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The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. Sir, before you reached this spiritual stage you are now at, how was your beginning? How did you get started?
  2. I was interested in the things of God. I was usually gentle and quiet. The Holy Spirit wants gentility and quiet times from us. I visited the holy places often. I studied the scriptures. I read about people who have had spiritual experiences.
             I live in the world, but I do not go the worldly way. I prayed from time to time. I delight in discipline, and would not join in misconduct. I do not participate in doing something simply because others are doing. I do something because I consider it right and proper.
             I do not play with duties assigned to me. I always like to complete duties on time. Whatever I do, I aim at excellence.
             I cultivated the habit of patient thinking.
             I cultivated the habit of not attaching myself to the world, events, possessions or people. I enjoy helping people out of their problems.
             I seriously prayed for knowledge and wisdom, even for many days and years. And God has answered my prayers, even more than I had expected.

  3. Please sir, how did you reach this extent (spiritual level) that you are now at? What was your approach, both physically and spiritually?
  4. I read several scriptures of God, irrespective of their religions. I always searched for the Truth, not for church or religion.
            By quiet times, silence and rest. Did Jesus not say, “Come away to a lonely place by yourself and have rest for your soul.” By detachment. By meditation. And by knowledge, through reading the scriptures and books. By praying, not by so much fasting or penance.
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