Frequently Asked Questions

The Holy Trinity
Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Who is God?
    God is the Creator of the Universe. He is the only true God, worthy of worship. He is The First, The Only and The Last. Besides Him, there is no other god, worthy of worship.

  2. What is God?
    All that God is cannot be expressed in one statement. That is why He said to Moses, “I am who I am.” That means “I am what I am.” He is Almighty – the Omnipotent, the Omniscient and the Omnipresent. He is Unborn. He is the Self-Existent Spirit, which has no beginning and no end. He is:
    1. The Almighty Father.
    2. The Ancient of Days.
    3. The Lord of the Spirits.
    4. The Sole Creator, Maintainer, Sustainer and Enjoyer of the Universe.
    5. He animates and dominates all things.
    6. He is Spirit, Light, Fire, Life and Love.
    7. Etc.

  3. Where did you see God? In dream, vision or trance?
    That is one question that people have been asking, “Was it in vision or dream that you saw God Almighty?”
    Answer: I have seen and met God Almighty in so many different manifestations as listed below:
    I have seen and met God in spirit, several times.
    I have seen and met God in vision, several times.
    I have seen and met God in dream, several times.
    I have seen and met God in trance, several times.
    I have seen and met God, physically, several times.

    The Father and I are one.
    This I have experienced on so many occasions,
    like an earthly father would hold his baby in his bosom.
    And I say, “Thank You, Father.”

    For examples, I have seen and met God Almighty as:
    1. The Ancient of Days (just as Daniel did in the past).
    2. The Almighty Father (as the Angels usually call Him).
    3. The Pillar of Light (as the Israelites saw Pillar of Cloud and Pillar of Fire).
    4. The Holy Trinity (as St Stephen experienced).
    5. God the Three Suns (Holy Trinity).
    6. God the Three Supreme Personalities (Holy Trinity).
    7. God on the Triple Throne (Holy Trinity).
    8. The Mighty in Battle (as David said in Psalm 24).
    9. The Father in Me (as Jesus often said in the Bible).
    10. God the Man (as Jeremiah and Ezekiel did).
    11. God the Swift Wind – Oke Ifufe (as in the Psalms).
    12. God the Consuming Fire (as Enoch beheld Him in the ancient times).
    13. God the Radiance – like the Radiance of the Sun (God as the Glorious and Harmless One).
    14. God the Word (as Apostle John stated).
    15. God the Holy Spirit: Dove (as John the Baptist testified).
    16. God the Holy Spirit: Warrior Dove (…).
    17. God the Holy Spirit: As a Personality (…).
    18. God the Omnipresent Light (Holy Spirit).
    19. God the Bright and Glorious Sun (as stated in Isaiah 60).
    20. God the Omnipotent (The Lord Almighty).
    21. God the Omnipotent Dove.
    22. God the Victorious V-shaped Rock (The Rock Of Ages).
    23. God the Lord of Hosts. (Psalm 24)
    24. God the Healer (Yahweh Rapha)
    25. God the Brightness (In His Presence)
    26. God the Lord Almighty (DivineBase)
    27. God as the Battle Axe! (DivineBase)
    28. God the Invisible (....)
    29. God the Universal Form (Arjunah, Hinduism).
    30. God the Independent One.
    31. God as the God of perfection (I am Prince of Perfection).
    32. God As The All.
    33. God As The God of Prosperity.
    34. God As The Creator.
    35. God As God Of Simplicity.
    36. God As A Double Personality.

    ‘Seeing and meeting’ are not enough description. I have also experienced these things. Do you understand what I mean by ‘experiencing these things’? God would enter my spirit and turn His Spirit and mine into One. That is why I say, “The Father and I are one!” Jesus said the same. Do not marvel that I say this. For God has sent me in His love and glory to bring home His children, who are still journeying from His school, the earth, to His home, the Heaven. Once, again, I say, “Follow Jesus.”

