(Rev. Fathers, Rev. Pastors, Rev. Deacons and Teachers,
Prophets, Visioners, etc, Women in the Ministry,
Bishops and Gen. Superintendents, and Heads of Churches)

A wise man will read all the messages.

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Theme: “More Is Expected From You.”
  1. A New Age Has Come.
  2. It is the age of prophecy, the age of spiritual growth which Jesus emphasized on from time to time during His teachings. “But the hour comes, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeks such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” John 4:20-24

  3. Consult God Like The Ancient Prophets.
  4. This book recommends to the churches, irrespective of their denominations, to develop the habit of divine consultations, in order to know the will of God and lead the flock aright. It is regular consultation with God that made David the man after God’s own heart, made Moses the most humble, and made Jesus the one with whom God is well pleased. Decisions and conclusions at your meetings, especially on serious issues, changes and laws, should be subjected to divine consultation before they are concluded.
    Observe the decisions of the modern day churches. They do not tell you how they consulted God in their meetings before taking decisions or before making laws. In the Old Testament time, men of God would readily tell the people how they consulted God before taking decision or action.
    What you hear from them is "Council said...," "Synod said...," and "Meeting said..." They are busy doing what they like, teaching man-made doctrines in place of God's commandments. A true minister of God should say, "God said...," "God told me...," "Thus says the Lord...," "Jesus said...," "The Holy Spirit instructed ...," "I saw an Angel, who told me..."

  5. You May Ask, “Why is God using ordinary men, instead of the clergy, to introduce changes?”
  6. The answer is very simple. The clergy are busy doing what they like. They do not want to allow the Holy Spirit to perform. That is why prophecy, vision, dream, healing, deliverance, anointing, tongues were lacking, until the new generation churches started. You should remember that the new generation churches started in parks and garages. Today, God has transformed them into Great Temples and Cathedrals

  7. God Is Not A Commodity,
  8. which a person can hoard and sell as he likes. God is like the sun, He directly relates and communicates with all His creations. God is like the air we breathe, always available to everybody who needs it. God is like electricity, the same thing all over the world.

  9. There Is Need For Better And Greater Knowledge Of God And The Universe.
  10. After Jesus had taught for over 20 years, He said to His disciples, “I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now. However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come.” John 16:12,13 Here is a call to duty and research: where are the many things taught by the Holy Spirit?

  11. Need For Spiritual Science
  12. For over 30 years I have listened to sermons, preaching and explanations of the Bible. Today, after my direct experience with the Holy Trinity, I am confident to tell you that many of these sermons are wrong in some aspects. For example, Jesus said, “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” No minister of God has explained this statement correctly. The same is true of sermons, preaching and teachings on: what man is, death, reincarnation, etc.

    What a person has not experienced,
    that he does not know.

    See Benefits Of Life In Spirit And In Truth

  13. Prophecy Has Come To Stay.
  14. Everyday, prophecy shall become more and more convincing, more and more relevant, and more and more beneficial, even indispensable. Every minister should be well trained in prophecy (This does not mean that everybody shall prophesy). Otherwise, he will be like a lamp without light. God is God of Prophecy, Jesus is a Prophet, and the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Prophecy. Prophecy is the evidence of Truth.

  15. The Noise Called Music
  16. It is disappointing that most of the songs and music used in worship are noisy, few (repeated) and disorderly. Where are the so many worship songs and music, which God gave to the churches?

    Whoever that sings or plays music speaks to the entire universe. Good songs and music produce melody. Melody brings harmony, and harmony makes the Kingdom of Heaven manifest.

    Control noise in your missions, worships and environments. Microphones should be mellowed down. Indiscriminate use of microphone should be stopped. It is regrettable that nowadays one-room churches do not allow people to rest at night, and many find it hard to pray in their private rooms because of uncontrolled noise from churches and their microphones. Noise is not good to health. Noise is a hindrance to spiritual growth.

    Be still, and know that I am God; Isaiah 46:10

    Besides, it is not every prayer that you should broadcast with microphone.

    Tell the music shops that they are disturbing spiritual harmony, and destroying environmental peace, with their loud booming music and speakers. They should tune down the music. They should delight in melody, which is food for the soul; not in noise, which is a nuisance.

  17. Encourage The Habit Of Reading And Writing.
  18. The heaven is not a place for the lazy people. One Angel alone can read and reply a thousand letters at the same time. Encourage church members to read because many messages, teachings and corrections are coming from God, to dispel darkness (ignorance and sin).
    Search for spiritual books and collect them for members to read. God is God of knowledge. To live without knowledge is to be half-dead. To stop reading is a mark of spiritual ignorance and moral short-sightedness. A religious leader, who delights in the ignorance of the people, is delaying his own spiritual growth.

  19. The Parables Of The Glorious Messengers.
  20. A nation had several tribes. Out of ignorance and selfishness, they often quarreled among themselves. The gods decided to help them out. Therefore, they selected messengers from the midst of the wise ones, one messenger for every tribe. All the messengers were given the same message and doctrine for their respective tribes. The messengers went, delivered their messages and returned. Still the tribes quarreled among themselves. All because each tribe continued to think that it was the best tribe, and no tribe was wise and humble enough to discover that all the tribes have the same God and the same religion, in different manifestations. So it is with the different religions of the world. Even so, Today! This parable answers the question “Which church is the best?”

Extra Ordinary Message To The World
Very Important Messages To The World! To All Religions, To All Churches, To All Nations, To All Tribes, To All Languages, To All Organizations, To All Institutions, To All Families and To Everybody.