Divine Love And Mercy

Chapter 5

Corrections To Everyday Conducts

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Special Message To The Reverend
         The following are special message on Divine Love and Mercy for the reverend.
  1. Some of the reverend ministers count themselves out in the practice of Divine Love and Mercy. They prefer to preach to others, while they would not lift up a pin in assistance. The clergy must be actively involved. Abandon the idea that it is for the members only to practice Divine Love and Mercy. In fact, the clergy should lead by example.

  2. Most of the reverend fathers do not know that they should pray for people in the evening or from time to time inside the chapel. They prefer freedom, siesta and no disturbance, while the enemy is busy destroying the future and fortunes of the members.

  3. Every reverend minister is advised to investigate his members on the day of worship. You will discover that some members did not eat yesterday; they did not eat the day before yesterday; and worse still, they have nothing to eat after today’s worship. As far as possible, the reverend should provide for these needy ones, even from their own table. From time to time, ensure that food stuffs are available to the needy. Jesus did not neglect to feed the hungry multitudes.

  4. It is useless filling your churches with members, if the members do not practice Divine Love and Mercy. On the last day, the members who do not practice Divine Love and Mercy shall be like foolish virgins, like raw meat and waste water, which must be thrown away into the outer darkness where people gnash their teeth in endless misery.
Everyday Conducts Contrary To Divine Love And Mercy
         Below are everyday conducts of people, which conducts are against the demands of Divine Love and Mercy.
  1. Private car owners, by-pass members going to church or returning from church, even when the car is empty.

  2. People shy away from saying the truth when justice is necessary. Some pretend that they do not know, while others avoid opportunities that demand their being witnesses.

  3. Backbiting is common, especially with the intention to mock, intimidate or devalue another person.

  4. Some masters find ways to send their servants empty handed, especially by finding faults or false accusations.

  5. Some servants deliberately refuse to serve their masters, faithfully. Instead, they plan dubious ways to steal or run away with their masters’ money or wealth.

  6. Some people are fond of blocking any good fortunes due to another person.

  7. Most often, people are cursing others, instead of blessing them. Even parents curse their children and grand children.

  8. It is becoming increasingly difficult for youths to render selfless service to people. They do not run errands, willingly and readily. Selfless service is the manure that makes our talents to blossom.

  9. On several occasions, families unite against their member who is kind and merciful. They may deny such a person certain rights or hide goods from the person.

  10. When a mistake is made, people often complain, curse and murmur, instead of quietly and peacefully correcting the mistake. The same happens when something is unintentionally damaged or misplaced.

  11. In some societies, where the first son has the rights over properties, other family members team up to fight and suppress the first son. They refuse to behave like Abraham who left his land and went to the land of Canaan.

  12. Several workers play truancy, idleness, lateness and abstention, instead of devotedly serving their employees.

  13. Those in positions of authorities adopt nepotism and favoritism when they should serve everybody equally.

  14. Those in influential positions divert aids intended for the poor into their private pockets or to their loved ones.

  15. Many citizens of every nation insist on tip-offs before they can assist a person in need. By so doing, they prefer and accept earthly rewards, which do not last, and reject God’s rewards, which are everlasting.

  16. During festival periods, traders and companies increase prices of essential commodities. Thereby, they make things hard for the poor, needy, handicapped and less privileged.

  17. The girls have over the years been trained to be selfish, intolerant, merciless, insulting and inconsiderate. They appear weak and gentle, and claim to be children of God, when in fact, they are merciless and aggressive.

  18. Some business men and women worsen the situation by flooding the markets with fake and substandard products. Because of this, people pay more and obtain less value for services and products.

  19. The use of false scales in measuring goods has been very common.

  20. Highly placed and titled men are busy defending there honours and titles, instead of humbly providing the welfare of the masses.

  21. While peaceful efforts are being made to settle cases, some insist on non-settlement or make peaceful settlement very difficult.

  22. When He was leaving the earth, Jesus commanded His followers to love one another. Instead of doing that, people are busy condemning peoples of other religions, denying them due advantages or helpful opportunities.

  23. Instead of forgiving and forgetting wrongs, people insist on 'a pound of flesh'. What you hear from them is “You must pay! You must pay!! You must pay!!!” They refuse to have mercy on their fellow human beings.

  24. Everybody prides himself as being a righteous man, whereas they are busy showing cruelty to animals and practising man’s inhumanity to man.

  25. Many turn themselves into a curse unto others. A person turns himself into a curse when he does not allow his worker or supplier to make enough (due) profit in a business transaction. Some will so haggle for reduction in price to such an extent that at the end of the business, the worker or supplier will not make any meaningful profit from the transaction.

  26. The benefits of Divine Love and Mercy is not for the beggars only. Everybody is entitled to benefit from it because that is God’s love. Therefore, extend your practice of Divine Love and Mercy to the needy, the poor, the handicapped, the less privileged and to the rich, the well-off and to the leaders, and indeed to everyone.

  27. Our primary business is not to make and save profits. It is to practice Divine Love and Mercy. To make and save profit is good, but we should not shy away whenever help is needed from us. This is the key to abundance, as stipulated by the Almighty

  28. Majority of mankind are being misled by assumption and complacence. Each assumes that he is righteous and qualified to enter the kingdom. Therefore, they make no efforts to love others and to have mercy upon their fellow human beings.

  29. Even the meaning of love is being misunderstood. What many consider to be love is ‘likeness’. A person you like simply means that the person is good to you. You admire the person, and are friends to him. That is not love. Love simply means to provide for others, to care for them, to attend to them first, to sacrifice what you have for their own good, to solve their own problems, etc. But in this act of love, people are lacking. They shy away from opportunities that demand Divine Love and Mercy from them. By so doing, they make themselves hypocrites.

  30. It is only by practicing Divine Love and Mercy that evil will be eradicated. You cannot stop evil with evil. Therefore, the nations should unite to stop war, violence and crime.