More Messages And Prophecies

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Introductory Information
         Below are messages and prophecies given during worship and ministrations. They are intended to guide the children of God in their everyday life, plans and decisions. Every true child of God abides in the direction of the Holy Spirit, which is the everalsting footstep of the Almighty.

  1. Surprising Reversal
    Time is coming when Reverend Fathers and Sisters shall take the back seat to learn from ordinary people who actually know the Truth. This shall happen if the Reverend Ministers fail to seek, know and practise the the Truth. For the time being, many are teaching and practising the figments of imagination, the fabrications of falsehood and the deceptions of the enemy. Currently, many religious leaders are feasting on the ignorance of the public. Physically, they appear to be responsibly busy, but in spirit, they are either idle or stagnant.

  2. Idols
    For an idol to inherit the kingdom of heaven, it should stop its works, go to a flowing stream and pray God to change the water into the blood of Jesus. Then, fall into the water, seven times, as Naaman did.

  3. Sword
    You should go to spiritual works with sword. When it is not possible to provide a sword, pray God to send down for you a sword from heaven. He will do so. Or, get palm frond and use it as a sword. Palm frond means life and victory.

  4. Holiness
    Time shall come when consuming fire shall burn reverend ministers that carry corpse into the churches and holy places. It shall burn them in front of the public, inside the churches and holy places. For many reverends are serving the interests of the Devil. They are busy deceiving the ignorant multitudes, even without the public knowing it.

  5. Resignation
    Time is coming when reverend fathers shall resign to become pastors, and pastors shall relinquish their churches. All because by then they have known the Truth or are earnest in seeking it.

  6. Kerosene
    Keep kerosene away from prayer grounds and holy places. The Angels do not want or accept kerosene.

  7. Youths
    Many youths were sent as end time soldiers of God. Therefore, every youth should be careful, lest he be misled by the deceptions and snares of the world.

  8. Pagans
    Have their gods not told them that the Lord Almighty has come to take His people home?

  9. Dada
    The children with dada are special children sent to the world for specific purposes. Samson was a dada. John the Baptist was another. Treat such children with respect and observe their laws of holiness. Othere were Elijah and St. Paul.

  10. Families
    Every family should consult a prophet or visioner to screen the family properties. Return every property that does not belong to your family.

  11. Spiritual Work
    Every family in which there was a idol or a native doctor (Dibia) should call for prayers and spiritual works in their compound. Otherwise, they are like pagans in the presence of God because the idols are still with them. Even the families that extended should do so. Until the prayer and spiritual work are done, they are like hypocrites who claim to worship one true God, but are busy practicing idolatry and living in shrines full of demons.

  12. Rapture
    I looked up to the sky. It happened that rapture had taken place. I saw Jesus, smiling out of joyfulness and gladness of heart.