A wise man will read all the messages.

A servant, who cannot recognize his master,
is not a faithful servant.

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

A soldier who shies away from war,
and comes to the battle front,
after the war has been fought and won,
is never a soldier.
  1. There Is Need For More Prayer Ministries.
  2. Many of you are idle. Idle in the sense that you are Masters at Morality, but Novices at Spirituality. Jesus said it correctly and emphatically, “Are you the teacher of Israel, and do not know these things?” John 3:10. Very importantly, Jesus said “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." John 4:23-24
    Idle in the sense that the evil spirits are destroying the future and fortunes of children of God before your eyes. Idle in the sense that you allow other matters to overshadow spiritual matters. Nowadays, one wonders if funerals allow you to have quiet time for prayers and meditation. There are so many powerful ministers of God in your midst. The problem is that some do not know where to start, others are afraid of man-made doctrines, while some others do not want to challenge the authorities. Anyway, should a man work for the elders or for the God Almighty?

  3. Majority Of The Dead Are Not Entering The Kingdom.
  4. So many believers are ripe to enter into the kingdom, but they are still backing the Gate of Heaven. This Gate has been open since the foundation of the world. It is man that refuses to enter in, because he does not know ‘How To’ and due to shortage of spiritual and prophetic ministers. Jesus asked His disciples to pray for more labourers because the harvest was ripe and plenty. Likewise, the modern day churches should pray for spiritual and prophetic ministers, who know in spirit and in truth, and can teach the flock about life in spirit and in truth. A living person can see God, visit the Heavens or other planets etc, and still continue to live on earth.

  5. God Does Not Want Blind Faith.
  6. Many of you tell people that there is nothing like charm, witch craft or manipulations, untill the evil adepts start to confess. The following are confessions of Shina Rambo: “I was a confirmed devil. I killed people without mercy. I used 901 souls for rituals to ensure my safety during robbery. I don’t close my eyes before I killed people. I used 24 expectant (pregnant) mothers for rituals (24 x 2 = 48 persons, apart from possible twins). Then, I could identify the blood of women who were pregnant just by tasting it. I killed 24 men of God…” (The Source Magazine, November 7, 2011 P.5). If one robber can do all these, consider the untold evils being perpetrated by a thousand evil men and women. How can you tell people that the enemy has no power, whereas Jesus said that the enemy comes to steal, to kill and to destroy?

  7. Upgrade And Update Your Sermons, Spiritually.
  8. Check your sermons. You do not speak with power and authority. Many of the sermons lack spiritual content. Just an introduction to Spiritual Science (as you find on this website) will reveal to you how ignorant many are.

  9. God Never Created Mankind As Weaklings.
  10. He created us Mighty and Glorious Spirit Beings, as Sons of God. That is why we are the image and likeness of God. The flesh (body) is not the man God created in His image and likeness. The image and likeness is the soul and spirit which indwells, wears and drives the body. Compare the two images below.

    Yourself as a human being.

    Yourself as a Child of God
    (with or without wings).

  11. Identify The Gifted Ones.
  12. In every church, there are many people who are spiritually gifted, who are being overlooked. It is the same members you underrate that pastors turn into victorious prayer warriors. Even, the great pastors of today were once your ordinary members. Investigate and revive Charismatic Prayer Groups. No nation of the world tramples on her army.

  13. Correct Wrong Teachings And Practices.
  14. Trace back the history of Christianity and restore all the changes made to Christianity in their original form. Otherwise, your efforts and ministration will be in vain. Several changes were made to Christianity before the religion was spread to the world.

    You need to hear God rebuking
    about the unauthorised changes.
    Your ear will tingle!
    Your heart will cringe!
    You will melt,
    and wish that the earth open
    and swallow you up.

    Search the scriptures: The mineral kingdom do not change whatever God has ordained. The same is true of the plant kingdom and animal kingdom. The Angels do not change whatever God has ordained. Even the Holy Spirit or Jesus Christ does not do so. It is only man, who out of spiritual blindness (ignorance), arrogates to himself powers and reasons, and then tries to change the unchangeable, all to his own deceit and detriment.
    If you fail to comply with the above directives, the coming generations shall do it. Already it has started happening, with so many churches, ministries, fellowships, etc breaking away from Catholic and Anglican churches. Their methods of worships are quite different.

  15. Stop Carrying Corpse Into The Churches And Holy Places. It Is An abomination!
  16. Investigate the scriptures: from Genesis to Revelation, all you would find is God rebuking against defiling His temple with corpse. See Details - How To Keep Holy Places Holy

  17. Remove All Graves From The Churches And The Holy Places.

  18. Stop Touching Corpse Or Coffin That Has Corpse Inside It.

  19. Stop Entering A Room In Which There Is Corpse.
  20. When you go for burial, move straight to the altar/table and stay there. Do not enter the room to console the mourners. Let people bring the corpse outside already inside a closed coffin.
    You can enter the room after the corpse has been removed from it.

  21. At The Graveside, Stand At Such A Place That It Will Not Be Possible To Touch The Coffin.
  22. Turn To Spirit And Prophecy.
  23. Does a ship sail without a compass? Or, does a traveler get to his destination without following the route? Can an employee work in an organization without following directives? The worst hypocrite is the reverend who refuses to stand before the mirror of prophecy.

