Everyday Prophecy
Book III



The Man Who Saw God Face To Face

Raphael Okechukwu Nweze



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God Does Not Play Hide And Seek Game.
         Man plays hide and seek game through lie, covering, hypocrisy and pretense. These evils blur his mind and prevent him from knowing the Truth. Therefore, he thinks that God is God of secrecy, a God that hides Himself and does not want people to know or see Him. He thinks that God is like himself, who must fabricate lies in order to succeed. God does not play hide and seek game.
         Below are real life dreams, visions, trances, etc narrated by people. Also, the meaning of each has been added for your enlightenment, so that you may know how to interpret prophetic messages. Both messages and their interpretations proved true.

Explanations About God And The Holy Trinity

Holy Spirit

1.    Holy Spirit
         The Holy Spirit said, “People make so much noise, daily, as if to say that they do not know that I dwell in silence.”
         Meaning: The noise level in our environments is too high. That a person is doing business is not an excuse why he should feed the environment with noisy vibrations, booming sound and bombarding music.


Jesus Christ

1.    Blood Of Jesus
         Blood of Jesus was being poured in to a white basin. The blood was very black, indeed.
         Meaning: The blackness shows the greatness of the evil being removed.


2.    Bowl
         Three bowls were seen in the altar table. One was white; the middle one, red; and the third one, blue. Then, the red one became bigger and bigger and bigger.
         Meaning: White refers to the perfection of God. Red means the blood of Jesus.
Blue means the divinity of God (Holy Spirit), with blessings of God.
As days go by, more and more and more spiritual works shall be performed with the blood of Jesus.


3.    Cross
         I was moving along a road. Then I turned left. I got to a place. It happened that Jesus was on the cross. People were striving to touch Him. But Army and Police were chasing the people away.
         Meaning: Turning left means turning away from the path of salvation: following the wrong road. The Army and Police mean ministers of God. People want to get salvation and become like Christ. But many church leaders are busy teaching wrong doctrines and man-made commandments, which do not lead to everlasting life.


4.    Hair
         Adaeze’s hairs were shown to me. The hairs were scattered like that of a mad person.
         Meaning: Adaeze is spiritually disorganized. Also, her spiritual powers have been tampered with, rendered useless. She has to go for deliverance and restoration. Her hairs has to be washed with blood of Jesus.


5.    Head Tie
         The children were shown to me. Their heads were covered with black head ties.
         Meaning: Pray for the children against the forces of darkness. Bless water into the blood of Jesus and bath them.


6.    Jesus

In spirit, a lady came for prayers. She was barren and there was no hope of getting a child. I shouted, “Where is Jesus?” Before I could finish saying “Where Meaning:?” Jesus appeared at the spot.

Meaning: When things get very bad or out of control, just shout “Where is Jesus?” and before you finish saying “Where,” Jesus will appear there and then.


7.    Scrap
         I saw Jesus gather all the scraps in the neighborhood. Then He burnt them into ashes.
         Meaning: The scraps refer to problems of the individuals and families in the neighbourhood. Burning means destroying the forces of darkness that cause the problems and providing solutions to the problems.


8.    Tarpaulin
         The entire house and compound were covered with a new tarpolin.
         Meaning: The covering means God’s protection, covered with the Blood of Jesus.



1.    Rainbow
         I saw a rainbow, and the rainbow was on the sky.
         Meaning: Rainbow means seven colours of light and nature. The seven means omnipotence, omniscience and omnipresence. Also, a rainbow means God’s covenant with humanity. The covenant makes the reality very serious and important. You should prepare yourself for God’s work. The sky means somebody who shall be known world wide.


General Explanations - In Alphabetic Order

1.    Anointing 1

After Ada was anointed, she started moving towards the altar instead of moving away.

Meaning: Ada is a minister of God and she has work to do for God in the place where she was anointed.


2.    Anointing 2

After Ngozi was anointed, she turned to go, but stopped and was looking back at the table used for services.

Meaning: Ngozi is a minister of God. She is destined to work in the church or ministry where she was anointed.


3.    Ants
         I came inside a compound, and I saw so many black ants moving all over the compound.
         Meaning: The ants mean evil spirits, as well as devouring spirits and the spirit of quarrel. They should do family deliverance and spiritual work, and make peace among themselves.


4.    Back
         I saw somebody backing me. The other person enters our room backward. He comes in with his back.
         Meaning: Those persons are not telling you the truth about themselves and about their plans.


5.    Bag
         I was packing things into a bad.
         Meaning: A bag or packing things into a bag means travel. Pray for a safe travel.


6.    Basket
         I saw two baskets. One was open, and the other closed.
         Meaning: The baskets mean charms or evil plans. The open basket means that the aim of the charm is already known. The closed basket means that it is still a secret – the purpose is not yet known. Organize prayers and spiritual work to destroy the two baskets (charm or evil plans).


7.    Bead
         About five beads were on the back of Adaeze’s head.
         Meaning: Before the evil spirits can possess and manipulate a person, they would place something in the person’s body. For effective deliverance, the contact object has to be removed.


8.    Bicycle
         Concerning Ijeoma, a bicycle was shown to me. The bicycle was a new one. But then, it became very old and was shattered into pieces.
         Meaning: Her destiny has been destroyed by the evil spirits. Deliverance and restoration is necessary for her.


9.    Bird

          While I was watching, a bird rose from the ground and flew away.

                    Meaning: Prayer against death is needed, and do that very soon as the case demands.


10.Bitter Leaf
         I saw a ridge. On it were several stands of bitterleaf plants.
         Meaning: The family should do deliverance and perform spiritual work in their compound, against ancestral abominations. Otherwise, they encounter problems, crisis, difficulties and misfortunes.


11.Bondage 1

I saw a man. His face was covered with black powder and his mouth was sealed.

Meaning: He is being possessed and manipulated by others, who do not want him to get favours from people. The sealed mouth means that he can longer take decision on his own and cannot say the right things he should be saying. He needs deliverance.


12.Bondage 2
         In a dream, I went into the compound of Chief Okeke. Everything in the compound was scattered and turned upside.
         Meaning: Spiritual work is necessary to deliver the family and restore their success and prosperity.


13.Book 1
         I saw piles of books. Those below were dark, while those on top were white, pure white.
         Meaning: The person has the destiny of being well educated. For the time being, forces of darkness are preventing him from becoming very successful. But God is going to change the situation, so that he becomes both brilliant and successful.


14.Book 2
         I saw piles of papers. Suddenly, a book came out of the piles of paper.
         Meaning: The person has written several papers. Out of all the papers, he will soon compile or write a standard book.


         I saw a heap of used clothes. Something was being pulled out of the heap. When it came out, it happened to be a pure white braise.
         Meaning: God wants purity of heart among those living or working in the environment. White makes peace, purity, righteousness and goodwill. They should avoid quarrel, hatred, enmity and backbiting.


