Frequently Asked Questions

About Truth And Life

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. What is Truth?
  2. For a good explanation of what Truth is, read A Comprehensive Explanation Of Truth

  3. How can a person know the Truth?
  4. For details on how to know the Truth, read How To Know The Truth

  5. Does Truth contradict?
  6.          No. Truth does not contradict itself.
            Again, one statement of truth does not contradict another statement of truth. Instead, it bears witness that the other statement of truth is also true. Herein is great wisdom, for the reverend ministers of God, and as well for the children of God. Do not try to contradict one another. If you do so, the world will say that you are not preaching the truth, and that if you all are preaching the truth, your words should have been the same.
             The same call is on all reverend ministers of God to love one another, to stop competition, but to adopt co-operation. This call holds irrespective of religions and beliefs. That is why all of them should study Spiritual Science. By studying Spiritual Science, they come to realize that Truth is one. Currently, they have differences in their teachings, which differences bear evidence that they have not yet known the Truth as it is. All the religions and churches are simply shadows of the Truth, and it is better to pursue the reality than to pursue the shadow.

  7. What are the benefits of Truth?
  8. The benefits of Truth are uncountable and they are indispensable. They include knowledge, wisdom, prophecy, salvation and victory.

  9. Why does an honest man encounter battles?
  10. Evil spirits hate to hear the truth. Therefore, they are always waging war against the saints who speak the truth. The evil spirits include demons, mermaids, ghosts, witches and forces of darkness. In order to wage war against the innocent ones, they possess and manipulate the bad persons in the society. Whatever the bad person does, is not himself initiating that, but the evil spirits inspiring him on what to do or say.

  11. Is it advisable to tell lie in order to save oneself from punishment?
  12. No. It is not acceptable.
    Do not encourage children to tell lies in order to avoid unpleasant situations. The society encourages lies because when somebody says the truth, he is punished. But when the same person tell lies, he is safe from punishment. This is bad, and it is the Devil’s doing. Therefore, the society should reverse the trend by commending those who say the truth and by not punishing them for wrong doing. Rebuke the person for the evil he has done, but set him free from punishment because he said the truth. Use the Master’s method, by learning from Jesus, who uses a counter question or meaningful parables to fend off questions. Keep silent when it is not necessary to answer question. Learn from the example of Prophets Samuel and Nathan, by asking God what to say and how to say it.

  13. Compare Truth and the religions.
  14. The relationship between the Truth and religions is like the Parable Of The Sun, Tree And Shadows. The difference between Truth and religion is like the shadows cast on the ground by the trees when the sun is shining. The shadows are the religions and churches of the world. The trees are the religious leaders, while the sun is the Truth. The religions and churches are meant to lead people to the Truth, but instead of doing that, the religious leaders are busy teaching man-made doctrines. Therefore, the religions and their teachings are like shadows because they teach the figments of imaginations, the fabrications of falsehood and the deceptions of the enemy. Jesus said that since the time of John the Baptist, they violent take the kingdom of Heaven by force. Likewise, since the time of Adam, ignorant teachers and impostors mislead multitudes into the hell fire. That is why I tell you that while religions and churches are good, you must by-pass them to seek and find the Truth. Only those who know and practice the Truth are free indeed.

  15. Which religion or church teaches the Truth best?
  16. Whenever you are dealing with spiritual science, you don’t allow religions or churches to colour your imagination or dictate for you. If you do so, you “tip the balance” against innocent people. It is not good, because you pay dearly for it. Just like those great warriors who went on killing peoples of other races in order to preserve and promote their own race. Such discriminating fellows come back to earth loaded with karma, which they find unpleasant and unavoidable to have. Two sets of the best nobles are in this world. One, the best citizen in the world is the person who lives his own life without interfering in the affairs of others. The second best are those who are spiritually guided in every assistance or development they make available to humanity. Others are really causing a lot of havoc and interferences. That is why things are getting worse. And eventually, humanity must pay the price by suffering wars, calamities, crisis and delays.
    The only religion or church that can teach the Truth as it is is one that is directed by the Holy Spirit. Such a religion or church is rare to find.

  17. What about belief and prove?
  18. As for the request for proof, you do not need to prove a thing to anyone. As far as a person wants to believe, he will believe. If a person doesn't want to believe, then no amount of proof will convince him. In spirit, everything happens according to your faith. It is a pity that what many call faith is nothing but stubbornness – the persistent refusal to do what the Holy Spirit says. If you are ready and willing to seek and know the Truth, then the Truth shall made known to you. For the time being, people are not ready for the Truth. They are more interested in sensation, hypocrisy and frivolities (irrelevancies). The best proof is given to you by direct spiritual encounter and heavenly experience. The door is always open, but majority choose not to walk into the kingdom.

  19. Some people do not believe in Jesus. Members of Grail Message do not accept Jesus as God or Saviour. They claim that everybody uses the same Bible to prove his own belief true. Can you explain more?
  20. That is why Jesus said you must be as wise as serpent and as innocent as a dove. Be open-minded. Yet, careful. Grail Message teaches right in many areas, but there are areas where they do not know or teach the Truth. It takes much time, study and practice of Spiritual Science before a person is enabled to distinguish what is true from what is false.

  21. All the religions and churches each claims that its holy books is the best and is enough. Is that claim right?
  22. Indeed, you shall be amazed when you know the Truth. And reading one holy book is not enough. When Jesus said that you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free, it means that the numerous religions and churches do not even know the Truth about God and life. That statement is an enough warning and proof. You should keep an open mind because there are still so many things to learn. In that way, you will not be caught short when the proof is forthcoming - when the Truth is made manifest and clear to you.

  23. What is the meaning of Life?
  24. Life is the reality of spirit. It is the manifest Truth.

  25. What does it mean to live forever?
  26. It means to live a life that has neither beginning nor end.