Comparative Religious Study

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

"Selfhood Is The Path That Leads To Deceit," Says The Almighty.
         People have sense of belonging. They express it by being a part of a society, race, country, nation or religion. Also, they join one association or another, and support certain social, political or other groups. Usually, people with similar ideas and beliefs unite as a group. Hence, birds of the same feather flock together. Unnecessary troubles begin when they focus on the differences between them, instead of emphasizing those factors that unite them. This disposition leads to problems, clashes and violence. The unfortunate thing is that people easily forget their identity and sameness as children of God, each being a part of the One Spirit. This is spiritual blindness (ignorance).

Which Church (Religion) Is The Best?
Today, there are so many religions and churches in the world. Which one is true? And which one is the best?

My Personal Experiences And Testimony
         Before I became spiritually awake, I used to think, know and act myself. Today, after I became spiritually awake, I discovered that The Father and I are one. This is the truth about life. This is self-knowledge. That God is One, and that He is All-In-All. The same God expresses as all things in creation. Hence, God is without all things controlling them, and within all things centering them.
         On several occasions, I have seen, met and merged with the Almighty. Just as one light can merge with another light. For spirit is light and light is spirit. It is not me that does it. Instead, it is the Father who does it. This is the Truth. Also, it is the Father's love for His children.
         A drop of water is the same as the ocean. It can choose to remain alone, or merge with the ocean. Whether it remains alone or merges with the ocean, both are the same, because each is water and both are water. While they are separate, they are water. And after they merge into one, there are still water. So, I discovered that what we call 'self, I, me, you or they' are nothing but illusions. They arise from one spirit, and return to the same spirit, which is Life and Truth.
         Before, I used to see and understand in perspectives. My points of view were self, church, religion, tribe, language, sex, colour, culture, etc. Now, after the Bright Morning Star (Jesus), showed Himself to me and I became one with Him, even as a Bright Morning Star, I know and live as one with the Universal Harmony that is Life, Spirit and Truth. On that day, my spiritual eye was opened, and my eyes were like the rays of the sun, seeing in all directions at the same time (360° x 360°). And I beheld the entire universe as one whole, full of Harmony, Peace and Love. For there is no error, no sin, no mistake, no failure, no fault, no defect, no defilement, no inferiority complex and no intimidation in the entire universe. If at all you experience or encounter any of these negatives, understand that they are transitory. They are not you, and they cannot intimidate you.
My Father is Love.
I, myself, am love.
The Father and I are one.

I have come as light into the world,
so that those who seek God find Him.

God commanded me to go into the world
and spread the light.
This light is life; it is knowledge.
Also, it is omnipresence.

It is my duty and delight
to complete my assignment,
and return to the Father,
and remain in His bosom.
        ...Raphael Nweze
When You Are Ready For The Truth
         When you are ready for the Truth, you must by-pass religions, cultures, tribes, etc, to seek, find and know the Truth. God warned about this, saying, "And you shall seek me, and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13
         The religions were meant to lead people to the Truth. Instead of doing just that, the religions are busy teaching man-made doctrines. People do not know what is happening, and that has given Satan the ground (chance) to mislead multitudes into the hell fire. He succeeds because people are ignorant. Besides, majority do not care to know what is happening in spirit. They have no time for God. They are busy practising wrong beliefs and practices. And they refuse to be corrected.
         When you are ready for the Truth, you must leave man-made doctrines. In spirit, statues and images lead you to no where.