Book Index 1

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

  1. How To Know The Works Of The Antichrist

  2. Astral Travels Spiritual Navigation Of The Universe
  3. Astral Travelling Spiritual Navigation Of The Universe
    "I kept before you an open door, which no one is able to shut," my God, my Lord and my Father. People have neither experienced heaven nor seen God, simply because the religious leaders are not spiritually inclined.

  4. Biafra
  5. What God Said About Nigeria And Biafra

  6. Blessings And Favours
  7. Great And Wonderful Benefits
    As generous as God, who is the Father of Love.

  8. Child Presentation
  9. Child Presentation And Naming Ceremony
    The enemy has used every thing possible to mislead humanity. The church and religious leaders keep quiet and continue to teach and spread the deceptions of the enemy.
             I must warn you. The Anti-Christ has been operating within the churches without people knowing it. Blessed is he who investigates all religious books and teachings, proving their origin, for he shall surely find and know the Truth, and thereby escape the everlasting Doom.

  10. Colours
  11. Natural Colours And Their Meanings
    Can a man be so careless? Everyday, he uses so many types of colours. Yet, he does not care to know their meanings. That is one reason why he does things out of order. Even, he sells himself to the kingdom of darkness without knowing it.

  12. Corrections
  13. Pages Of Corrections
    To find and know the Truth, you must by-pass religion, church, culture, tradition, tribe and worldly fashion, to seek, find, know and practise the Truth. Until you do so, you are only delaying your spiritual growth, and many are already busy deceiving themselves, by clinging to their religions, churches, cultures, traditions, tribes and worldly fashions. No one ever finds the Truth by shying away from it, and nobody gets to the sun by standing still in the clouds.
    And indeed, it is better to investigate all things and choose the right ones, than to remain in the wrong place and perish forever. For the religions and churches were meant to lead people to the Truth, but instead of doing just that, the religious leaders are busy teaching man-made doctrines, which doctrines are like empty wells that provide no water and are like stagnant pool that lead the sailor to nowhere.

  14. Creation Of Man
  15. How God Created Man - Parts I & II
    Learn the details of how God created man from seven components, and gave man seven natures (not five, but seven senses) and also, know about the seven spiritual centers in the human body (which correspond to the Endocrine System).

  16. Deliverance And Spiritual Works
  17. Different Ways Of Casting Out Evil Spirits
    Observe how many cast out evil spirits. They perform the same operation for almost every case. They seem to forget that there are many types of evil spirits, and as well different ways of binding and casting them out.

  18. Destiny
  19. Facts About Destiny - Corrections and Explanations
    The unknown facts.

  20. DivineBase - The City Of The Rising Sun
  21. A Holy City For A Holy Nation
    The light of the nations.


  23. Divine Love And Mercy
  24. Divine Love, Mercy And Justice
    A Comprehensive Explanation Of Divine Mercy. Here is your key to the Kingdom of Heaven

  25. End Time Battle

  27. How To Fight The End Time Battle
    As Victorious As Children Of God.

  28. How To Fight The End Time Battle 3
    There is no sitting on the fence, and no purgatory. You are either on the Lord's side or working against the Holy Spirit to your own deceit and detriment.

  29. How To Fight And Win The End Time Battles 4

  30. End Time Messages And Warnings
  31. The Thunderbolts Of Silence - Book 4
    God's messages and warning to the various groups in the world.

  32. Everlasting Covenant Of God With Humanity
  33. The Covenant-Keeping God 1

  34. The Covenant-Keeping God 2

  35. The Covenant-Keeping God 3

  36. Face to face encounters with God Almighty
  37. Face To Face With The Almighty God - Part I
    On several occasions, I have seen and met The Almighty God in different manifestations. Here are narrations and accounts of the series of encounter.