         A girl brought a name inside an envelope for verification, whether the name is her right husband or not. When the envelope was opened, a black worn-out broom was found inside.
         Meaning: The man is not her husband. Is she goes on to marry the person, she will later regret it: hardships, disappointments, difficulties, etc.


         I saw an empty bucket inside Mike’s compound.
         Meaning: The empty bucket means fruitless efforts, suffering without making any profit or progress. The family should pray for deliverance, healing and restoration of prosperity.


         I saw the woman carrying a pan on her head, and the pan was a burden.
         Meaning: She needs spiritual deliverance from the cares and worries of live, from problems that seem to defy solutions.


         A bus was inside the compound. The bus started to burn, and smoke was coming out of the bus.
         1. Plans and attacks of the enemies shall be disorganized, scattered and voided.
         2. Pray against fire outbreak.


         Inside the house was a candle light. The light was burning steady, unchanging.
         Meaning: Somebody inside the house is very strong in spirit. The person also maintains a strong prayer life.


         My sister was inside a car with a man.
         Meaning: Motor sometimes means agreement, plan or joint effort. As such, it means marriage.



Emma’s hand, the palms, were stained with charcoal.

Meaning: He should pray against disgrace, battles and obstacles. If he is such a person that uses charms, he should stop that practice, in order to inherit everlasting life.


23.Charm 1
         In spirit, I was told that Chike has snakes on his feet.
         Meaning: There are charms in his feat. The charms can kill, render a person useless, hinder progress or cause ill-health.


24.Charm 2
         At their gate was a charm buried inside the ground, in front of the gate. The charm turns into a devouring lion.
         Meaning: The charm can kill a person.


25.Compound 1
         A compound was shown to me. The land was dark and vibrating as if earthquake was about to take place.
         Meaning: The land has been polluted with bad ancestral deeds. The vibration means consequences of evil deeds. The forces of darkness in the compound hinder progress and scatter whatever good that should come to the family.


26.Compound 2
         I went to their compound. Inside the house, everything was scattered. Some properties were scrap, decayed or upside down.
         Meaning: There is no progress or wellbeing. There is need for family prayer, deliverance and spiritual work.


27.Computer 1
         Inside the office, I saw a computer set that was black. The computer was covered with dust. It was old and useless.
         Meaning: Among the staff of the company, one person has the spirit of prophecy, especially the spirit of vision. The computer was black because the person is being afflicted by forces of darkness. The computer is covered with dust and is useless like an abandoned property means the person is not using the spirit of vision for the benefit of the general public, especially for the benefit of the company.


28.Computer 2
         A new computer set was placed before Adaobi.
         Meaning: She has been given the spirit of vision, prophecy or revelations.


29.Computer 3
         While prayer was going on for Adaeze, I saw a computer keyboard. The number 4 was pressed down and white.
         Meaning: The keyboard refers to destiny and determination. Four means stability, very strong. The prayers are successful and steadfast.


30.Cow 1
         In a dream, a cow was pursuing me. If I ran into a house, it comes to the house, and if I run on the road, it followed me about.
         Meaning: An enemy has risen against you, pray for protection and deliverance from the powers and trap of the enemy.


31.Cow 2
         We bought a very big cow and put it inside a bus. While we were coming home, the driver changed route and the cow became lost.
         Meaning: A very big cow means a very important person God will use to prosper you. Buying the cow simply means that your prayers have been answered and the necessary connection made. The cow became lost means loosing a very big opportunity or very important person (connection). Pray against disappointment.


         I dreamt that I gave birth and the child was a cross. My reverend father could not interpret what it means.
         Meaning: Cross means that you give to birth to a minister of God, who shall be a victorious soldier of Christ.


         I was moving along a road. Then I came to a gully, which I could not pass over. As I was standing there, somebody in white dress came by and offered to pass me over on his back. I climbed onto his back and he passed me over.
         Meaning: You have a serious challenge (e.g. examination), and God has offered to help you succeed.


34.Cultism 1
         I saw Ada with two other persons under a very big tree. They were holding a meeting.
         Meaning: Ada belongs to a cult group. Deliverance has to be performed on her to set her free.


35.Cultism 2
         A child died. He had swallowed four covers of the bottles, and the covers were flat. I moved round him calling, ‘Michael, Michael, Michael,’ and the four flat covers were successfully removed. Then the child coughed.
         Meaning: The dead child simply means that the man is already dead in spirit. He belongs to an evil cult. The four flat bottle covers refers to initiation rites he took. They are:
     He renounced the existence of God.
     He renounced his baptismal name.
     He renounced the true church of God.
     He was initiated by mixing the blood of six different persons, which mixed blood he tasted/drank.
A very serious deliverance exercise is necessary.


         Every member of the family was holding a blue cup. Inside the cups were refuse.
         Meaning: Each of the family member is destined to be God-fearing (God-loving). Call for family prayer and spiritual work, in order to restore the destinies of the members. Otherwise, their lives shall become like wasted years.



While we were praying for him, I saw a native doctor who was dancing in pride.

Meaning: That native doctor means the evil spirit or person attacking the man being prayed for. Dancing means that the evil man is even boastful of his evil attacks. You must strike him down with consuming fire or thunder and lightning.


38.Darkness 1
         I saw a lady inside a house. The house was full of darkness.
         Meaning: Darkness means ignorance; it means the absence of the Holy Spirit; darkness equally means evil. Evil spirits, witches and forces of darkness have taken over the house for an abode. The members of the family should either pray or invite a man of God to their house to cast out evil.


39.Darkness 2
         The house was full of darkness.
         Meaning: Darkness means ignorance, evil spirit or absence of Holy Spirit. There is need for prayers and spiritual work in the compound.


         I saw somebody. His left ear was deaf.
         Meaning: The person suppose to be receiving messages from God. He should go for prayers, healing and deliverance, so that he can begin to receive messages from God.


         I Saw Jesus enter a house. Next, he pulled out an adult from behind a curtain. The adult was already dead and paralyzed. Jesus hit him on the head, and he became alive and healthy again.
         Meaning: Somebody would have died from sickness, but Jesus prevented it, by restoring life and health. Later, when I visited the house, I was told that one of the elders in the house had stroke.


42.Defilement 1
         Concerning the woman, I saw as follows. I saw a fruit that was touching a grave, but the grave did not defile the child.
         Meaning: The fruit means a child. The woman is pregnant. She should avoid corpses and graves.


43.Defilement 2
         I saw a boy went to a refuse dump. As he was coming out, several refuse were sticking to his body.
         Meaning: Avoid defilement, especially from graves and corpses. (Later, the boy’s mother complained that the boy sleeps on a grave that is inside their compound.)



In another dream, I saw police men and their vehicles with siren. They were pursuing a lady, who was wearing black dress. The lady was running at a very high speed, and the hotly pursued her. At a time, the uniform of the police men changed to that of corps members. At last, they caught her at the gate. Myself was also at the gate.

