The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Three Permanent Solutions
         to the problems of Boko Haram, Niger Delta Militants, MASSOB, MEND, NLC and ASUU Strikes, Mass Protests, etc are:
Message Points And Details:
When a nation fills her own cup with iniquities, the wrath of God comes as housecleansing.
  1. Nigeria has provoked God and stung His eyes. Therefore, God has raised His cane to strike Nigeria. The decision is already concluded by God, and Archangel Michael is ready to execute it. God says that just as the broom is used to sweep out refuse from a house, so He will flush out the bad eggs out of Nigeria.

  2. Therefore, remember the wildfires, the Tsunami flood and the earthquakes in other parts of the world, as examples.

  3. A Vision Of Nigeria: I beheld a vision of Nigeria. The entire scenario was bloody, dark and horrible, characterized by frustration and resentment, especially in the form of general public distrust and reactions. The atmosphere was like a boiling pot of a bitter soup, which is foaming and overflowing, without control. This message is not about the past or present. It is about the future.

  4. If God strikes, the event shall not last long, but it shall be very terrible nation-wide.

  5. A man can break a kola nut, which has three lobes. When you look at the lobes, you see only three kola nuts.

The Real Boko Harams
         In the presence of God, the real Boko Haram are the subtle Boko Harams. They are:
  1. The political heavyweights and bulldozers, who have turned the oil-rich country into a land of misery for the masses;

  2. The educated elites, who have misrepresented education, and have thereby disappointed God;

  3. Those in positions of authorities, who are busy stealing public funds;

  4. The Banks and MDAs, who pretend to be innocent, while serving as drain pipes of public treasury;

  5. The university lecturers, who produce unemployable graduates;

  6. The Army, who profess to be combatant-ready, but are easily overwhelmed by the creeks and insiders;

  7. The ministers of God (Christians and Muslims), who hold sway but do not know God’s priorities;

  8. The office workers, who go to work everyday, but take official decisions at joints, over bottles of stolen wine and delicacies of ill-gotten wealth;

  9. The Police, who claim to be a friend, whereas many of them are easily bribed to ignore the rule of law;

  10. The princes of the courts, who cringe before the rich, but roar at the poor and helpless;

  11. The middle men, who declare themselves to be facilitators, when they are busy frustrating the implementations of projects;

  12. The Chiefs, who are only interested in honours, without the will to effect justice and development;

  13. The Nigerians, who travel overseas and are admired by the society, but are clever fraudsters;

  14. The prestigious importers and exporters, who flood Nigerian markets with fake and substandard products;

  15. The video industry, which pretend to entertain the society, but are busy training our youths in violence, rape, kidnapping, cultism, paganism, indecency, etc;

  16. The families and tribes, who defend their guilty relations, while asking you to crucify the other offenders;

  17. The youths and examiners, who turn examination halls into centers of organized malpractices;

  18. The applicants and graduates, who complain of unemployment, whereas they lack skill, knowledge and commitment;

  19. Even the entire Nigerian citizens, who blame the government, and at the same time are seriously enthroning impunity;

  20. The vultures and wolves, who parade themselves as human beings, but are mercilessly destroying the lives and fortunes of citizens;

  21. The native doctors, for whose charms and manipulations the Police have no evidence and over which the courts are powerless;

  22. The schools that are relentlessly monetizing handiworks by collecting money from the pupils, instead of teaching the pupils various skills;

  23. Etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.
         All these are the fumes of provocation which have ascended into God’s nose and have stung His eyes.

More About The Solutions
  1. Let us accept our mistakes, meet round the conference table and correct ourselves, before the Almighty strikes with His cane, which is already raised. Nineveh is a very good example.

  2. Persistent reversals and prevention of all evil practices. Otherwise, Nigerians have already shot themselves in the foot, and the result has been excessive bleeding in the form of social vices and general lack of control – a failed state.

  3. Rejection of the false belief that “this is Nigeria” and that corrections cannot be made. Where is the faith of Muslims and Christians?

  4. Discouragement of the belief that “government’s property is not our father’s property,” which belief has entrenched poor maintenance culture. We forget that all properties belong to God, who is our Father.

  5. The Presidency and National Assembly should facilitate at least confederation. Allow the people to exercise their free choice, free will and personal responsibility, which are the purposes of universal declaration of fundamental human rights. Dialogue releases pent up emotions, and thereby prevents outbursts.

  6. Those who harbour stolen funds should return the loots, because the Almighty is disappointed and angry with them.

  7. Foreign nations and banks that harbour corrupt Nigerians and stolen funds should expose them. Anybody who partakes of stolen wealth is also a thief!

  8. Encourage the well-to-do Nigerians to invest in and develop their towns and villages.

  9. Build, decentralize and consolidate institutions (not strong individuals who do not want strong institutions), to contain future population explosions.

  10. All the prophecies from God already given by others about Nigeria are true. This very message only points out the divine judgment.

  11. Giant corporate organizations and multinationals should encourage, facilitate and spread out Corporate Social Responsibilities.

  12. For The Prayer Solution:

Prepare For A New Nigeria
         Everyday, members of the National Assembly go to work. They dress fine and drive in beautiful cars. But unknown to them, the evil ones are manipulating them. Physically, they go to a magnificent building, but in spirit they go to a concrete cell, an old building. When you look at the building from the outside, it appears to have aluminum roof. But in spirit, the roof is a concrete decking of about 3 ft in thickness. That shows you the extent of the hold of evil ones on the members, without the members knowing it.
         The national flag is green-white-green, but in spirit it has been replaced with red-white-red flag.
         Now hear what Jesus did.
         He came to the red-white-red flag, and pulled it off the ground with His least finger, and said, “This is not the flag I approved for Nigeria.” Next, He flew with speed into the house. He came with power and might. Upwards He went to the concrete roof. Then He turned Himself upside down, and marched on the concrete roof with His right leg, for about three times. The concrete roof shattered into pieces. The vibration was very great. He landed upright on the floor. A heavy concrete block that can kill a person fell down on His head. He simply gave it a heading, and kicked it away.
         Comment: Both society and government of Nigeria should prepare for a new Nigeria. It is no longer a question of business as usual or amendment after amendment. All should start from the scratch, to build a new framework, because the old and existing framework has been shattered.

Extra Ordinary Message To The World
Very Important Messages To The World! To All Religions, To All Churches, To All Nations, To All Tribes, To All Languages, To All Organizations, To All Institutions, To All Families and To Everybody.