Frequently Asked Questions

About End Time

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. It may be necessary for Angels or the Gardeners of the Earth to step in and shake things (humans) up, so that people would realize what a mess they have made of this planet. As of now, things are getting worse and worse and worse, even without people minding the consequences. In the light of increasing moral decadence and spiritual indolence, can you tell us if we are going to get a serious ‘kick’ very soon?
    The kick has already taken place in spirit, because people are very careless, stubborn and restive. Gradually, what has already happened in spirit shall start manifesting. The world shall experience a lot changes and calamities. They have to learn by suffering whatever that they have failed or refused to learn in kindness.
    Usually, the Angels or the Gardeners of the Earth do not want to interfere in human affairs. But when a people become heedless, the only alternative is to give them a deserved beating. There will be drastic measures taken, rendered without fear or favour. Until people have had such a bad time, they will not realise that they are messing things up. It is time to straighten up things and the Almighty has already given the command to Angels to do so.
    If humanity fail to save the world by studying Spiritual Science, then they must learn the hard way by suffering calamities: wars, earthquakes, seaquakes, floods, famine, wildfires, volcanoes, whirlwinds, etc, which are always measured out and dished out to humanity by the Gods whenever the "little, proud and disobedient humans" deserve it.

  2. People are saying that we are in the end time. Do you think the Angels or Gardeners of the Earth will come to weed and prune this tangled and twisted garden called the world?
    Already, the Almighty has given them approval to do so. You may not believe it but bit is true. I saw God gave the approval, and immediately He did so, Archangel Michael swung into action and smashed the foundations of all that man has built or developed on earth. Once the foundation is destroyed, it is only a matter of time and the whole things shall collapse.
    Truly, Angels are getting heartily sick of conditions in this world because, humans beings are getting more and more selfish, more and more away from the spiritual side of life. Instead of people trying to do each other a good turn, they nowadays seem bent for destruction of others in order to get whatever they want.
    Expect more calamities, disasters, floods, earthquakes, seaquakes, wildfires, infections and sickness. All these are evident signs that people are not doing the right things. An enough evidence to the schools and churches that they have neglected the most important science called Spiritual Science. The world is in a very big mess already. And all the calamities do not happen by chance, but are measured out as punishment or warning. Everything is perfectly in order. People must learn by suffering whatever they refused to learn in obedience.