Corrective Messages From God

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

We do or say many things out of ignorance.
Even, we believe "It doesn't mater."
The earlier you take corrections, the better for you in spirit.

Below are corrections given by God Himself.
Take note of them and correct yourself.

About The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit
         In God's dictionary, there is nothing like Holy Ghost. What you will find in His dictionary are Holy Spirit, Saint and Ghost. Holy Spirit is the Almighty Presence of God. He is always living, and never dead. Saint means the living people of God, whether they are alive or departed. Ghost means the spirit of a dead person, especially if the person is wicked and troublesome.
         Therefore, do not say Holy Ghost. Instead, say Holy Spirit. You may say that people have been using Holy Ghost. That is true, but they do so out of ignorance. Whenever it is used, you attract both good and bad forces of nature. Thereby, you create unnecessary extra burden for the Angels, who are always fighting on your behalf. The fact that it has been working is not an enough reason, because God has been answering prayers out of grace.

Likewise, We Should Not Say “Holy Ghost Fire."
         We should say “Holy Spirit Fire” or “Fire of the Holy Spirit.” For a while, It may seem hard to say, but with practice we eventually find it convenient and proper.

About Jesus Christ

The First Son
         Jesus is my First Son. Any person who says that the First Son is not a Father is not ... doing the right thing.

         How did My First Son overcome Satan? He was always aware of the traps (temptations) of the enemy. Therefore, He was always watchful against the enemy.

For Victory And Effectiveness
         Always start with the name of Jesus. For example, instead of saying, “I shall succeed in the name of Jesus,” say “In Jesus name, I shall succeed.”

About God Almighty

God, Spirit And Spirit Of God
         Often, people say, "Spirit of God said or did this... and that". To say Spirit of God is like saying Spirit of Spirit or God of God.
         God and His Spirit are one. You should say God or Spirit.

God Is Omnipotent, But All Powers Do Not Belong To God.
         We do say “All powers belong to God”. Almighty Father has said it that all powers do not belong to Him. Rather, it is the power of the Holy Spirit that belongs to God. The powers of darkness, idols, occultism, witches, mermaid, etc do not belong to God.

My Words Fulfill.
         When I speak, my words are light, very light, indeed. But in fulfillment, my words are steadfast.
         First, the words seem not to fulfill. Every happening seem to indicate that the words shall not fulfill. Then, suddenly, it fulfils.

About God’s Names
         Before, you called Me by my names which you knew, and I answered you. Now, you have learnt more names of mine. I shall still answer you by whichever of my names you call Me.

General Corrections

Arranged Alphabetically

         It is an abomination for a woman to lead a man or to claim equality with man. The man should lead, and the woman should follow.

         You sought to know the pleasures of life. Then why would you abort an innocent blood?
         Comment - God does not approve of abortion.

Absent Minister
         When you go to my holy place to see the minister-in-charge about your problem, and the minister is absent, kneel down in the holy place and pray about your case.

         What makes you angry are the so many desires of yours. You become angry (disappointed) when the desires are not fulfilled (met).

         Once, God said to a person, "For killing a lizard that has done nothing to you, one of your children shall die".
         Comment - Man should avoid cruelty to animals. Their life is dear. Help animals in danger to escape.

         If you tell people the truth, and they refuse it, leave them. Do not spend your time arguing with them.
         Comment - Eventually, they shall come to realize that you said the truth.

         Why is that your people do not respect the echelon of powers. It is both necessary and compulsory that people respect constituted authorities. It is wrong to jump the hierarchy.
         Comment - People should be patient when there is traffic jam, and should avoid congestion (overcrowding of vehicles) by disorderly, irregular, arrangement and movement. Likewise, at the offices and service points, do not jump the queue.

Bible 1
         The Bible is incomplete.

Bible 2
         The heart of a man of God is like abundant life, which is an overflowing spring, for people to drink.

         If you want your blessings here on earth, you shall have it. But those who want their blessings in heaven, shall have it in heaven.
         Comment - Be warned that earthly blessings are temporary, but heavenly blessings are everlasting.