Meaning: The police men means Angels. The lady wearing black means an evil spirit that is attacking your house, church or ministry. Yourself being at the gate is a way of telling you that the message concerns you. The change in uniform simply means change in strategies.


         I saw a man in a vision. His hand was paralyzed and curved backwards.
         Meaning: The hand shows what the man’s life and potentials have been rendered useless. He is frustrated. Deliverance is necessary to set him free and restore his destiny and talents.


         Everywhere inside the compound was very dirty.
         Meaning: Prayers and spiritual work should be performed in the family compound.


47.Door 1
         I went to a friend’s place. When I got to the place, I saw a door broken and kept be the road side.
         Meaning: Door means a human being. A broken door means death. The family you visited should pray against death. Also, yourself should pray against death.


48.Door 2
         I went to our office. When I got there, the doors were locked.
         Meaning: A closed door means that it is time to leave a place. Or that a person will soon leave a place. A closed door can also mean a failure in an engagement or blockage.


49.Door 3
         I saw concerning her a black door, with rags hanging as curtain.
         Meaning: She is possessed by evil spirits. The evil spirits make her behave badly. Deliverance is necessary.


50.Door 4
         A door was seen. The door was rotten.
         Meaning: Door means human being. Rotten means that the person is: in a very bad health, condition, in a very poor spiritual state, in the hands of death or living a worthless life. His destiny has been rendered useless.


         In a dream, a dove was pulling me on the right hand, and a vulture was pulling me on the left hand.
         Meaning: The dove means Holy Spirit. The vulture means Devil. The heavenly forces and the forces of darkness are battling over the person. The person should pray very hard in order to be saved.


52.Dress 1
         I was wearing a green dress. When I got to the market, I saw many copies of the same dress displayed for sales.
         Meaning: Dress points to a person’s character and behaviour. This person is destined to be a role model, somebody others should emulate.


53.Dress 2
         Nkechi was wearing a black dress. Next, she entered the car and her dress became a white dress.
         Meaning: The person’s destiny is covered up by forces of darkness. She needs deliverance, to cast out evil spirits and let in the light of the Holy Spirit and make her destiny shine. The car means a prayer or spiritual group.


54.Dress 3
         I saw the girl wearing black dress. All the pockets in the dress were inside out.
         Meaning: Her destiny and talents have become overshadowed by forces of darkness. The person will be encountering hardships, difficulties, losses, promise and fail. She should go for deliverance. (The person went for deliverance. On the day of her deliverance, a white flowing garment from heaven was given to her. Soon afterwards, she got admission into higher institution and somebody volunteered to pay all her school fees.)


55.Dress 4

I saw a youth, who was wearing his dress inside out.

Meaning: His current spiritual life and level are far below what they should be. He should do prayers for deliverance and restoration or go for deliverance and counseling. He mend his ways and follow the path of the Holy Spirit.


56.Dress 5

A girl soaked her dress inside water. The dresses were black and white, and dirty. A palm fond projected out of the bucket, and the girl stretched out her hand and took the palm fond.

Meaning: Washing dress means doing prayers and spiritual practice in order to grow in spirit. Also, it means fighting against the forces of darkness that are battling a person.

The palm fond means life and victory. Her prayer is successful. She is victorious.


57.Dress 6
         Azuka’s mother was wearing a dress. The dress covered her body and was a marine dress.
         Meaning: She has to go for deliverance from mermaid, which possess and manipulates her.


         Yesterday, I went to repair a generator. Last night, I saw a dwarf person standing beside the generator.
         Meaning: A dwarf means failure. However well you try to repair the generator, it will not become repaired. Dwarf also means no progress or success.
         It does not mean therefore that people should hate or avoid a dwarf.


59.Electric Socket
         Inside a house, I saw an electric socket. It was burning and shocking, and people were afraid.
         Meaning: The burning and shocking means family quarrels, disputes and misunderstanding. The family should pray for peace, make peace and seek peace always.



During worship, on the table used for ministering to people, I saw empty bottles of olive oil and pure water.

Meaning: God wants people to bring bottles of olive oil and bottled water for use in His ministry. People should donate or make free will contributions.



In a dream, I saw an elderly man cutting down a tree with a dolmar machine. As he was cutting the tree, he was coming closer and closer to me in such a way that I would not know he was coming closer to me. At the same time, I was moving away from him in such a way that he would not know that I was moving away.

Meaning: That elderly man has attempted to harm you in spirit several times, but he did not succeed. Keep away from him.


         While we were praying, I saw an engine been dragged out of slum. The engine was a very big one. Our leader was standing beside the engine, cleaning it with his handkerchief.
         Meaning: Engine means power of prayer or the power to say effective prayer. The prayer group neglected this power, which is a gift of Holy Spirit. Therefore, they lost the power. Now, the Angels have restored the power to them. Mark 16: 16,17.


63.Envelope 1
         Several envelopes were brought to the office.
         Meaning: Envelopes means messages from heaven.


64.Envelope 2
         Money was sent to you in an envelope, but when you opened the envelope, nothing was inside.
         Meaning: Pray against obstacles, against missing good things or money meant for you. Also, pray against missing very important prophetic messages.



          The man’s eyes were blind in spirit. The other day, I saw one eye open and the other closed.

Meaning: The person has the spiritual gift of vision. It is not yet manifest. That is why you see him blind in spirit. He should go for deliverance, prayers restoration and anointing. He should study prophecy.


         Inside a bowl (pan) was a big quantity of faeces. A spoon was being used to turn the faeces over and over.
         Meaning: The faeces refer to ancestral abominations. The spoon refers to the good efforts of the members of the family. However, they have not succeeded in clearing the ancestral abominations and the consequences.


67.Fall 1
         In a dream, I was on the top of a tree. I was holding my brother, but we were sore afraid of falling down. Eventually, we fell down, but landed softly on the ground.
         Meaning: The tree means a human being, somebody through whom God will bless you. Ripe fruits mean blessings and goodness of God. Fearful height means events and challenges of life. Soft landing means solutions and goodness of God for you and your brother. The fearful fall can also mean financial difficulties.


68.Fall 2
In spirit, somebody was in trouble, in difficulty. I went to help him. While helping him out, two of us fell down. We got up from the ground.
         Meaning: The battle is very strong. That was why you two fell done. But fear not, you shall conquer in the name of Jesus.


69.Feet   In spirit, when I looked at her legs, what I saw were the feet of marine spirit.

Meaning: She has covenant with mermaids and spirit husband. She has to go for spiritual work. Let her stand inside consuming fire. (Consuming fire is a mixture of holy water, blood of Jesus, olive oil of Holy Spirit and salt of God’s covenant.)