  24. Seating On The Fence?
  25. How come majority of you are just watching, while pastors, prophets and ministers are reforming the Christendom? Are you not soldiers of God? More Prayer Ministries are required from you.

  26. Well Done
  27. You do very well to devote your life to the service of God. Henceforth, crown it with prophecy, and magnify it with the Prayer Ministries of the Holy Spirit!

  28. Many Of You Do Not Believe In Prophecy And Anointing.
  29. Get ready for the coming changes. Wait for the wind of the Holy Spirit, which is already coming to your churches. Many of the Reverend Fathers and Sisters, as well as Anglican Deacons and Teachers, are going to prophesy, speak in tongues, have spiritual possession, see visions, have dreams, perform healing, deliverance, etc. The wind of Holy Spirit is coming!

  30. Many Of You Have Abandoned Their Work To The Statues.
  31. They prefer to stay idle. Listen to what Jesus is saying to the churches, “I sent my people to cast out evil spirits. Instead of doing that, my people are busy begging the evil spirits.”

  32. God’s Number For Perfection Is Seven.
  33. Hence, seven is the foundation of many things in life. Seven is one of God's signatures in Creation. Evidences abound in nature:
    1. The Seven Spirits of God
    2. The seven eyes of God. (This means omniscience. It does not mean an eye as we know it.)
    3. The seven horns of God. (This means omnipotence. It does not mean a horn as we know it.)
    4. The seven days in a week
    5. The seven bands of Electromagnetic Waves
    6. The seven rays of the Visible Light
    7. The seven colours of rainbow
    8. The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
    9. The seven words on the cross
    10. The seven refinements of the word of God
    11. The seven Frieze Groups (in Architecture)
    12. The seven components in man
    13. The seven natures in man
    14. The seven spiritual centers in the human body
    15. The seven falls of a righteous man
    16. The seven churches
    17. The seven lamps
    18. The seven stars
    19. The seven trumpets
    20. The seven elements of spirit (water, earth, fire, air, ego, mind and intellect)
    21. The seven layers of computer network
    22. The seven priests
    23. The seven bowls
    24. The seven seals
    25. The seven cardinal points (North, South, East, West, Up, Down and Origin)
    26. The seven rounds about Jericho
    27. The seven Arithmetic operators (BODMAS and Exponent [power])
    28. The seven tunes of music (d r m f s l t)
    29. The seven basic shapes (cube, cuboids, sphere, cone, pyramid and torus)
            Those who wish to celebrate Christmas and Easter are free to do so because there is freedom of worship. But they should know that God gave Christians seven annual feasts, which Jesus Himself attended.
            In each of the seven annual feasts of God, which I attended, I saw and met God Almighty face to face.
            Christmas and Easter are not among the original annual feasts of God. They are among the changes made to Christianity. Search the records, histories, libraries, Bible, encyclopedias and Internet. The evidences are clear.

    Let the person who is not a prophet
    make friend with a prophet.
    Let the person who has no talent
    work with the person who has.
    Let the person who does not know the way
    join the person who knows.

  34. Very Proud, Indeed.
  35. What would you do, if a boy walked up to you and presented a letter to you? Surely, you would receive the letter. Very good.
    One more time. What would you do if somebody came to your office and gave you a message from a friend of yours? Certainly, you would receive the message. Good.
    Then, how come that you do not accept messages of the Holy Spirit delivered to you through ordinary members of your church? Why do you reject prophecy, dreams, visions, trances, oracles etc delivered to people? Even more surprising is the fact that you warn people not to bring such messages to you!
    Remember that "A servant, who cannot recognize his master, is not a faithful servant."

  1. Majority are ignorant of the spiritual realities of life. That makes your work useless and turns it into hypocrisy and deceptions.

  2. For example, the Pope answers ‘His Holiness.’ He should know that there is no atom of holiness in his service, body or church. How can he claim to be holy when:

  3. a. His members and priests are defying the churches and holy places with corpse, every where.
    b. When women are climbing up to the altar, even women in menstruation.
    c. Members are urinating and spiting inside the church premises.
    d. Children are competing with faeces/stool during worship.
    e. On the All Souls’ Day, you celebrate mass inside the burial ground.

    Truly, your cup is full of abominations. You must start from the beginning to lay a new and holy foundation based on Truth and prophecy.

  4. You wash the feet of only 12 persons, whereas God said wash the feet of all.

  5. You give people only bread, but Jesus said give them bread and wine. It is better to do something once and very well, than to do it several times in a bad way.

  6. Mass servants use candle wastes and already used charcoal from their homes in making fire for incense/offerings.

  7. There is no sanctification of people or the church before worship. The congregations come in their filthiness and worship in the midst of forces of darkness. Bless and mix water of life, blood of Jesus, olive oil of the Holy Spirit and salt of covenant, and sprinkle the same as Consuming Fire on the people and over the church promises.

    God says it all in the book of Hosea:

    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.
    Because you have rejected knowledge,
    I also will reject you from being priest for Me;
    Because you have forgotten the law of your God,
    I also will forget your children (successors).
    Hosea 4:6

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