         Stand and face the sky. Then, spit upwards. What happens? You will have the spittle fall back on your face. So is everything you do, whether good or bad. It surely comes back to you.
         If you like spoil the stream, and add faeces and urine to it, in whichever way like. But bear it in mind that it is you who is going to drink that water.

Changes 1
         They have disobeyed my commandments, statutes and precepts; and they have desecrated my holy places.

Changes 2
         They make my words not to fulfill. After I have given instructions on what to do, they will leave my word, and record a different thing.

         It is good to allow two persons to challenge each other. But, once you notice that they are about to fight, you should separate them.

         If your child becomes accustomed to indiscipline, you should remove powers from him. But, you should not remove all powers. You leave some for him.

         “There are so many slippery portions on the road.” – There are so many snares on the way – There are so many misleading things on the road.

Divine Inquiry Dove
         I am the Dove of Heaven.

         No effort is a wasted exercise.

         If you allow evil to remain in your midst, it shall spread and bear children (Evil breeds evil).

         The people have eyes, but do not see.
         Comment - People are not spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced.

         I sent my people to cast out evil spirits. Instead of doing that, my people are busy begging the evil spirits.

Fan ventilation.
         Meaning: Man-made ventilation is fan.

         Do the much you can.

         I am not against your extra festivals. I am only against the evil things you do during the festivals.

         I am the Creator of Heaven and Earth. Follow my footsteps.

         He who has two, should give one to his neighbour.
         Be generous - I shall enrich you all the more.

         If a person has two similar items, one of them is his own, and the other is a gift from somebody. Which one gives him more joy? The gift from somebody gives him far more joy than his own item.

Give Without Expecting Rewards
         When you bring your gifts to the House of God, give/present your gifts without expecting rewards or messages.
         Comment - The best gift is a gift given without ecpecting thanks, rewards, praises, persuasion or force.

Giving And Complaining
         You always complain that people come to you to borrow, for you to give one thing or the other to them. Now, choose one - to be a giver or to be a receiver?

God Is Alive
God is alive.
You, yourself, are you not alive?
         Comment -
God makes name for Himself.
Don't you make name for yourself?
Man should strive to do good, always.
God does not allow His name to be disgraced.
In the same way,
man should avoid anything that will dent his image.

         Do not spend your time gossiping about somebody's fault. If you do so, the Angels will love that person, and hate you.
         In a vision, an occasion was going on. Then, I saw armed officers (mobile police men) carry away a bag of items, which they unlawfully took away from the venue of the occasion. They put it inside the booth of their vehicle. But then, the bag became empty.
         Comment: This vision shows that stolen wealth and greediness do not profit. They are like vanity upon vanity, which is nothing but vanity. They make you lose so much when you think that you are gaining. So is the effect of greediness in spirit. Greediness includes desire for fame, power and unnecessary wealth.

         Just pray for the sick. And then later, ask them how they feel.

You have not heard.
You have not seen,
the home call of a saint.
You have not heard the trumpet sounds.
         Comment - Glorious. When a saint goes home (heavenward), trumpets sound and reverberate.

         Do not let any person who comes to your occasion to go empty-handed (without being attended to).

         My people and I planned and agreed on what to do. When I started to do what we planned, as we agreed, they laid ambush against me, and started throwing stones at me.

Identify Yourself
         If you take somebody's property to make use of it, the moment the owner asks or looks for it, identify yourself and return the item (account for it). Otherwise, you make yourself a thief.

Ill Will
         Stop taking/using things that belong to people who have ill will against you.

         Are you for us or against us?

         Why were Joshua and Israelite soldiers able to move round Jericho?. They were able to do so because they were on horse backs.

         Instead of unlawfully taking other's portion from them, let them take a portion of yours.
         Comment - Taking somebody's property, without his permission, brings sufeerings and hardship.

         One minister of God was having difficult times in his life, poverty and wretchedness, despite everyday efforts to improve his living. One day, he enquired from God about his life. God said, “Until all debts have been paid for.”
         Comment: Avoid cheating people or denying their rights and privileges. The law of karma is universal and irrevocable.