         Our house was on fire, and family members were running helter-skelter.
         Meaning: House on fire means exactly fire burning a house. Also, it means quarrels and misunderstanding. Helter-skelter means that no one will know his brother/sister again. Pray for family peace. Also pray against evil spirits that cause hatred and enmity.


71.Fish 1
         I saw somebody catching fish. He does not know how to catch fish. So, I took the net from him and said, “Let me teach you how to catch fish.”
         Meaning: To catch fish means to bring people to repentance, to turn people to the true worship of God. The person who had this dream will teach some other person how to minister to the children of God.


72.Fish 2
         I saw whole dry fish that was used in cooking soup. I looked at the soup, and it was giving me creeper jeepers. I did not touch or eat the food.
         Meaning: Dry fish means death. The person should pray against death using psalm 130, 121, 124 and 24.


73.Fowl 1
         While inside their compound, I saw a fowl that was strangled and turned backwards.
         Meaning: The condition of the fowl shows the condition of the family. They are in the bondage of shrine and ancestral deeds. Prayers and spiritual work have to be done in the compound to set them free.


74.Fowl 2

          I saw a chicken running towards me. It was running to safety, coming to take refuge.

Meaning: The chicken means a human being, who is in serious need of prayers for deliverance and protection. The person should pray against serious sickness that can lead to death.


75.Fowl 3

Three fowls were seen coming out of Amaka’s shop.

Meaning: Three fowls mean evil spirits or idols blocking success in her business. She should invite prayer warriors to pray at her shop for deliverance and prosperity.


         An empty bag was shown. Inside it was a ripe fruit. As I was looking, the bag was torn into pieces.
         Meaning: Obstacles and forces of darkness causing frustration have been removed.


         I saw a flower garden. Smoke was rising in the midst of the flowers.
         Meaning: The flower plants means human beings. The smoke means anger, quarrel and misunderstanding. The people concerned should pray for peace and ensure peaceful co-operation and understanding.


         The gate was blocked with an iron bar, and a padlock was used to lock the gate.
         Meaning: The enemies have planted charm to prevent success and prosperity. The family should call for prayers and spiritual work.


79.Generator 1
         I saw a generator that was black and weak.
         Meaning: The person’s prayer life is too low and poor. He is spiritually backward.


80.Generator   2

Inside their house, I saw a generator that was old and dark in colour. A cable stretched from a far place to the generator.

Meaning: A useless generator means there is idol in the family compound. The long cable means that there is another idol outside the compound, which re-enforces the one inside the compound.



In a vision, I saw a girl. Her hairs were very well arranged in the front side, but scattered at the back.

Meaning: The spirit made me understand the meaning – That  people are always seeking for God’s blessings but are not seeking for God himself. They behave like the thief who always comes to steal what belongs to another person.


         I was in a dream. It happened that I had gold. I was walking along a road when I got to a place where there was a pool of dirty water. The gold fell into the water and got lost. While I was searching for it, somebody came by and found it inside the dirty water. He took the gold and refused to give it back to me..
         Meaning: Be careful and diligent to use the spiritual gifts of the Holy Spirit which have been given to you. If you fail to use the talents, they shall be taken away from you and given to another person. Then it will be too late for you. The dirty pool of water means the world, the ways of worldly life.fe..


         I saw this girl in a vision. A baby feeding bottle was her mouth.
         Meaning: God will put her in a family or place where she will benefit a lot.


         In a vision, an occasion was going on. Then I saw armed officers (mobile police men) carry away a bag of items from the venue of the occasion. They put it inside the booth of their vehicle. But then, the bag became empty.
         Meaning: This vision shows that stolen wealth and greediness do not profit. They are like vanity upon vanity, which is nothing but vanity. They make you lose so much when you think that you are gaining.


85.Ground 1
         The ground of the compound was dirty and messed up.
         Meaning: The family should call for prayers and spiritual work.


86.Ground 2
         I saw a reverend father standing. He was wearing a black cross. Underneath his feet, the ground was full of refuse. The environment was full of darkness.
         Meaning: A black cross means that the reverend father is not teaching the truth about God and life. Darkness means ignorance of the truth; also, it means forces of darkness. The refuse under his feet means he should perform deliverance and spiritual work at his father’s compound and in his mission/church compound. He also needs deliverance.


87.Ground 3

A message was seen concerning John. The ground was scattered by the feet of fowls and a chewed palm kernel nut was in the midst.

Meaning: The scattered ground refers to ancestral deeds and abominations in the family compound. The chewed nut means that the John’s life and destiny have been rendered useless, wasted years.


         Several people were moving along a road. One of them fell into a gully. But then, he became so tall that he filled the gully and projected above it. Next, he spread out his hands and was conveying (passing) people over the gully.
         Meaning: The gully simply means death. The person who fell into the gully is spiritually awake and strong. Passing/conveying people over the gully means delivering those people from death. Otherwise, they would have died.


         I saw a girl standing before me. A halo light formed round her body.
         Meaning: She is a living saint of God.


90.Hand 1
         Nkechi hands were held high above her head, and the hands were interlocked.
         Meaning: Something is blocking her progress. Her promotion is overdue.


91.Hand 2
         I saw a hand inside their compound. The hand was full of leprosy.
         Meaning: There is need for spiritual work in the compound for healing and deliverance from pagan and ancestral misdeeds.


92.Hairs 1
         Her hairs were tied up.
         Meaning: Her spiritual powers have become overshadowed by worldly life and forces of darkness. She is not using her spiritual talents as she should.


93.Hairs 2

          Her hairs were gummed together in batches and in a very repulsive form.

Meaning: Her spiritual powers have been tied up. Forces of darkness have not allowed the Holy Spirit in her to manifest the power, glory and prosperity of God. Wash the head/hairs with blood of Jesus or consuming fire.


94.Hand 1

Peter’s hands (palms) were covered with stains.

Meaning: Stains mean obstacles, hindrances to personal efforts and destiny.


95.Hand 2

Chinelo’s hand was vibrating.

Meaning: Battles are affecting her life and destiny. She should go for deliverance.


96.Head Tie 1
         Adaeze was holding a head tie. Each time, she removes the head tie from covering her head, her hairs grow small. But if she covers her head with it, the hairs grow long.
         Meaning: She is like a nazarite. She should not allow people to be touching her hairs any how. Observing this holiness will make her grow in the spirit and power of God.


97.Hearth 1
         I saw a tripod with woods under it. The woods were removed away from the tripod, and there was no fire under the tripod.
         Meaning: The three legs mean Holy Trinity. The connecting ring means eternity. Fire means Holy Spirit, Spirit or strong prayer life. Absence of fire means poor prayer life and spiritual poverty.


98.Hearth 2
         I saw a hearth inside the compound. There was no more fire in it. Efforts made to recharge it were fruitless.
         Meaning: There is urgent need for family prayer and spiritual work, for deliverance from ancestral abominations and for the restoration of God’s blessings for the family.