  38. Face To Face With The Almighty God - Part II
    Before, I believed.
    Now, I know the Truth.
    Also, I bear witness for the Truth.
    God delights to be in the midst of His people.
             How right Jesus was! "If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, 'Give Me a drink (who is now writing all these testimonies),' you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water." John 4:10 I have not spoken as one who was told. I have spoken with every authority as one who has seen, heard and experienced the Truth.

  39. Face To Face With The Almighty God - Part III
    The Father is the glory of the son, and the son is the pleasure of the Father.

  40. Face To Face With Jesus Christ - Part I
    Jesus Christ is God as Almighty Love.

  41. Face To Face With Holy Spirit - Part I
    Holy Spirit is God as Almighty Presence.

  42. Everlasting Wonders (Face To Face With The Holy Trinity)

    Jesus took me to Heaven and showed me the Holy Trinity, face to face.

  43. The Triple Throne Of God (Everlasting Wonders In Details)
    God is One. The same God is Trinity, just as fire has the trinity of heat, flame and light, and as water has the trinity of being solid, liquid and gas - all at the same time.

  44. Great Explanations, Knowledge and Wisdom From The Encounter With The Holy Trinity
    Only those who have heard, seen and experienced God actually know the Truth.

  45. Face To Face With The Almighty God - Part IV
    As consistent as the narrations, with each confirming the others. Even so, in series of reincarnations.

  46. Family Deliverance
  47. The Importance Of Family Deliverance And Spiritual Works - Expanded Edition
    If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

  48. Fashion And Designs
  49. What God Said About Dressing

  50. Feet Wash
  51. The Benefits Of Washing Feet
    A stepping stone to success and prosperity.

  52. Festivals
  53. The Original Feasts Of God
    His Appointed Times

    The original festivals of God.
    The same feasts are ancient, modern and everlasting, even as the sun, earth and sky are the same for the ancient, contemporary and future generations.

  54. Forces Of Darkness - Evil Spirits, Demons, Mermaids, Ghosts, Witches, Idols And Black Energies
  55. Things You Should Know About The Evil Spirits
    As merciless as the evil spirits.

  56. How Devil Misleads The World
    The comes uninvited, arrives unnoticed, works undetected and destroys relentlessly.

  57. God Almighty
  58. PhotoScientific Explanation Of OmniPresence
    St Augustine wanted to know about God, but could not. Find out why. Here is the knowledge St Augustine wanted to have. It is amazing!

  59. Gospel Of Truth And Salvation
  60. The Confirmatory And Spiritual Missionary Journeys Of St Paul De Evangelist

  61. Health And Medicine
  62. The Spiritual Dimension Of Medical Science And Nursing Practice

  63. What God Said About The Hospitals
    Terrible things are happening behind the scene.

  64. Hinduism
  65. Bhagavad-Gita Encyclopedia
    The churches are meant to lead people to the Truth. Instead of doing that, they are busy misleading the people, encouraging ignorance and servitude, whereas the Almighty wants everyone to know and experience the life that is spirit.
    Whatever your holy book is, you must consider it as an introduction only, if you want to grow in spirit and truth. Only those who seek and find the Truth reach the Golden City of Life on the Mountain Top. They enter the kingdom even while still on earth.

  66. Holiness
  67. How To Keep Holy Places Holy
    It is not enough to build temples for the worship of God. You should know how to keep them holy. Otherwise, they become the abodes of evil spirits, demons, mermaids, ghosts, witches, idols, charms and black forces, without people knowing it. Be warned!

  68. Holy Moses
  69. Arise And Shine - The Spiritual Teachings Of Moses

  70. Holy Substances
  71. How To Use The Blood Of Jesus Christ
    As precious as the blood of the lamb.

  72. How To Find God
  73. How To Find God
    People living on earth can see God.

  74. Inspiration
  75. Everyday Inspiration
    Inspiration is the light of knowledge ... and empowerment ... that radiates from the heart of God to all the living things in creation. Get to know how God speaks to His People.

  76. Jesus Christ
  77. The Father And I Are One
    Life in spirit and in truth is not just theory.
    It is both theory and practical.
    Even so, today!
    You are God-in-seed form.
    Learn from the chick, which is wise enough to crack the egg shell and emerge therefrom to become a living being.

