Nobody can please God without holiness.

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze


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The worst thing that can happen to a person
is to have an ignorant reverend as a teacher!

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  1. Introduction To Holiness
    Holiness is the incorruptible nature of God.

  2. The Meaning And Importance Of Holiness
    The Lord is holy.

  3. More Explanations And Details About Holiness
    Holiness is the foundation of worship.

  4. Purification Before Worship
    As necessary as purification, from time to time.

  5. Jesus Is Coming For A Holy People
    Beware of churches and organizations that do not teach about Holiness.

  6. How To Keep Holy Places Holy
  7. It is not enough to build temples for the worship of God. You should know how to keep them holy. Otherwise, they become the abodes of evil spirits, demons, ghosts and black forces. Be warned!

  8. Evil Is Not From God
  9. God is so good that there is no evil in Him, or from Him, and His kingdom does not tolerate the least evil.

  10. Why You Should Avoid A Corpse Or Grave
  11. Holiness brings you into the glorious presence of God.