99.Hearth 3
         A hearth was inside a company. There was no fire in it. Every effort made to rekindle fire failed.
         Meaning: Somebody in the company has cult or shrine. His powers have been rendered useless. And efforts to re-activate the power have proved abortive.


100.                Hindrance
         I saw the man on the ground, in a muddy area. He was trying to stand, but the muddy material was pulling him down.
         Meaning: Deliverance is necessary to save him from bondage and failure in life. Spiritual work should be performed at his compound.


101.                Honey
         I saw a woman holding a bottle of honey in her hand.
         Meaning: Honey means heavenly joy and gladness of heart. The message indicates that good things are going to happen in the person’s life, which will make the person rejoice.


102.                House
         I traveled to our home. When I got to the house, everywhere was full of darkness.
         Meaning: The house has become the abode of evil spirits. Those living in the house, now live like people who do not know God. Or, the house has been taken over by the evil spirits.


103.                Key 1
         I was given a key. Sometime in the past, I had a similar dream.
         Meaning: Key means authority - power and right to control others. The person who had this dream will be placed in a leadership or management position.


104.                Key 2
         I saw a key that was black and locked.
         Meaning: His destiny has been blocked by the enemies. Deliverance is necessary.


105.                Key 3
         I saw several keys that were used to lock up a business premises. While I was watching, a giant key was brought, which opened all the locks.
         Meaning: The giant key simply means Jesus or Holy Spirit. Unlocking the keys means prayer, deliverance and spiritual work.


106.                Key 4
A man said that all the members of the house should go to Ada’s mother to collect the keys to their various rooms. The father in the house was not able to speak, and dry leaves filled his mouth.
         Meaning: This is a case of family politics. An influential person is plotting to make another person the head of the house. That the father who could not speak means his power and authority in the house ahs been side-tracked. The dry leaves that filled his mouth means that if at all he says something, what he says shall not have any effects.


107.                Kidnapper
         During payer, I saw the madam rejoicing. She was saying, “Angels have been telling me to chase away the kidnappers in my house.”
         Meaning: Kidnappers simply mean evil spirit, demons, mermaids, idols and witches that destroy the souls and destinies of people. To chase them away means to perform family deliverance and spiritual work. ‘Having chased them away’ means that they are defeated.


108.                Lamp 1
         My room was full of light.
         Meaning: Good and strong prayer habit. Likewise, if you see electric bulb on, inside a room or house.


109.                Lamp 2
         I saw a lamp burning inside my room. But, the lamp was not bright enough.
         Meaning: A weak lamp means a poor prayer life.


110.                Laptop
         A new laptop was brought in for Mr. Agu.
         Meaning: The new laptop means that God is making him a rich man. God has endowed him with success and prosperity.


111.                Laziness

I went to a house. Inside the house, the inmates were all lying down in a dark room. They looked pale and old.

Meaning: that house means a family, church or ministry. The people there are spiritually weak, not doing the things they suppose to be doing. They may be working for God, but they are not doing so in the right manner. They do things the way they like and when they want. That is not how to serve and worship God. Therefore, forces of darkness have overtaken their abode and manipulates their activities.


112.                Leg
         While I was praying for her, I saw a child that was brought to a temple. The child had many legs.
         Meaning: The person should avoid following the ways of the world, avoid man-made doctrines. Only the Holy Spirit is fit to be the person’s Spiritual Director.


113.                Life Span
         A person’s life span was measured and if scored less than 10.
        Meaning: The person’s life is coming to an end. He should go for prayer’s for the extension of his life span. (When you pray for long life for people, also pray for the Holy Spirit of righteousness for them. This is to ensure that they do not stray from the path of righteousness during the extended life period).


114.                Light
         A girl was standing by the window. And a voice said that the girl is a light.
         Meaning: The girl is an Angel of God. She is spiritually awake and active. You should know that some human beings are not ordinary persons. Some are Angels who have been sent dwell among humanity to help mankind solve problems and develop spiritually.


115.                Lizard
         A number of lizards were trying to enter a land area. But a very big lizard was inside the land area, chasing the others away.
         Meaning: The Angels of God are protecting the area from the evil spirits and wicked people.


116.                Marriage

While praying about the proposed marriage, I saw two separate objects. The objects have the same colour.

Meaning: The proposed marriage is good. The two persons are a right match. They are compatible.


117.                Masquerade
         A very big masquerade came to our town. Everybody was running away from it. I went to see the masquerade. When it saw me, it dropped the knife it was holding and ran away.
         Meaning: The person who had the dream is a strong solider of God. He is a strong prayer warrior, who can cast out evil spirits or perform deliverance.


118.                Matches
         A box of matches was thrown to me. It fell and caught fire. A second one was thrown, and it also caught fire. Then, the third one was thrown to me, but a hand took hold of it, and it did not catch fire.
         Meaning: Fire means trouble or misunderstanding. Pray against the temptations and troublesome fellows. As the hand took hold of it, so God is going to deliver you from the trouble.


119.                Mattress
         Several mattresses were piled up. On top of them was a dark and useless mattress. Somebody, dark all over his body, was standing beside the pile of mattresses.
         Meaning: The mattresses refer to the lives and destinies of people. The dark and useless one on top means forces of darkness that are is hindering wellbeing and prosperity. The person standing beside the pile is the person being used by the evil spirits to destroy or block the welfare and destinies of others.


120.                Meat
         Lumps of red meat were inside Okonkwo’s compound, here and there.
         Meaning: The lumps of red meat means death. The family should pray against death.


121.                Millipede
         I came inside a compound, and I saw so many millipedes moving all over the ground of the compound.
         Meaning: The millipedes mean evil spirits, as well as devouring spirits and the spirit of quarrel. They should do family deliverance and spiritual work, and make peace among themselves.


122.                Minister

A woman was holding a baby in her arms. Beside the woman’s leg, on the ground, was a bag containing the baby’s items. The woman bent down to collect something from the bag, and a large bottle of olive oil was on the ground in place of the bag.

Meaning: The baby is a minister of God, able to perform mighty deliverance and spiritual warfare.


123.                Mirror 1
         I saw concerning James, a mirror.
         Meaning: James is a prophet, a visioner.


124.                Mirror 2
         I saw a man following a boy. The man had a mirror in his hand.
         Meaning: This is a case of monitoring mirror. Use prayer and spiritual work to destroy the monitoring mirror.


125.                Mirror 3
         His name was called. Immediately his name was called, his picture appeared in a mirror. The picture was very weak indeed. It supposes to be that when he is called on a mirror that the picture of Jesus would appear.
         Meaning: The person is not growing spiritually. He supposes to have grown very far in spirit. (Later, when the person came, he confirmed that where he is doing the work of God, there is no training in healing, prophecy, anointing, deliverance or spiritual work.)


