval before certain scientific experiments and innovations. The first mistake made by our ancestors was that they failed to consult God. That mistake has cost mankind so much.

  7. Reduce Noise Level
  8. Noise is a nuisance. It is not good to our health. Also, it is not good to our spiritual growth. Use Research and Development to reduce noise from the industries, automobiles, etc.
Extra Ordinary Message To The World
Very Important Messages To The World! To All Religions, To All Churches, To All Nations, To All Tribes, To All Languages, To All Organisations, To All Institutions, To All Families and To Everybody.