Speak to people in the language they can understand.
Speak to them in their own language.
If you get to another nation or tribe,
speak to them in their language.

         Law is any anything made compulsory for the good of mankind.

Learn From Me
         One day, a woman was troublesome, causing trouble, because appellations (titles) were not properly added to her name. God gave corrections then. "Learn from Me," He said. "How do you call my name? You call it without appellations. Learn from Me. Be simple like Myself."

         What happens when you give somebody a lift? He feels happy. He feels as if he is in heaven. To him, it is bliss!
         Comment - Help people more and more.

         "There is no love greater than this - that I want you to be where I am," says the Almighty.

         Somebody, who has begotten seven children, what else does he want from sex? (Answer: Nothing Sex is a holy act that should be done when necessary, not out of lust.).

Mercy 1
         It is better for a sinner to come closer to me, than for him to run away from me. If he comes closer, I shall not be able to flog him the way I can. But, if he runs away, then my cane will fall severely on him.

Mercy 2
         People have asked me about King Solomon. He did not ask me for mercy. He did not ask me for forgiveness.

Money and Wealth
         Learn from what God said to somebody who was praying for success and prosperity, "I have blessed you before, even abundantly. But you would not support my work, the work in my vineyard. You were lavishing the money and wealth on worldliness and irrelevancies."

Music Band
         Those who play music must be subject to control.

         Whenever I pull to one side, the enemy (Satan) pulls to the other side. (The reason why there are contradictions, why prophecy may seem to delay, etc.)

Offering (Sacrifice)
         Jesus prayed, "Lord, I pray that you safe keep this congregation, until that day when we shall together present offering in heaven."

         Spiritual work was going on. Raphael was called before Gabriel. The spirit said, “No. Not allowed,” and the seven candles already lit in the name of Raphael went off. “Always do things in the right order," said the Spirit. "Follow due process.” - Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel.

         A minister of God was praying for many members. God told him, “All you have to do is make the pasture good. When the flock comes, they shall not only eat fodder, but also lie down and sleep.”

Permanent Residence
         "Why do people make this earth a place of residence?" the Almighty queries.
         Comment - You make this earth a place of residence, when you crave for all kinds of desires. Then you live as if your life depends on your possessions. You hoard things, and would not like to share with your brother. You set your heart on accumulating wealth, which you eventually leave behind when you die. Why not strive for everlasting life and the imperishable wealth?
         "There is no love greater than this - that I want you to be where I am," says the Almighty.
         Always bear in mind that: Praises 1
         “You have no other work to do, except to be praising my good works,” says the Almighty.
         Comment: We shall not only praise the Lord, we shall also eat the Lord and become with Lord.

Praises 2
         You see the pagans. You see how they dance and praise their idols.
         Comment - Children of God suppose to praise God far better.

Prayer 1
         What spoils your prayers is so many petitions at the same time.
         Comment: Always have one or few prayer points at a time, not so many prayer points at a time.

Prayer 2
         Some of you complain when prayer is long. Some of you say that the prayer is too long.
         Comment: A person in the presence of God should never be in a hurry. Where are you hurrying to? There is no place better and greater for you than to be in the presence of the Most High. God is able to provide all your needs. When you come into the presence of God, do not hurry.
You should know that your enemies go to a great extent just to harm you. Some of them would fast for so many days, even weeks, just to harm you. Some of them travel very long distance in order to get a charm that is harmful enough. Some of them even sleep inside coffins or in the graves to get demonic powers to kill you. But you are not ready to spend a short time in the presence of God who would save you. Is it not foolishness?
Some have developed the bad habit of being impatient in the house of God. Theyare always in a hurry. They have no time for God. They come to take blessings and go, as if they had given God money to safe keep for them. That is too bad!

Prayer 3
         How many times shall you pray before I answer you?
         Comment: There is no fixed number of times a person should pray before God answers him. Everyone suppose to pray patiently and persistently, to show seriousness. God’s time is the best.

Always be prepared.
Get every needed item ready and in place.