  78. Once Again - The Reincarnation And Teachings Of Jesus Christ In This Present (Modern) Age

  79. Laws
  80. Beware Of Man-Made Laws, Doctrines And Routines
    They are like ripe and apetizing fruits that are bitter to taste.

  81. Love and friendship
  82. All About Love And Relationship

  83. Man Is A Perfect God
  84. My Personal Expressions And Manifestations Of The Qualities Of God - Part I
    Man Is A Small God.
    Praise God!

  85. My Personal Expressions And Manifestations Of The Qualities Of God - Part II
    I have not only heard about the Truth.
    I have also seen the Truth, and I have become one with the Truth.
    The Father and I are one.
    Surely, Jesus said, lived and preached the Truth.

  86. General Spiritual Experiences - Part I
    Humanity have chosen to stray away from the Truth.
    This is the simple fact, despite their numerous and diverse religions, which are nothing but multiplicity of idolatry.

  87. Prayers And Worship
  88. How To Worship God In Spirit And In Truth
    Jesus said to her, "Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." John 4:21-24

  89. Enough Is Enough

  90. Prophecy
  91. Everyday Prophecy Book I
    God is God of Prophecy! To serve God without prophecy is nothing but hypocrisy. Can an employee work for a company without taking everyday directives from the company? Or, can a soldier go to battle without complying with everyday instructions from the headquarters? Prophecy is the evidence of Truth. Also, it is the testimony of Truth.

  92. Everyday Prophecy Book II
    It is your right to ask questions. Learn how to interpret your dreams, visions, trances, etc. And if I may ask, do you know that you are a prophet? Find out how to improve your prophetic ability.

  93. Everyday Prophecy Book III
    Here are narrations of real life dreams, visions, trances, etc and their correct interpretations. It is expected of you that you be able to understand what the Spirit says to you from time to time.

  94. Everyday Prophecy Book IV
    Learn to distinguish between the good and bad spirits.

  95. God Is Speaking To The World 1
    The Coming Of God Almighty.

  96. God Is Speaking To The World 2
    Various Corrections.

  97. God Is Speaking To The World 3
    End Time Judgment Thus Said The Lord.

  98. God Is Speaking To The World 4
    The Lord Demands A Covenant-Keeping Church.

  99. God Is Speaking To The World 5
    Condemnation And Rejection Of Parish Councils, Executives And Leaders.

  100. God Is Speaking To The World 6
    The Flying Swords In The Air.

  101. God Is Speaking To The World 7
    The Return Of The Shiloh.

  102. God Is Speaking To The World 8
    Why God Said It.

  103. God Is Speaking To The World 9

  104. God Is Speaking To The World 10

  105. How To Know When The Holy Spirit Is Speaking

  106. How The Holy Spirit Delivers Messages
    Terrible things are happening behind the scene.

  107. Quiet Time And Meditation
  108. Prayer Of Meditation On God
    Do you know how to love God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your life? No. Here is the knowledge. "And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:23

  109. The Holy Spirit Is Rebuking The World Against Noise Making - Expanded Edition
    Silence is the Golden Kingdom of the Holy Spirit.

    The words of wisdom, and the wealth of experience.

  112. Rapture
  113. How To Prepare For Rapture
    Many are not yet ready.

  114. Religions
  115. The Unity Of All religions (The Ultimate Knowledge - Unknown To The General Public)
    One essence, Love, pervades the entire universe.

  116. Rights And Privileges
  117. Your Divine Rights and Privileges
    Every citizen has both rights and privileges in his country. How come that you have not endeavoured to know your rights and privileges in the Kingdom of Heaven?