    God wants His children to rule with Himself in His kingdom. And Jesus said it clearly, “To him who overcomes I will grant to sit with Me on My throne, as I also overcame and sat down with My Father on His throne.” Revelation 3:21
    Indeed, I still have so many things to tell the world. Why not provide the times and opportunities to hear what God have said and learn more?

  4. How does God look like?
    God has several forms in which He manifests Himself. He has:
    1. Human form – by which He appears in the form of a man. It was after this form that humanity were created.
    2. Universal form – by which He includes all things in existence.
    3. Dove form – by which He manifests as Holy Spirit.
    4. Breeze form – by which He manifests as Breathe, Air, Wind or ...
    5. Fire Being.
    6. Etc.
    The same God in different manifestations. In all, as well as in each form, He is Glorious and Majestic, Full of Power and Authority, and yet, simple. Below are real life experiences of God in face to face encounters.
    1. ...Imagine a person whose body substance is fire. He is red hot, burning, and radiating uncountable rays of light in all directions. Yet, He is Glorious in Appearance, Majestic in Simplicity and Loving in Action.
    2. ...As to God’s appearance, He was a very handsome Father, glorious and majestic; full of authority, and yet simple. His nature was Love, Loving and Beloved.
    3. ... God’s size was about 7 times 2 times the size of a full man. His hairs and appearance were like those of white people, and His hairs were as white as wool (white is the symbol of purity, peace, righteousness and goodwill). His appearance had the imprint of age (Ancient of Days), and yet healthy, lively and new (fresh).
    4. ...His voice embodies His signature (Himself): His Name, His Presence, Himself, His Spirit, His Word and His Divinity.
    5. ...Three seats were on the stage. The Most High God, as The Almighty Father, was seating in the left seat. I looked all over His body. Bright and cool rays of light were streaming out of His body. It was so all over His body. Every part (point) of His Body radiates rays of light, and every ray of light from every part of His body was continuously saying, “The Almighty Father, The Almighty Father, The Almighty Father.” The rays were speaking, saying the same thing always... The rays were rays of pure white light: streaming forth from every part of His Body, with a silent voice, 'a soundless sound'. His body was like that of an earthly man. He had face, eyes, hand, body and legs. His garment was made of light, a cool but dazzling light that is white. It was as if He was wearing a white flowing garment.

    God is like:
    1. The Breeze In The Wind.
    2. The Wisdom In Silence.
    3. The Radiance Of The Sun.
    4. The Beauty Of Flowers.
    5. The Harmony Of The Universe.
    6. The Glory Of The Universe.
    7. The Rest In Motion.
    8. The Motion At Rest.
    9. The Only Thing Necessary.
    10. The Comfort Of The Moonlight.
    11. The Sweetness In A Honey.
    12. The Melody In The Music.

  5. What evidences prove Trinity true?
    Evidences abound in naure:
    1. Fire has the trinity of heat, flame and light.
    2. Water has the trinity of solid, liquid and gas.
    3. Awareness has three modes: consciousness, subconsciousness and superconsciousness.
    4. Time has past, present and future.
    5. Direction (Axis) has three dimensions: X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis.
    6. Deed has the three modes of thought, word and action.

  6. Where is God?
    He is outside the universe controlling all things, and also within creation centering all things. He is omnipresent. He is in the Heavens, in the earth and in the space below the earth. He is like the sun, which is outside the earth, controlling the earth by gravitation, inside the earth as light, sustaining life, and also, inside the earth (ground) as heat, empowering reactions.

  7. Is Jesus the only saviour?
    Jesus is not the only Saviour God has sent to the world. But, among all the Saviours, He is God Almighty made manifest (The Ultimate Saviour).

