Extra Ordinary Messages To The World

Beware Of The Hypocrisy Called Worship.

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

         Majority of the dead have not inherited the kingdom because they are not qualified. The aim of this message is to highlight those practices that make people grow in spirit and in truth. The more Spiritual Science is ignored by churches, religions, schools, society and mankind, the more people perish. Believing is not enough, and it is a disgrace to be an ignorant believer.

Why Jesus Weeps In Heaven
         A group of students were searching for water. They were moving in various directions; some in twos, many alone, while some moved in groups. They searched in many places without finding. At last, they saw one of them carrying water. Quickly, they rushed to him, asking, “Where did you get water?”
         The other day, many traders were searching in a market for a good to buy. The article was very scarce. Suddenly, they sighted one person carrying a load of the product on his head. Happily, they hurried to him, asking, “Where did you buy the good from?”
         After Enoch went to Heaven and saw God face to face, he invited his families and relations. They came, enmass, to hear his messages. Likewise when God restored the fortunes of Job, his friends and relations came to rejoice with him.
         It is no longer so nowadays. People like God, but do not love Him. They have no time for Him. Besides, every body thinks he knows the Truth, and believes that he is righteous. What a hypocrisy! What a falsehood!
         After God showed Himself to me face to face, I announced the encounter to the public. I did this out of joy. I expected overwhelming joy, great surprise, lasting enthusiasm and general inquisitiveness. But lo, all these were lacking. Nobody cared. Nobody asked questions. Only one person could knell down and asked me to pray for him. Only the same person asked, “What did you do to have the experience?”
         It is quite surprising. That shows how dead in spirit people are, even without knowing it. More surprising was the public lecture organized on “How To Find God.” People did not attend. Believers, Christians and church goers did not come. Even Reverend Ministers did not show interest. And the Press that is always busy looking for hot news did not respond. No wonder Jesus weeps so painfully in Heaven.
         Many claim to be children of God, but they are not. They profess to know God, but cannot recognize Him. There are numerous Reverends, each posing to know God, and none of them could not come near to ask or investigate. What a lost world?
         We have uncountable churches, various ministries, big and small fellowships, and religious organizations. Each asserts to be the best. Yet, none is ready to find God, because every group is busy doing what they like. In short, people do not have time for God. That is why Jesus says in His weeping, “There are far more that perish than enter my glory.”
         The Gospel of Thomas recorded it vividly, “Jesus said, "I took my place in the midst of the world, and I appeared to them in the flesh. I found all of them intoxicated; I found none of them thirsty. And My soul became afflicted for the sons of men, because they are blind in their hearts and do not have sight; for empty they came into the world, and empty too they seek to leave the world. But for the moment they are intoxicated. When they shake off their wine, then they will repent.” (Gospel of Thomas No. 28)
         I am not asking you to come now. Instead, learn about God, in spirit and in truth. You will be surprised to know that many burden themselves with irrelevances. Indeed, you will be amazed when you know the truth. And reading one Holy Book is not enough.

Majority Do Not Know What They Are
         Below is table which show what man is like. The display highlights the need for spiritual knowledge, wisdom and practice.

Man as a spirit spark that comes forth from God.

The Soul (A spiritual Body) for man to use (wear).

The spirit spark puts on the soul, and becomes a living soul.

Likewise, man puts on other spiritual dresses (about seven of such garments), in the same way an astronaut puts on spacesuit.

On earth, man makes a dress for himself, to cover the body.

He appears like this to the public.

He also equips himself with various tools. Then, he starts to walk back to God, by learning from experience.

In spirit, he appears like this always, if he is living a bad life. Majority are like this, without knowing it.

In spirit, he appears like this always,
if he is living a good life.

First Impression
         This is what people call first impression, because the moment you see somebody, you have an idea of what his character is like.

         Jesus said it, clearly, "The lamp of the body is the eye (spirit). If therefore your eye (spirit) is good, your whole body will be full of light. But if your eye (spirit) is bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in you is darkness, how great (terrible) is that darkness! Matthew 6:22-23
         Again, He said, "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

What Causes The Darkness
         The following cause the spiritual downfall, which manifest as darkness: anger, lust, greediness, fornication, adultery, stealing (even in offices and organizations), ignorance, unforgiveness, harshness, aggression, idolatry (gods, money, wealth, fame, trends and fashion), hypocrisy (very common among humanity), sadness, fear (fear is man-made, it is necessary in spirit), hopelessness, drunkenness, lack of spiritual practice, attachment (possessiveness), selfishness, discrimination, indiscipline, backbiting (gossiping), etc.

