Chapter 3


The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Heavenly Visits 1 - I Met Jesus Christ and Michael
         I was in Heaven. I met Jesus Christ and Michael. Jesus was on my left side, and Michael on my right side. Their spirit bodies were bright and glorious. Indeed, they are mighty and glorious spirit beings.
         I looked out into the atmosphere, and upwards, and the Heaven was filled with the Presence of God, Light from His body or the Brightness of His Presence. There was no sun or moon. Yet, everywhere was full of light. God's Presence filled the Heaven, just as sunlight fills the earth and is the temple (abode) of the earth. The earth swims (moves, exists) in the light of the sun.

         Comment: those who quarrel over which church is best should stop the debate, because in the Heavens there is no church. All live and work in the Holy Spirit, who is the Presence of God and the Brightness of His Body. "And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it. And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the glory of God did lighten it, and the Lamb is the light thereof." Revelation 21:22,23

Heavenly Visits 2 - I Met Two Winged Cherubims
         I was in the Heaven. I met two Angels who had wings. They were golden and beautiful.

Universe 1
         I saw a structure. It had the appearance of a vessel, but it was not a vessel. It had the nature of a tree, but it was not a tree. It appeared to be dark, but it was not dark. The size was so huge that I became greatly frightened looking at it. Comparing my size to it was like comparing the size of the smallest ant to the highest and biggest mountain in the world, using this as a ratio. The structure had a U-shape.

The Holy Spirit - Holy Spirit Is God
         While in spirit, I looked out and saw the environment – the atmosphere. Behold, everywhere was full of light. There was no sun or moon present, and yet everywhere was bright and clear: full of light. Suddenly, the light transformed itself into a human form, and the form was God Himself, stepping forward with dignity!

A Visit To The Inaccessible Zone
         Jesus and I had to visit the Inaccessible Zone, The Highest Heaven. The Zone is so distant that it cannot be reached by an ordinary spirit being. We first covered an 'immeasurable' distance to reach the end of the universe, and there was still another 'immeasurable' distance to travel. We felt a kind of hopelessness of reaching it (inability to reach it). The hopelessness was for me to understand how far away the place is. Then we reached. Only Jesus knows how we got there.
         When we reached the Inaccessible Zone, it was Jesus that explored God. And immediately He finished exploring God, He said,

“Sing praises.”

         Again He said, “I have explored all things. It is only at the exploration of God that I said, Sing praises!”

         Jesus explores all things, defining them, verifying them and confirming them. That is why in Revelation, He said, “These things says the Amen (The Supreme Authority), the Faithful and True Witness, the Beginning of the creation of God:” Revelation 3:14-15
         Then Jesus showed me how He took Moses round the Heavenly Tabernacle, how they (He and Moses) meticulously measured the Heavenly Tabernacle, and how He warned Moses to make sure that the Earthly Tabernacle was exactly like the Heavenly Tabernacle.
         At the end, we had to return to the earth. The distance was so 'immeasurable' that it was not possible to come back. Only Jesus knows how we came back! For us to come back, we had to travel as one man: Jesus entered my spirit body, spread out His hands and flew us back to the earth.

At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father,
and ye in me, and I in you.
(At that day means
when you become perfect or spiritually awake.)
John 14:20

         The path we followed was a spirit path. The path itself was spirit, and our vehicle was “Divine Motion”. We started to come back, and soon we reached the earth.

“Sing praises!”
“Sing praises”
“Sing praises to the Lord Most High!”

         Interpretation: It is not just one Heaven. Instead, there are Heavens and Heavens! The kingdom of Heavens is real, with the best things of life: love, peace, freedom, glory, wealth, life, happiness, etc. God has done all things well. He created all things from scratch - by Himself, out of Himself and for Himself.
         The word 'immeasurable' simply means that the distance was so vast that it is considered to be immeasurable.

“Sing praises!”

         Besides, His love, kindness and mercy for His children are boundless.

“Sing praises!”
“Sing praises!”
“Sing praises!!”
“Sing praises to the Lord Most High!”

         Churches have to re-study and investigate sacrifice as a form of worship. Sacrifice is the height of worship. Sacrifice is still relevant, but strictly at God’s direction.
         Jesus is the Supreme High Priest, and He is not an idle High Priest. More importantly, He is God Almighty, ready and willing to love and serve. Hence, He is the High Priest.

Sing praises
Sing praises!
Sing praise with joyfulness!
Sing praises with gladness!
Sing praises with joyful volition!!
Sing praises with delight.
Sing praises, all the earths.
Sing praises, all the Heavens.
Sing praises, the entire universe.
Sing praises, to the Lord Most High!!!
Sing praises!

         Comment: this event took place before I read the book, 'Kebrah Nagast' - The book details what happened between King Solomon and Queen of Sheba. The book also reports how the Ark of God was transferred to Ethiopa. Of course, you know very well of King David. But have you heard of King David II? Do you know that King Solomon's generation was the first to produce a flying car (flying wagon)?
         Also, the book states the fact that there is an Inaccessible Zion above the Heavens.