  8. How can I see God?
    See How To Find God

  9. What does image and likeness of God mean?
    It means that man is God's child. Man is a Small God.

  10. I heard you say, “The return of Almighty God.” Do you mean that Jesus is God?
    It is Almighty God that is Jesus Christ, and it is the Almighty God that is the Holy Spirit: Trinity. Just as the same water is solid, liquid and gas; and just as fire is at the same time heat, flame and light. Besides, each of these (heat, flame and light) can become a consuming fire! The Trinity is the Three Supreme Personalities (Manifestations) of God Almighty. For example, a world leader can appear to the public as a Personality, as a President and as the Commander-In-Chief. The same person in three different manifestations.

  11. Can you tell us the similarities and differences between Holy Spirit and Angels?
    The Holy Spirit is God Almighty. The Angels are spirit children of God. They are small Gods. They are small Holy Spirits. All are spirit. All are light. All are life. At the same time, they are One. That is why God is All-In-All.

  12. Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost, are they not the same?
    They are not the same. Holy Spirit is God Almighty, the Almighty Presence, who is omnipresent. Ghost is the spirit of a dead person. There is nothing like Holy Ghost. People of God are called Saints, whether they are alive or dead (departed). People call Holy Ghost out of ignorance.

  13. You said the Lord was beaming forth with gentle smile, but Enoch said His face was terrible? Explain more.
    The Lord’s face was terrible when Enoch saw Him, because He was recollecting His restlessness while He was busy creating the universe. Similarly, a man’s countenance changes to an unpleasant one when he recollects hard and difficult situation. The Lord Almighty is both bright and glorious, and simply majestic. On the day I met the Lord face to face, His countenance was peaceful, beaming forth with a gentle smile.

  14. How can God be so ‘selfish’?
    God is not selfish, not even in the least. You do not know the Truth. You are not yet spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced. When you become spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced, you shall bear witness that God is the Most Generous Being in existence, to the extent that what we call soul is God’s gift of Himself to every living thing. It is humanity that refuse to accept God’s love and providence.
    Also, it is humanity that refuse to grow to spiritual maturity. Man has developed all things, but failed to develop himself. He boasts of Computer Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Social Science, Political Science, etc, but has neglected the most important one, which is Spiritual Science. That is why I say that every school and church should introduce Spiritual Science. And until they do so, most of the religions and churches, even those that claim to be the best, are nothing but multiplicity of idolatry.

  15. How do I have a relationship with God?
    Relationship with God is built by spiritual science and practice. Unfortunately, humanity do not know this. That is why Spiritual Science is lacking in the school curriculum and the churches do not even mention it. For more explanations and details, see How To Relate With God

  16. How do I know what God is like?
    The only way to know what God is like is by actually seeing Him, or by learning from those who actually know Him. To know God means to have actually heard Him, seen Him, talked with Him, experienced Him and worked with Him. Even so on several occasions, here on earth and in the heavens.

  17. How do we know God exists?
    If your study and practice Spiritual Science, you shall grow to become spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced. Then, you can hear and see God face to face. It is not a sin for a child to see his father. God is your Father.
    Again, it is possible to visit heaven while a person is still on earth. The real problem we have in the world is that religious leaders are not spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced. Besides, the numerous and orderly works of nature bear evidence that God exists, because He created them all.
    His works as Nature bear evidence that He exists. Also, they contain His signatures. You shall understand this when you know the Truth that sets free. That is when you become spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced.

  18. What is God’s Sexuality?
    God is spirit. He is neither male nor female, but He appears in masculine form.

  19. How can I understand God’s infiniteness?
    Become spiritual. Become interested in life in spirit and in truth. Study spiritual science and be consistent in practicing it. The Holy Spirit shall open your eyes and will understand the great and hidden things of life. You shall become so overflowing with the Truth that you shall start telling others about God.

  20. How do I know what God is like?
    Become interested in life in spirit and in truth. Become interested in spiritual side of life, and the Holy Spirit will open the door of your heart for you to know God. When you grow in spirit, you shall become perfect just as your heavenly Father is perfect. Then you can see God face to face. The real problem with humanity is that they refuse to grow to spiritual maturity.