What Causes Brightness
         Virtues such as the following cause the spiritual brightness and growth: joy, peace, love, charity, knowledge, spiritual practice, chanting of God’s name, forgiveness, holiness, happiness, honesty, cooperation, unselfishness, monotheism, moderation, self-control, discipline,

The Spirit And Its Bodies
         Below is a picture that shows the original spirit spark (man) from God, and the several bodies it uses for manifestation and living on earth.
         These bodies do and cannot mix. They only co-exist.

The Irony
         The real problem in the world is that people are busy attending to the needs of the bodies, which do not last. They neglect their real selves, which are everlasting spirits. Thereby, they become dead in spirit. That was why Jesus said, "Leave the dead to bury their dead. (These people are already dead in spirit, and they do not know it. That is why they delight in irrelevancies. Do not join them. Instead, find the Truth, know the Truth and live - practise - the Truth, lest you become like them.)" By consciousness, a person desires for himself whether to become spiritual or carnal. Those who choose to live in spirit and in truth shine like the stars, because spirit is a bright and glorious light. On the other hand, those who choose to be carnal become dark, because the bodies are dead (darkness and evil) and cannot live.
         World leaders should re-direct the masses to live in spirit and in truth. Otherwise, many will not be able to attain heaven. They shall be cast into the outer darkness, where they belong, and where all is darkness and gnashing of teeth.

The Missing Dimensions - How To Worship God In Spirit And In Truth
         The following are the missing dimensions in the everyday life of children of God, irrespective of their religions, tribes, status or location. It is these missing dimensions that make it very hard for children of God to grow in spirit and in truth. And at death, it becomes very hard for them to ascend to the heavens, because they confine themselves to this world of vanity. It is even surprising that most of the ministers of God do not teach about these missing dimensions.
  1. Selflessness, such as Pastor T B Joshua does, even on the television. What Pastor T B Joshua does on the television is very good. It is true that such acts have to be in secret. But the world has so degenerated to low level of love and mercy that it has become necessary to demonstrate publicly that such acts of love, kindness and mercy are not only necessary, but also compulsory for everyone who wants to enter the kingdom.
             Engage yourself in selfless services, in helping people, in running errands. By so doing you achieve the following:
    1. You set yourself free from the consequences (karma) of your sins in your previous and present lives. The person who is selfless is a better devotee than the person who spends his time praying for forgiveness. In the Parable of the Shrewd Servant, the guilty servant did not pray for forgiveness. All that he did to gain and retain his master's acceptance was to have mercy on his fellow servants.
    2. You discover, recover and improve your talents. Today, many youths complain that they do not know their talents. The problem is not that they do not know their talents. The real problem is that they do not run errands again, and they do not render selfless service to people. Therefore, their talents fold up, instead of flowering (blossoming). Jesus made this fact clear in the 'Parable of the Talents' -
               24 "Then he who had received the one talent came and said, 'Lord, I knew you to be a hard man (you did not give me many talents like you gave to others), reaping where you have not sown (it is not possible to get much from a little), and gathering where you have not scattered seed (I refused to be used by you or for other people's benefit) . 25 And I was afraid (therefore, I was lazy), and went and hid your talent in the ground (I was avoiding opportunities to help or serve others). Look, there you have what is yours (I have no talent because this one you gave me does not belong to me, but to you).'
               26 "But his lord answered and said to him, 'You wicked and lazy servant (very selfish and lazy indeed), you knew that I reap where I have not sown, and gather where I have not scattered seed. 27 So you ought to have deposited my money with the bankers (you suppose to have used the little you have to gain over much), and at my coming I would have received back my own with interest. 28 So take the talent from him, and give it to him who has ten talents. (On several occasions, you have heard ministers of God preach this sermon. The one thing missing is that they failed to tell you that you are the one servant who refused to use his precious talent, because he was avoiding opportunities to help and serve people.)
               29'For to everyone who has (who uses what he has), more will be given (gains more talents) , and he will have abundance (and gains much wealth); but from him who does not have (who does not use what he has), even what he has will be taken away (the talents fold up as if he has none). 30 And cast the unprofitable servant into the outer darkness. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth (because you did not use your talents to set benefit people, you must suffer the karma of your misdeeds).' Matthew 25:24-30
    3. You increase your heavenly accounts. It is a pity that children of God do not know that they have heavenly accounts as they have earthly bank accounts. Worse still, they do not know how to increase their heavenly treasures. You increase your heavenly treasures simply by rendering selfless service to God and mankind.
    4. You overcome the notion of duality, which is like a hindrance in the path of your spiritual progress.
    5. You overcome the world by freeing yourself from the cycle of rebirth, decay, disease and death, called reincarnation.
    6. You develop and unfold your bright, glorious and mighty spirit self.
    7. You attain God: see God, know God and merge with God.