126.                Money
In a dream, Peter wanted money. Somebody gave him fifty naira note.
         Meaning: Peter needs prayer. The person who gave him money means a minister of God, who will help Peter with payers. The color of fifty naira is predominantly (mainly) blue. That color means the divinity of God. Therefore, Peter should not forget God when his problems are solved. He should stay close to God and become involved more and more in the things of God.


127.                Mouth 1
         Mouth was sealed up.
         Meaning: Peter is no longer saying the truth. He no more teaches the right thing. Some forces or an organization has taught him wrong beliefs and practices (man-made doctrines).


128.                Mouth 2
         Nkechi's mouth was being washed with tooth brush and paste.
         Meaning: She has been cleansed from defilement, from unclean lips, from vulgar words she had spoken in the past.


129.                Notice Board
         I saw a notice board. On the board were pasted several papers. But the papers were scattered or torn in so many places.
         Meaning: Perform spiritual work for deliverance and restoration of destinies and fortunes.


130.                Opener
         Inside a beer parlour, I saw an opener on the table. The opener was pinned to the table so that it could not be moved or lifted up.
         Meaning: The business has been blocked by the enemy using charms or forces of darkness. Both the owner and the house should go for deliverance from evil spirit and manipulation. No progress or profit is being made.


131.                Padlock
         The gate was locked with two padlocks; one was open, and the other was still locked.
         Meaning: A family has been delivered from ancestral abominations committed inside the compound, extended family or kindred.


132.                Pillars With Mirror
         I was inside a house, the house was very decent and beautiful. There were pillars inside the house. Three pillars had very fine mirrors: one mirror on each pillar.
         Meaning: The house means the church of God. The pillars are ministers of God. The mirror means spirit of prophecy. The messages show that three ministers of God shall be endowed with gift of prophecy.


133.                Pit
         I moved, swiftly, into a parlour. Inside the parlour was a very big pit, and a mad dog was inside the pit. I kicked the dog, hard, with my left leg.
         ; Pit means death; mad dog means a wicked person; somebody has planned death for the family. Hitting the mad dog with leg, means using prayer to destroy the plans of the enemy.


134.                Plant
         When the boy came into the office, I saw him holding a plant (shrub) in his hand. The plant was a light plant (made of light).
         Meaning: The boy is destined to be a genius. He shall be a light to the nations: pacesetter, solution provider and a great personality.


135.                Plate
         I saw a girl holding a plate. The plate contained food. But the food was being eaten by birds.
         Meaning: The birds mean evil spirits and demons, especially spirit husband and mermaids. She needs deliverance and restoration of destiny – life and fortunes.


136.                Pocket
         A minister brought a list of families for spiritual inquiry. Later, in a vision, I heard the spirit said that those people are searching for themselves, and as well searching for their pockets.
         Meaning: Those families need deliverance from forces of darkness. Looking for themselves means that they have fallen short of the Holy Spirit, they have fallen short of the glory of God. Therefore, their lives have been characterized by backwardness, frustration and obstacles. Looking for their pocket means that their lives and efforts are like wasted years.


137.                Pole
         I saw an electric pole in front of your gate.
         Meaning: The electric pole means an idol is affecting the welfare of the family. Spiritual work is necessary.


138.                Possession
         She brought out her hand to shake me. She was smiling, heartily. But then, her face changed to a mask.
         Meaning: She has to be delivered from spirit husband and frustration.


139.                Power Tussle
         I saw Nkechi about to sit down with the husband. Nkechi was insisting that she must sit at the right hand side of her husband.
         Meaning: Nkechi is a difficult and disobedient woman. She does not want to be obedient and submissive to the husband. She wants to be lord over her husband.


140.                Promotion
         Several persons were in a class. They were being transferred and promoted far above their academic levels.
         Meaning: God has answered their prayers and will greatly transform and uplift their lives and fortunes.


141.                Psalm 1
         I saw Archangel Michael point to Psalm 1:1, 2. Then, he said use this to fight the enemies. Next, he pointed to verse 3-end, and said, “Use this to cast away the evil spirits.”
         Meaning: The interpretation is very clear.


142.                Python 1
         I saw a python coming into the compound. I was looking for a wood to kill it when I opened my eyes.
         Meaning: Python means evil spirit, mermaid, etc. It also means quarrels. Pray that Angels destroy the python: forces and agents of darkness.


143.                Python 2
         I saw a dead python, and very bad fluid was flowing out of his body.
         Meaning: Python means idol or marine spirit .A dead python means that the idol or the marine spirit has been defeated. The bad fluid refers to all evil works of darkness being performed by the idol or evil spirit, all rendered useless.


144.                Python 3
         A python wanted to fight back during payer, but it collapsed and died.
         Meaning: An idol or marine spirit wanted to attack those who are praying. But the Holy Spirit arrested and killed it, destroyed it.


145.                Refuse 1
         A business centre was show to me in spirit. The place was not a business center but a refuse dump. A fowl was struggling for it life in midst of the refuse.
         Meaning: The place needs the spiritual work (cleansing) to remove forces of the darkness. The struggling fowl indicate that the businesses are not moving on very well.


146.                Refuse 2
         Refuse were been swept out the house.
         Meaning: Sweeping means using prayer to destroy the works of the evil ones. The refuse are the spiritual problems, which people have. Also, it means the forces of darkness, which have to be destroyed.


147.                Refuse 3
         Concerning a girl, a ripe mango fruit was seen in the midst of a refuse dump.
         Meaning: Her marriage is long over due and is being prevented by ancestral abominations.


148.                Ring

So many rings were seen on Ada’s fingers.

Meaning: The rings means covenant with evil spirits, mermaids and demons. The covenants include spirit husband, etc. Ada should go for serious and several deliverances.


149.                Road
         About a man I saw a main road. Road Construction Company was on the road with their heavy machinery. Construction work was going on.
         Meaning: God is making way for his success and prosperity.


150.                Roof 1
         Okafor family were inside their house. Rain was falling. The house had a roof on it. Yet, rain was beating those inside it.
         Meaning: The family is destined to be rich. But they are not rich. Even if they are rich, the ups and downs of life put them in a miserable condition. Even when they should make good fortune, uncertainties of life put them in discomfort and loss. They should pray for God’s protection, do family prayers, pray against misfortune.


151.                Roof 2
         I was at a school compound. Then, I came to the front of a very big school building, which was also the main office. The roof of the front passage was dilapidated, scattered and rotten.
         Meaning: The staff and students of the school should avoid anything that will bring shame to the school, guard against their public image and avoid bringing shame to the name of God.


152.                Room 1
         One of the rooms in the house was vandalized.
         Meaning: The destiny of one of the children is being frustrated by forces of darkness and evil spirits.


153.                Room

Benita was inside a room. The room was very small and  narrow.

Meaning: Her portion - success and prosperity - in life is very small. You can enlarge her portion by asking her to walk, run and fly, while you call Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, repeatedly.


