Frequently Asked Questions

Righteousness and Sin

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. What is sin against the Holy Spirit?
  2. Before you can understand the meaning of sin against the Holy Spirit, you have to know the Holy Spirit, His omnipresence and God's Will in creation.
             A network of laws (God's will) governs Nature. The laws explain the causes and effects relationships. It is the duty of man to master these laws and utilise them for his own benefits. The laws are the divine will of God in creation. They are immutable and perfect in operation. They act alike for every man, irrespective of age, sex, colour, race, creed or status. Their existence is a reality, whether you believe them or not. The Holy Spirit is the creative will of God. It is also the active and executive will of the Almighty. Therefore, it is a living spirit, which has form and omnipresence, just as light is everywhere, and fills the entire universe.
             God’s will in creation is the network of laws that maintains all things in the universe (nature). These laws are active, intelligent, perfect, impartial and universal. Nobody is able to break the laws (God's will in creation) and get away with it, without due compensation or punishment. These laws form one spiritual essence, spirit and light, which pervades the entire universe, as the spirit of God. Human beings write their laws on the pages of a book. But, God's own law is spirit, which writes itself as life, and The Holy Spirit is life.
             Therefore, sin against the Holy Spirit including the following:
    1. Denying the Holy Spirit.
    2. Blaspheming the Holy Spirit (speaking evil about the Holy Spirit).
    3. Going against the will of God.
    4. Using any evil power in the name of the Holy Spirit.
    5. Claiming to speak for God when you are not directed or empowered by the Holy Spirit to do so.
    6. Going against the natural laws, which are the laws of life. The laws are no respecter of human beings or those in positions of authorities, not even reverend ministers are exempted from the laws of life.
             Examples of the laws are - the law of demand and supply, which is evident in attraction, affirmation, decree, reflection, etc; the law of gravity; the law of reciprocity; etc.
             Everybody should do well to study, know, master and apply these laws of life. Their operations are perfect and irrevocable. For example, if you navigate a bend at a very high speed, you will be thrown off balance and into the bush. The same happens whether you are a saint, sinner, rich, poor, educated or literate.

  3. What is sin against self?
  4. Any evil you do against your fellow man, because that evil will surely come back to you (be done to you). Other sins against oneself include: anger, hatred, fear, anxiety, worry, selfishness, adultery (adulteration), etc. They are sins against yourself because they debase you, pull you down the spiritual ladder, make your life a wretched one and eventually bring unolf sufferings to you. Do well to avoid even the least of them.

  5. What is blasphemy?
  6. Anything you say or do that insults God or is an insult to people’s religious beliefs.

  7. What is sin against God or Son?
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  9. How did humanity fell to the extent that they lost so much in spirituality and strayed from God, that they are now very poor in spirit?
  10. By disobedience, wrong priorities, and desire for vanity – worldliness. Especially, by spiritual ignorance, indolence and deceit.

  11. How do Jesus and God make people better?
  12. This should not be your concern. It is the work of the Holy Spirit. God and Jesus make people to repent from their unrighteousness and to live a righteous life. God does this by removing every evil spirit from the person and then fills the person with His Holy Spirit.