  118. Sabbath Keeping
  119. How To Keep The Sabbath Day Holy

  120. Salvation
  121. How To Enter Heaven
    For you to enter heaven, you must return to the ancient paths of selflessness, self-knowledge, quiet times, meditation, devotion, monotheism, humility, simplicity and naturalness. Regard the irrelevancies - penance, suffering, rosary, etc - as what they are: the figments of imagination, the fabrications of falsehood and deceptions of the enemy. The false imaginations of ignorant religious leaders.

  122. Spiritual Laws
  123. Spiritual Laws Of Life
    Often, we say "Let God's will be done." Likewise, a person says, "I will become what God has destined for me." We say so much without knowing the implications of what we say.

  124. Spiritual Level
  125. Know Your Spiritual Level
    You know your age and height. Also, you know your blood group and genotype. Even, you know your social or academic status. How come then that you do not know your spiritual level?

  126. Spiritual Life
  127. Life In Spirit And In Truth - Book I
    ". . . Woman, believe me, the hour cometh, when ye shall neither in this mountain, nor yet at Jerusalem, worship the Father. You worship what you do not know: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him. God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." John 4:20-24
    Unfortunately, many churches and believers burden themselves with irrelevances.

  128. Life In Spirit And In Truth - Book II
    Only those who are spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced are fit to teach about the heavens. Others are doing guesswork and misleading ignorant masses.

  129. Spiritual Research
  130. Spiritual Research And Findings On The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit - Part 1
    As necessary as the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

  131. Spiritual Research And Findings On The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit - Part 2
    What every minister should know.

  132. Spiritual Research And Findings On The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit - Part 3
    Terrible things are happening behind the scene.

  133. Spiritual Science And Practice
  134. Spiritual Science and Practice (Life In Spirit And In Truth)
    A university graduate showed his result sheet to a mystic. The student had scored 'A' in every course, and graduated with First Class Honours. He was expecting commendations from the mystic. The mystic looked at the result and said, "You have mastered the frivolities, and neglected the most important thing."
         "W..h..a..t..?..!" exclaimed the graduate with surprise.
         "To the world, you are a master," added the mystic. "But in spirit, you are only a novice."

  135. Success And Prosperity
  136. How To Succeed In Life
    Learn from the great, successful and honest men of the world.

  137. Testimonies
  138. A Compilation Of Testimonies
    Terrible things are happening behind the scene.

  139. Truth
  140. Know The Truth And Set Yourself Free!
    "You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free!" John 8:32
    Indeed, you will be amazed when you know the Truth. And reading one holy book is not enough.

  141. The Guide Books To The Truth
    Those who know the way are already feasting inside the banquet hall, while the ignorant ones are still waiting for eternity. Is it not amazing?

  142. The Explanations Of Truth
    It is hard to find a saint who knows the Truth.

  143. Victory
  144. How To Overcome The World
    God expects you to become a saint. Sad enough, people only believe. Learn how to overcome the world!

  145. The Full Armour Of God

  146. Visions
  147. 1. The Visions Of A Saint
    On several occasions, I have seen and worked with the Saints, the Angels, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God Almighty. Read more!

  148. Welcome
  149. Golden Welcome Of The Ages
    Behold, the King of Glory - The Everlasting Conqueror!

  150. Wisdom
  151. How To Get Wisdom
    Those who seek wisdom, find it.

  152. The Golden Parables Of Wisdom I
    Often, people say that the fear of God is the foundation of wisdom. That is not true and it is a mark of spiritual blindness - ignorance. In spirit, there is nothing to fear. Fear is man-made, and it is a punishable offence. Now learn the right way, which is as follows. The knowledge of the Truth is the foundation of wisdom.

  153. The Golden Parables Of Wisdom II
    Truth is manifest but hidden.

  154. The Golden Parables Of Wisdom III
    What you call God is your own seat in heaven. Therefore, imagine how glorious and wonderful God Almighty is! That is why I say that most of the churches and their members, contrary to their claims of being the best, have not even started the spiritual journey.

"Oh Father,
set me in the your everlasting footstep,
in the Golden Path of Incorruptibility,
and clothe me with your Glory."