  21. How was God created?
    God is unborn. He is self-existent, neither created nor destroyed. Whatever has beginning has an end, and whatever that has no beginning has no end. God has no beginning and no end. And He is your Father. That means that you have no beginning and you have no end. Birth is not the beginning of life and death is not the end of life.

  22. What does it mean to know God, rather than to know about God?
    To know about God means that you have read, heard or thought about God. To know God means to hear, see, touch and experience God.

  23. Why do we only believe in one God?
    We believe in one God because God is only one, though He manifest in different modes. For example, your mode when you are happy is not the same mode when you are angry or fearful.

  24. Why does God make such a big impression on the world?
    He does not make an unnecessary impression about Himself. He is a very big God, bigger than you can now comprehend. Besides, God is the most humble Being in existent. Only those who are spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced know the Truth as it is.

  25. Is the Holy Spirit God?
    Yes. It is God that is Almighty Father, the same is Almighty Love (Jesus Christ) and He is Almighty Presence (the Holy Spirit). This is what I saw face to face in the heaven, and I have also experienced Him as Trinity on several occasions.

  26. Did Jesus rise from the dead?
    Yes, He did. Also, I have risen from death so many times.

  27. Is Jesus God?
    Yes, He is. It is God Almighty that came down to earth in the person of Jesus. Holy Trinity is the same God as Almighty Father, as Almighty Love (Jesus Christ) and as Almighty Presence (the Holy Spirit).

  28. How do we know that Jesus was really who He claimed He was?
    He not claimed what He was. He was, is and shall be what He said He is. In spirit, everything behaves according to its own nature. This very fact it cannot hide. Jesus is who He said He is. Besides, He is God. I know the Truth, and I bear witness for the Truth. It is God Almighty that came down to earth in the person of Jesus.

  29. What is the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit?
    The same person is the Holy Trinity, just as water can be solid ice block, liquid and gaseous vapour at the same time; and as fire is heat, flame and light at the same time. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are the three supreme modes in which God governs the universe.

  30. What is the Trinity?
    Trinity means that God manifests in triple modes, even as water is solid ice block, liquid water and vapour at the same time, and just as fire is heat, flame and light at the same time. It is God that is Almighty Father, the same is Almighty Love (Jesus Christ) and He is Almighty Presence (the Holy Spirit).

  31. Is God not too busy to concern Himself with worldly affairs, like football matches and predictions?
    God is not too busy. He maintains the entire creation with only a fraction of His power. Besides, He is God of perfection. He pays attention to details, and He wst sin or the most minute evil. That is why He is a holy God. As well, He rewards the smallest good deed.

  32. Are the Trinity Equal?
    1. They are equal in nature, position and character.
    2. It is one God Almighty, who manifests Himself in three different modes, just as fire is heat, flame and light, and as water can be solid (ice block), liquid (water) and gas (vapour).
    3. The Trinity is the three supreme personalities of God.
    4. They have priority of order. That means that the sequence of their actions is determined by necessity of righteousness. Each is neither superior nor inferior to the others.

  33. Where is God?
    God is in heaven and His presence is everywhere, just as the sun is there up in the sky and is everywhere present by its sunlight. God is spirit and is everywhere present, just like the air that is ubiquitous (everywhere). He is both inside creation and at the same time outside the creation, just as a light source is separate from a house and also inside the house by its ambient light.

  34. Is God complete or incomplete, without humanity?
    1. God is complete without us, just as a father is complete without the son, and as a tree is complete without the fruit.
    2. God is incomplete without us because we came out of Him. We are the children of God and the bond of love (unity) exists between us and God. That is why God leads His people with covenant, a reminder that they came forth from God and are one with Him. The bible confirms this,

      In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was in the beginning with God. 3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. 4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. 5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it. John 1:1-5

  35. Is Sharma a heavenly language?
    Sharma is a heavenly word, because it means that God leads travelers, safely.