  2. Self-Knowledge, You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. When you know the truth, you will know the right thing to do.
             Self-knowledge means discovering and experiencing yourself as spirit, as a bright, glorious and mighty spirit being, as a Small God - the image and likeness of God. It means to awaken the Christ in you, the hope of glory. It means to know that death is an illusion, not real, however true it seems to appear.
             Ultimate self-knowledge means that God is within (inside) all things, controlling them, and without (outside) all things, centering them. He is undivided, and yet appears to be divided because He is within all things. The person who attains this knowledge sees the Undivided One in all things, because He pervades, animates and dominates all things; and also the person sees all things in the Undivided One. That is why God appears to be Divided, whereas He is always Undivided. That is how God is All-in-All.
             Such a person attains God. To attain God means to see, hear, touch, experience God and become one with Him. That is why Jesus was always happy and bold to say, "The Father and I are one." And I repeat the same again and again, "The Father and I are one!"
             By this self-knowledge, one overcomes death and illusion. He knows the Truth, and you are what you know. Since Truth is everlasting and invincible, the person also becomes everlasing, and does not die because death does not exist. He overcomes the world, just as Jesus overcame the world.

  3. Quiet Times, for rest and for spiritual growth. That was why Jesus said to His disciples, “Come away by yourselves to a lonely place, and have rest for your souls.” The ability to free the mind from all concerns is the opening of the door into spiritual life, bliss and experience. God wants peace of mind in everyone, so that He can manifest Himself from time to time. That is why He says, "Be still, and know that I am God;" Psalms 46:10
             But people would not heed warning. They prefer the bustle and hassle of everyday life, always engaging in boisterous activities. Everyday, more and more of the people add to the already high level of noise in the name of business, by increasing the level and diversity of the noise called music, using booming music shops and bombarding sounds of various descriptions. So much noise simply means that humanity are everyday pulling down their spiritual level. It means that everyday, people are striving away from heaven and fleeing, heedlessly, to hell. Indeed, many are already at the gate of hell, without knowing it.
             They refused the Sabbath ordained by God, preferring to establish their own days of worship. Even their days of rest and worship, they have turned into a day of social activities of various descriptions. Why are people heedlessly running to hell fire that is everlasting? A person, who cannot withstand the little fire in his cooking place, is steadily moving into an unquenchable fire that is fiercer than the burning sun?

  4. Performing All Works As Service Offering To God. That is why each person is a living sacrifice.

  5. Rendering Their Services, without expecting thanks, without expecting rewards, without expecting praises, without being persuaded and without being forced.

  6. Giving God The Glory, for their successes and achievements. Many still boast of what they can do or accomplish on their own. In some societies, the current trend is to add high-sounding names as titles, prefixes or appellations. Many answer big names, which they have not even merited, even without doing anything for the society.
             "Let your light (spirit and righteousness) so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16
             For example, you can eat food. But it is not you who produced the land, agriculture, food, or the means for processing our food. Again, when you eat, it is not you who produced the teeth for chewing, the tongue for taste, the throat for swallowing, the saliva for convenience, or the process of digestion. You only use these things which have been made available by God.
             Give God The Glory.

  7. Depending Solely On God.Today, the youths are made to understand that they must depend on their parents. In the society, everyone is made to think that he must depend on somebody else in order to get whatever he needs. These teachings are deceptions of the enemy. By so doing, he turns people's hearts away from God - people claim to worship only one God, but are busy practising polytheism, serving many gods.
             Those who make people depend on persons or things other than God, put themselves into greater danger. You make people transfer their dependence on God to other things, when you encourage or practise preferential treatment and favouritism.
             And I must warn you, it is not proper to leave your worship to attend to some other thing or person, especially when such can be done at another time. Likewise, it is spiritually wrong to respond to your handset while you are at worship. Unfortunately, the practising of answering handsets inside the church, even during worship, is becoming common. How blind and ignorant people are! Worst of all, they do not want to be corrected. As long as people are passionate about their handsets, or any other thing, they bind themselves to the world of matter, and therefore are bound to reincarnate.

  8. Chanting Of The Names Of God, by singing praises, within and without worship. Observe and see that singing of praises is on the rise. It is a sign that spiritual awakening is taking place. But the rate is still very slow, sluggish indeed.
             A spiritual assessment of the praises show that what many congregations call sessions of praises are like children's play - a careless muddle up of songs. Most of the songs are still being presented in the wrong order and manner. At times, the praises that would draw the Angels near, end up scaring them away. Yet, nobody wants to be corrected.

