The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Legal education is the first step to crime prevention.
  2. It is not enough to become a lawyer.
  3. Every law should be put in a very simple and clear statement for the ordinary man to read and understand. Learn from the laws of God, which laws are very simple and clear to read and understand.
  4. You are in the courts to defend the poor, the weak and the lowly, and more especially the truth.
  5. In the presence of God, every wig is either a crown of glory or a crown of condemnation.
  6. Every Legal Practitioner, who tells lies, defends what is wrong, calls what is good bad or what is bad good, is like a comedian who jokingly walked into the hell fire. By the time he turned to save himself, he found the gate locked and his feet chained to the floor of hell. Repent now before the gate is locked (before death calls.)
  7. The symbol of justice called Lady Justice is not appropriate. The lady is blindfolded. Before God and man, blindness is an abomination, a curse and an unwelcome evil. It does not in any way signify honesty, justice or fairness. What did Jesus say about blindness? He said, “If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into a pit.” What is more? Whoever that follows a blind man, makes himself a blind fellow. Truly, the scale alone is a symbol good enough to represent justice. As impartial as the scale. No court of competent jurisdiction will ask a blind man to judge between what happens in the day and at night.
  8. No body is a successful lawyer, until he becomes as learned as the doubting Thomas, who was a disciple of Jesus and a lawyer. Read The Gospel Of Thomas (, more especially The Explanations To The Gospel Of Thomas Parts I and II, ( Click Books, scroll down and click The Explanations Of The Gospel Of Thomas Part I and/or Part II).
  9. Introduce Peace Court, whereby the Police are trained and enabled to handle minor cases, instead of filling the prisons with people who are awaiting trials.
  10. A good lawyer should be a light in the midst of darkness. He neither delights in his spiritually ignorant society nor encourages them in ignorance.
  11. It is not a thing of joy that you have chosen black as a popular and offical colour. The choice is a show of spiritual blindness. Black is Satan's preferred colour.
    For more explanations and details see Natural Colours And Their Meanings
    Can a man be so careless? Everyday, he uses so many types of colours. Yet, he does not care to know their meanings. That is one reason why he does things out of order. Even, he sells himself to the kingdom of darkness without knowing it.

Extra Ordinary Message To The World
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