Frequently Asked Questions

About Devil and Evil Spirits

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Why would demons possess or work through children?
  2. Evil spirits possess or work through children in order to lead them to hell fire. The Devil always wants to steal, kill and destroy.

  3. Why is it that these demons are able to perceive what we say or do, but we (humans) cannot perceive theirs?
  4. They are spirits. A spirit can see or read the mind of people. Their spiritual eyes are developed and open. Human beings cannot see or read the mind with the ordinary eyes. The spiritual eyes of majority of mankind are closed. Besides, people do not care to open this eye. Many do not even know that they have this eye or that it should be developed. The spiritual eye is opened by spiritual practice (quiet times and meditation, etc), not by force and not in a hurry.

  5. Do the evil spirits have different grades?
  6. Yes. The highest is the Devil, the Hydra-headed Dragon. He is followed in rank by the evil spirits that have human shape. Then, those evil spirits whose bodies are half-human and half-animal in shape. The last are the demons of various shapes, categories and descriptions, even horrible and shapeless demons.

  7. What is the meaning of powers and principalities?
  8. The universe has regions or planes of existence. There are spirits in-charge of the different regions or planes of existence. It is these spirits that are in positions of authorities and custodians of knowledge, wisdom and power. They are called principalities and powers. There are Principalities and Powers of the kingdom of God. There are principalities and powers of darkness. Choose one.

  9. Somebody was begotten from an idol by the parents. Because of infertility, they went to an idol for a child. After performing deliverance on the child, will the child remain a child of the idol or not?
  10. Whoever is set free by Jesus is free, indeed. Even the idols can still become true children and saints of God, if they repent. You should know that all these idols were human beings who were forced into becoming idols, without their personal wish or consent. Sometimes, after performing family deliverance and spiritual works, you see them rejoicing, because they have been set free.