The Beautiful Tunnel
         In spirit, I came landing on the ground. Then I saw a tunnel, a very beautiful tunnel. The colors were a blend of blue-white-blue. It was very beautiful and it was a spiritual tunnel.
         It reached from the ground to the sky. It was inclined at an easy and convenient angle to the ground.
         Next, I went inside it. I saw people moving; all in one direction (departing from the earth). I knew that they were dead people going home. Some of them were moving as a group, some alone, some in two, and so on.
         I met a lady moving with her daughter. It was likely that they died at the same time. The daughter resembled the mother. The mother was fair or white in complexion. She was wearing a white garment, and had the appearance of a saint. I placed my palm on her forehead. She rebuked and rebuked saying, “Fire of Holy Spirit burn you, witch… witch.”
         “No,” I said. “It is not a witch,” and she became quiet.
         Next I saw a grown up boy walking alone. I held his hand and said, “When next you reincarnate on earth, turn to spirit.” That means he should become spiritual or become interested (involved) in spiritual activities.
         The next group I met was an aged woman moving with children around her. On seeing me, she said, “I know how to dance it,” and she started dancing marcosa dance. She danced until she looked liked a small girl.
         I met two young men moving together like friends.
         I turned back and started to move in the opposite direction, to leave the tunnel.
         I came at the dissolution section. In this section, if you are not strong enough, you die permanently. That means you will not be able to return to the earth. In order to overpower dissolution, I had to rub my palms, one over the other.
         At the door, two young men engaged me in a fierce fight. They wanted to prevent me from going back. I fought and kicked on the two, overcame them and left.
         Comment: any person who died and came back to life on earth, returned from this tunnel. Any person who does not or cannot return from the tunnel becomes permanently dead.

Visions Of Jesus
         On that day that I visited heaven to see Jesus, Angels came and took me out. We travelled a very long distance. The distance was so far that I became afraid of dying. The Angels brought me back to my bedroom, for me to see that my body was safe. For a second time, they took me out and travelled a distance far more than the one we travelled before. Again, I became afraid. They had to bring me back to my bedroom, for me to see that my body was still safe. For the third time, we left again, travelling at lightening speed, through immense distance. So it happened in spirit that we travelled to a place, far away.
         I asked them to show me Jesus. I was led to His office. When we got to the office, I looked into the office. What I saw was great: exceeding beauty, indescribable beauty.
         Again, I asked them to show me Jesus. They led me to where He was. I was asked to look at Jesus. Then I looked and saw a very great sun, about hundred times the size of the earth’s sun.
         For the third line, I asked them to show me Jesus. Again they led me to a place and asked me to look at Jesus. I looked to see Jesus. What I saw was great. It looked like the evening sun at sunset. It had V-shape and enormous in size. Light was streaming forth from the scene. Jesus appears as a Victorious Rock or V-shaped Light.

The Earth Is A Hollow Planet
         The far place I visited was the inside the earth. For me to pass through the sand (ground), I had to close my eyes. Immediately I closed my eyes, I passed through the ground, as if passing through the thickness of a hollow a cylinder. Next, I came into a different environment much like the environment on the surface of the earth. I saw terrains. I saw rivers flowing. I saw roads. I saw vegetation. I saw the horizon. Everywhere was full of bright light, but I did not see a sun or moon there.
         I saw a minister of God who had died. From a distance he came towards me. By the time he reached me, another minister of God came around. Three of us were at a place that looked like a junction. A vertical shaft with a horizontal spindle was at the place. The shaft was continuously rotating in the anti-clockwise direction. The two did not say anything. They kept on moving round the rotating shaft. Their silence was like saying, “See for yourself that there is life here. We are not dead. Much lies have been fabricated and fed to the people on earth.”
         I visited and saw these things after meeting my dead father in the spirit world. When he wanted to know whether I have died, I told him that I was going to a very far away place.
         So, are we living on a solid planet or on a hollow planet? A solid earth seems seems, but a hollow planet is real.

Visit To The Abyss
         In spirit, the Angels took me on a very, very, very long journey. The journey was so long that the more you travel, the more you have to travel. It was like moving down a bottomless pit. It was like moving down the sides of an endless tunnel without touching the sides. The wall of the tunnel were not ordinary sands, but randomly arranged huge and hard rocks of various sizes and shapes. The rocks were so randomly arranged that they protruded in any direction possible.

         At last, we reached the abyss. I saw many dead people, including several pastors I had known here on earth. Also, I met a lady in the form of a little girl. I told her that I shall return to the earth, and she said, “Ok”.
         When I was about to leave, many of the dead people desired, earnestly, to follow me to the world. Afterwards, I left them and retuned to the world. None of them could follow me back to the world.
         Therefore, I warn everybody to be careful of the type of life he is living. In spirit, you cannot influence decisions simply because you want or because your relation is a very important personlity.

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