  9. Meditation, by thinking of God and all forms of Godliness, during their quiet times, at night or during worship.
             Now see how the enemies are manipulating and misleading people to hell fire: the night, which is the most spiritual and fruitful period of the day, is now being used for watching countless and endless streams of video films - on violence, pornography, cultism, rape, crime, etc. Truly, the present generations are mindlessly repeating the evils of Noah's generation just as Jesus warned.
             Our quiet gardens and relaxation parks are being phased out because of environmental development, and the existing ones are wrongly situated within city noise and traffic.
             Warn the nations! Man is tearing apart the environment that houses him, to his own deceit and detriment. What a blindness!

  10. Having Little Or No Sense Of Ego (Self). That is what Jesus meant when He said that whoever that does not deny himself, carry his cross and follow Him, is not worthy to enter the kingdom. One of the major aims of a saint is to rise above the self (ego). How come the society and reverends are now conferring titles on people, youths, students and seminarians? Each is given a big name, even without achieving anything for the society. The titles and appellations boast the ego (self), when the ego supposes to be silenced for a person to grow in spirit, experience bliss and union with God. They forget that on several occasions, the Israelites wanted to make Jesus king, but Jesus would not allow them.

    To know the truth, you have to look at the world through the eyes of the Spirit, and not through the eyes of the ego, religion, culture, tribe, colour or materialism. The ego is always selfish. It is an illusion which seeks to dominate the spirit, but then it cannot do so. The same ego is temporary, and is only necessary for a while.

    Peace and real freedom come from within. For you to achieve the two, you have to rise above the mind, above the ego (self), and be able to live in the Spirit and look at everything from the eyes of this Spirit. Make a start, and the spirit will take over and lead you home (heaven). One day, you look back, only to be surprised at how very far spiritually you have already gone.

  11. Humility. Humility does mean to be poor or wretched. It simply means being ready to render necessary services to whoever that needs it, without minding what you are.

  12. Simplicity, by adopting the principle of “Sufficient is enough.” No unnecessary extras or embellishments.

  13. Good Study Habit. Is it not surprising that many want to go to heaven, but do not care to read about God, heaven or life? They fail to see the need for spiritual and divine study. Many have Holy Books, carry the books about, but do not care to read them. They assume that they are qualified, when in fact, they have not even started.
             Those who cannot read Holy Books and/or cannot write, should go to school even for that purpose only. Those who can no longer go to school in this life, should pray that they do so in their next life time. To be able to read about God and life is an enough reason for one to strive to be literate.

  14. Peace Of Mind - People should be wise enough not to allow the cares and worries of life snatch away their peace of mind. Anybody who always has peace of mind is at the door of heaven, and God is ready to fellowship with such a person.

  15. Grow In Spirit. See How To Grow In Spirit

  16. Know The Sole Purpose Of Life On Earth
  17. It is not encouraging that the masses do not know the main reason why they are here on earth. That is why many things are done out of order. The priorities are wrong. Likewise, the value system. Many things shall continue to go wrong, until people set their priorities right.

  18. Know How To Find God. See How To Find God

Parable Of The Ten Condolence Visitors
         Ten persons went on condolence visit. On their return, an Angel was by the road side, interviewing them, without their physically knowing it.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
1st Visitor: I repaid visit because he visits me.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there to repay visit, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
2nd Visitor: I paid visit so that he will visit me in future.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there to be repaid in future, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
3rd Visitor: I went there to be seen.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there to be seen, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
4th Visitor: I went there so that people would call me prestigious names.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there to be praised, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
5th Visitor: I did not eat because he does not eat at other people’s funeral.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there to revenge, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
6th Visitor: I did not go for condolence because I do not know the bereaved. I only went in to call a friend.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you go on condolence only for those you know, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
7th Visitor: He is not from our church.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you discriminate against members of other churches, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
8th Visitor: I went there because others were going.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you do so because others were doing so, you do not know what you are doing. There is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
9th Visitor: I went on site seeing.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there for personal interest, there is no reward for you.

Angel: What did you do at the condolence?
10th Visitor: God said we should mourn with those who are mourning.
Remarks from the Angel: As long as you went there in honour of God, blessed are you indeed. You reward awaits you.

Finally, the Angel closed his records and ascended into heaven. And so it happened that out of ten condolence visitors, only one person received reward form God. Condolence was used for the parable because it is one of the commonest things people do nowadays.