154.                Ruler
         I saw a reverend measuring every part of our house. He did not say anything. He kept on measuring one part after another.
         Meaning: The family should be very careful in all their plans and actions. Everything about the family is in God’s hands. They should live as people of God, obedient to God’s directives. The family should inquire from God about their pans and activities, before implementing them.


155.                Salt 1
         I was digging out sand from the ground. At a stage, the sand I was digging became salt, profusely coming out of the ground.
         Meaning: You have the key to prosperity, to being very rich. Later, you hall become a teacher of the Gospel.


156.                Salt 2

In a vision, God said I should add salt four times to water and use it to wash the feet of a group. What is the meaning of salt and four times?

Meaning: Salt means God’s covenant and the blessings of Abraham. Four times means in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy spirit and in Jesus’ name. Also, four means stability or steadfast.


157.                Scandals
         Nkechi was having a pair of scandals. One scandal is facing forward, while the other is facing backward.
         Meaning: Scandal, shoe, or slippers means life situation, opportunities and conditions. At present, Nkechi’s life is one of contradiction. One opportunity or condition is acting as a hindrance to another. In fact, Nkechi is a minister of God. Her present life situation is not enabling her to perform roles as a minister of God. She should go for prayers and deliverance and then start her ministration.


158.                Scarf
         I saw Ijeoma as a small girl, and her scarf reached from the head to her foot.
         Meaning: Ijeoma is a saint, and should always live a holy life. Also, God has given her special powers.


159.                Seat 1
         I saw a seat. And another seat was placed on it.
         Meaning: The staff of the company should avoid using the resources of the company for their private use or private business.


160.                Seat 2
         The family members were seen, sitting in chairs around a big tree. They were pinned down in their seats, around the tree.
         Meaning: A tree sometimes means idol. Ancestral shrine is holding them captives, by blocking their success and prosperity.


161.                Seduction
         Ngozi appeared to be seductive in spirit.
         Meaning: She should always wear decent dress, and avoid mini or sexy dresses.


162.                Shake
         I saw her in spirit. She was shaking, terribly.
         Meaning: She needs deliverance. Also, prayers should be said for those she depends on.


163.                Shoe 1
         I saw a pair of slippers. The slippers were turned upside down.
         Meaning: The person’s destiny has been turned upside down and has to be upturned again.


164.                Shoe 2
         Her shoes were turned upside down.
         Meaning: Her destiny or fortune has been misplaced, turned outside down, scattered or in the wrong order. Pray God to reset her destiny, life and opportunities.


165.                Shoe 3
         His shoes were brought to the office for us to polish it very well.
         Meaning: Shoe means life and opportunity. To polish the shoe simply means to make his star, destiny, good and working. You can do so by praying for him.


166.                Shoe  4

Emeka’s pair of shoe were on the ground beside his legs, but the pair of shoe was facing backwards.

Meaning: Shoes mean opportunities or positions in life. Emeka is having obstacles and is working against his destiny.


167.                Shoe  5

His pair of shoe were scattered and each facing a different direction.

Meaning: The shoe means lost opportunities or disorganized efforts that are not leading to success and prosperity. Prayers should be said for him for deliverance and restoration. A minister of God of God should be calling “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,” while he steps around, in order to regain wasted years or reset his effort unto success and prosperity. You can also reset the shoe by doing so at the call of the name of Jesus.


168.                Shrine
         A faint outline of a person was seen in the wall. Two hands were projecting out of the wall.
         Meaning: The people, family, or clan used a human being to make a shrine in the past. Serious prayers and spiritual work have to be done to deliver them from ancestral deeds.


169.                Smoke 1
         Smoke was over her head. The smoke was moving in scattered form.
         Meaning: She should go for deliverance against the evil spirit and charms that cause headache, madness, restlessness, loss of memory, lack of spirit of understanding.


170.                Smoke 2
         While we were praying for her, I saw smoke. The smoke was moving straight upwards. Sometimes, it scattered. And at some other time, it moved straight upwards.
         Meaning: The person is not regular at his prayer. Even, when he prays, sometimes, he does not concentrate in his prayer. At some other times, his mind becomes disorganized that his prayers lack concentration. He should pray for peace of mind, stop worrying about many things, and stop doubting the answers to his prayer.


171.                Smoke 3

Sometimes, something happens when we are praying. Smoke fills the venue. What does it mean?

Meaning: God comes down in the form of smoke. Remember the pillar of cloud that accompanied the Israelites in the wilderness. The smoke can also indicate the presence of Angels.

On the other hand, smoke can mean the presence of evil spirits or demons. If at such occasion, you suspect demons or evil spirit, spray blood of Jesus, crystal water or consuming fire. The presence of demons is also indicated by pungent, offensive, odour.


172.                Snake 1
         A snake was inside my compound. We wanted to kill it, and it was meandering from one place to anther.
         Meaning: The snake means poison, charm. When you pray strong enough, you will kill it. That will mean that you have destroyed or over-powered the charm or poison.


173.                Snake 2
         I saw a snake flying out of our compound.
         Meaning: Snake means poison, charm, forces of darkness. Flying out means that fire of Holy Spirit (or prayers) is burning them, attacking them or destroying them.


174.                Soap 1
         He was giving me a small piece of soap. Then, the soap turned into a big lump of soap.
         Meaning: He will pray for spiritual growth and empowerment.


175.                Soap 2
         A woman was being washed with soap in spirit.
         Meaning: The woman should go for deliverance and spiritual cleansing.


176.                Socket
         The socket was dark and broken.
         Meaning: Prosperity and benefiting connections have been blocked by the evil ones. Pray for restoration and re-activation.


177.                Spectacle
         I saw you wearing spectacle. But the spectacle was rather very weak.
         Meaning: You have the gift of vision, but the talent is not yet very well developed and manifest as it should be.


178.                Spirit Husband
         It happened that there was a man who was battling with me over my wife. I was rebuking the man. He went and brought other men. There was so much noise. He was holding a pistol in his hand. Then, I said that I have my own gun, before I woke up.
         Meaning: The man is a spiritual husband to your wife. She has to be delivered form the spirit husband. (The woman later confessed that she has been seeing the man from time to time. Sometimes, he would just pass by her or seat down somewhere and be looking at her.)


179.                Spiritual Work 1

Before I could enter the compound, I had to cut open the wall and pass through the opening.

Meaning: When you go for spiritual work at a compound, first bless water and use the holy water, or blood of Jesus, to wash your feet. As an alternative, sprinkle the holy water or blood of Jesus before you as you move into the compound.


180.                Spiritual Work 2

          When you go for family spiritual work, do not eat from a household. You can go with your own food or snacks. They can give you gifts, which you shall take away as you leave.


181.                Spoon
         Ada was holding a spoon. She made the spoon to face three men, who were standing in front her. But the spoon turned and faced herself.
         Meaning: Spoon means good future. She was expecting that her good fortune shall come from those men, who want to marry her. But God wants her to know that her fortune will come from herself, from her natural talents (God-given blessings.)


