Frequently Asked Questions


Body, Soul and Spirit

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. What is spirit?
  2. Spirit is life. It is indestructible life. It is light, and it is fire. It is breathe ...

  3. How does spirit look like?
  4. Spirit is like light. Look at a bulb that is switched on. Observe how bright and glorious its ambient light is. So is spirit. Spirit is light.

  5. What is the difference between soul and spirit?
  6. Spirit is an everlasting essence. Spirit becomes soul, once it has put on the first spiritual garment (spiritual body). The real person is the spirit being.

  7. Body, soul and spirit, which one supersedes the others?
  8. The primary thing is spirit that comes forth from God, to become man. The soul is a kind of spiritual dress, which the spirit puts on to become a living soul, just as the spirit being puts on the physical body to become a human being. The spirit is the real thing and the image of God. Others are bodies or tools which the spirit uses. Spirit supersedes all. The spirit animates and dominates all.

  9. Man is a small God. How does man resemble God?

  10. How do I grow in spirit and in truth?
  11. See How To Grow In Spirit and How To Worship God In Spirit And In Truth

  12. What is spiritual level?
  13. See Spiritual Levels

  14. How do I know my spiritual level?
  15. See Spiritual Levels

  16. In spirit realm, why is it that man cannot communicate with his mouth nor hear with his ears. Rather, he communicates by mind, through thought?
  17. Spirit is light. It activates itself by thinking. Therefore, it sends vibrations which embody meaning. Here on earth, man thinks, speaks and acts. But in the spirit realm, thought, speech and action merge into one essence, which is thought only. You speak and do things only by thinking. It is thought that becomes word, and word becomes action. Just as with fire, heat becomes flame, and flame becomes light. That is transformation, the same spirit becoming all things. Also, word is faster than action, and thought is fastest. Thought moves at the speed of light, even at a higher speed, with immediate effect.