Promise And Fail
         Those of you who promise and fail, I am waiting for you in heaven.
         Comment: Those who make promise should fulfill the pledge, to avoid being rejected at the gate of heaven.

         Some times, people are baffled that “the very soon” indicated by God in a message turns into months or years. God explained that, “Actually, to Myself, the time is indeed very short, but to man, the same time is long.”
         Other reasons why prophetic messages delay in fulfillment are:
  1. Misunderstanding of prophetic message.
  2. Misinterpretation of prophetic message.
  3. Time difference. God’s time is different from man’s concept of time.
  4. Hindrances and battles from the evil ones.
  5. Non-compliance with directives of the Holy Spirit. Negligence.
  6. Keeping wrong records of messages.
  7. Postponement of blessings and favours due to sin or misconduct.
Proverb is mine.
I gave you a few proverbs.
It is the little I have given you that you use.

         Do everything possible to recover any of you who is missing or in trouble.

         “This is your last reincarnation,” said the Holy Spirit to a church member.

         This way is the way of life.
         This way is the way of life.
         Do not follow the scoffers.
         This way is the way of salvation.

         A child, who on being threatened (pursued), runs to his father, has down what?
         Answer: He has down all that he should do. Besides, he is not only safe and secure. He is also victorious.

         Why did Samson fall into the hands of Philistines? I told Samson that Delilah was not his wife, but he would not listen.

         Who is qualified to confirm a saint? Nobody is qualified to do so, except Myself and the Angels.

         Your power is not up to the size of one half of Satan's hair. But you overcome him in the name of Jesus.

         Don't you know that one seed can generate so many seeds?
         Comment: One action can produce several reactions. This is what is called the spread of effect. Good breeds good. Likewise, evil breeds evil.

         Selfhood is the path that leads to deceit.

         If I can only find a few righteous ones, it is enough for me.
         Comment - Most of the religions, churches, reverend ministers and believers are busy practising man-made doctrines, believing themselves to be worshiping God.

Silent Prayers
Silent prayer sounds like thunder and lightening
     before the Throne of God.
Your thoughts are seen and heard
     as loud as your words,
     in the presence of God.

There is a sword that moves underneath.
The sword has already gone out.
It moves underneath.
Sometimes, it shoots up.

A Wise Man Saves Himself From Much Trouble.

         Always arrive at the place of worship on time.

         To say the truth, as you have witnessed it, is not gossiping.

Victory 1
         You are always complaining, "So many battles in life. Now, I ask you, 'Which of these battles has consumed you?' Have you not been emerging victorious from every battle?"
         Comment: People should not complain of battles in life. The battles bring out the power of God in us. Humiliation and suffering purify the soul of a man.

Victory 2
To step on pit (death) in the name of God,
is the same as stepping on a flat surface.
It is life.
It is victory.
This is victory over death.
         Comment - That is a practical way of preventing or destroying death.

Let it be known
that for every one person that curses a righteous man,
seven Angels are blessing him in the presence of God.

         Whatever a person wants, that I will give to him.

         Always make sure that the bulky cow does not in any way inconvenience the limping calf.
         Comment - The rich must not suffer the poor. Likewise, the great should not put the small at disadvantage.

Who Goes To Heaven?
         When Satan left, he took about one-third of the Angels. The vacancies created by his exit are being refilled with human beings (spirits). Once the number is complete, the replacement shall end. All the rest of mankind shall stay on earth.

Wisdom 1
         When a monkey comes to what looks like a trap, it breaks off a stick, and deeps the stick into the trap. The trap will catch the stick, and the monkey escapes.
         Comment: In creating man, God made provision that the body may perish or become damaged. But the spirit remains unharmed, undamaged and unaffected. This is God's wonderful love for His children. Hence, death is not real and it is not the end of life.

Wisdom 2
         What do you think will happen, if a toad blocks the road against a truck? No, not a truck, but a bicycle? The bicycle will crush the toad to death.

         If you refuse to worship me here, I shall go to the outsiders, and bring them here to worship me.

         Yield to the spirit.

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