182.                Spray
         I saw a reddish plastic bucket. Handfuls of salt were being taken from the bucket and were being sprayed out. The bucket was dirty.
         Meaning: More spiritual work is necessary in the compound, in order to destroy ancestral abominations and to restore the glory of God.


183.                Stone 1
         As I was praying at the gate, a stone came up from inside the ground, and I took it away.
         Meaning: The stone means charms and forces of darkness battling against the family. Now, the Lord has exposed and destroyed it.


184.                Stone 2
         A fake stone was inside the place.
         Meaning: A fake stone means idol or charm. Use prayer and spiritual work to destroy the stone.


185.                Stream
         I saw a stream, but there was no water in side it. It was dry.
         Meaning: It shows fruitless efforts or lack of progress, no success.


186.                Sun
         I saw a black sun inside their compound. Then, the sun became white, but not fully white.
         Meaning: Sun means somebody’s star, destiny or great person. The family should invite a prayer group to pray for them.


187.                Symbol
         Every church, ministry or prayer house should have the following: Bible, bell, staff and sword.
         Meaning: A Bible or holy book, even a library of scriptures/sacred texts
A bell, which means authority to preside over others.
A staff, symbolizes power of God.
A sword, because God is mighty in battle Michael.


188.                Talent
         Students came. Each was holding a black water proof bag. When the water proof bags were opened, ripe and peeled pawpaw fruits were found inside the bags.
         Meaning: The black water proof bags simply means the forces of darkness that has covered up the students’ talents. Opening the bags means the powers of darkness have been destroyed. The ripe fruits inside the bags mean the spiritual talents of the students, which shall henceforth become manifest and useful.


189.                Tank
         A water tank was full of water. A man came to it, touched it and stood still. He stood there facing the tank. He did not turn away from it or go back from it. His hand remained on the tank.
         Meaning: The tank means opportunities to make money. The tank being filled with water means that businesses would have been very successful. But the evil ones (enemies) bewitched him and blocked his success and prosperity, and pinned him down so that he cannot progress.


190.                Thumb
         Her thumb was pinned to a point on the ground.
         Meaning: She is not progressing as she should. There are frustrations. Disorganizing spirits and curses are affecting her life and efforts.


191.                Time 1
         In a dream, the time was 12.00 o’clock midnight and the clock was ringing.
         Meaning: It is time to start your work as a minister of God.


192.                Time 2
         She was holding a blue bucket in each of her hand. Inside the buckets were washed bedsheets. A voice said, “She has finished washing. It is time to spread the bedsheets under the sun.”
         Meaning: She has gained so much knowledge and it is time to start practice and teach others.


193.                Toe

I saw a man in spirit. His toes were scattered, each was pointing in different directions.

Meaning: The man needs deliverance from the cares and worries of everyday life, from work overload and from unco-ordinated calls for his attention and services.


194.                Tower
         A white tower was seen in their compound. The tower reached from the ground to the sky.
         Meaning: The tower is like the Tower of Babylon. It means the evil spirits have taken over the compound for an abode and as a center for evil activities. Besides, the evil spirits are implementing their plans in order not to allow the plans of God for the family to become manifest.


195.                Trade
         I saw Piles of empty baskets at a market. Some of the baskets were dark.
         Meaning: Business is not moving as it should. There is a little or no progress (profit).


196.                Tree
         In a vision, I saw a cluster of bamboo trees. Then, a matchete flew to the clusters and cut of one of the stems. The stem fell to the ground.
         Meaning: Prayer against death is needed.


197.                Trumpet 1
         Last night, while I was praying, I saw a trumpet.
         Meaning: Trumpet means victory; also, it means success or authority, in some cases.


198.                Trumpet 2
         In a dream, the women were asking for trumpets, so that they will blow the trumpets.
         Meaning: In this case, the women are asking for victory from the Lord. In some cases, it is not good for women to blow trumpet. In which cases, trumpet means pride, pomposity or disobedience. They want to lord it over the men. It is not good.


199.                Trumpet 3
         A pregnant woman put forth her hands to complain of the battles she is having from forces of darkness. But, her hands turned into a trumpet.
         Meaning: She has several battles going on against her and the pregnancy, but God has given her victory.


200.                Tyre
         I saw a car, and one tyre was flat.
         Meaning: A flat tyre is not in good working condition. It means death. A fully pumped tube means life, fullness of life.


201.                Vegetables
         Ngozi was slicing vegetables. The more she sliced, the more beautiful the sliced vegetable appears.
         Meaning: Slicing vegetables means divine work, divine ministry or any other career a person is engaged in. If the slicing is well done, it means the person is doing very well in her work. If the slicing is bad, it means the person is not doing very well.


202.                Vessel 1
         I saw my self inside our compound. I went to a vessel to collect water, but the vessel was empty.
         Meaning: Empty vessel means poverty and wretchedness. Also, it means fruitless efforts.


203.                Vessel 2
         In the middle of the compound was a very big vessel. It was both empty and dark.
         Meaning: Somebody was used in the past for making idol for the family. That idol is now turning all the efforts of the family members into wasted years.


204.                Victory

          I had a dream. It happened that I killed so many people in  that dream.

Meaning: The Angels are showing the power of God in God. Killing those people simply means attacking and defeating evil spirits. When you kill somebody in spirit, it means that you have defeated the enemy.


205.                Vision
         In spirit, Ijeoma was being asked if she gives messages to people.
         Meaning: Ijeoma suppose to be a visioner or prophet, who receives messages from God and delivers the same to people.


206.                Wall 1
         In a Dream, I looked out of the house. All the walls were not in place. Various kinds of animals were coming in and going out as they like.
         Meaning: Absence of wall means that God’s protection is no longer available to the family. The animal represents evil spirits and witches. Organize prayer for protection and house cleansing.


207.                Wall 2
         The walls of the compound were fallen down.
         Meaning: Protection of God is lacking. Pray for protection.


208.                Wedding
         A wedding was taken place. Adaeze was the Chief Bride’s Maid. Her eyes were turned upwards and reddish.
         Meaning: Adaeze should get ready for marriage. She should go for deliverance before marriage so that the evil spirits shall not be manipulating her.


209.                Weeds
         The children of Mr Okeke were being called out one by one. Each had a cup in his hand. Contents were being poured into the cups. The contents were dry weeds (thrash).
         Meaning: Members of the family are being affected by ancestral abominations. Their destinies and lives are like a wretched one compared to what should be obtainable. The family should organize family deliverance and spiritual work.


210.                Wine

          A cup of wine was seen on the altar. The wine was the blood of Jesus and the wine was Adaeze.

Meaning: Adaeze has been transformed into a complete child and minister of God. God has crowned her with life and victory.



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