The Homewrad Journey Called Death

All About Death

The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Death is a wonder to make the wise serious enough
to investigate life and know the Truth.

Life and Death
         Several times, I have crossed the bridge called death, only to discover that life is everlasting. What a bliss!

         And behold! - There is no death. What we call death is not the end of life, and what we call birth is not the beginning of life.

Eternity Is Not A Future Reality
         It is both here and now. We live in the Eternal Now. We are already in the life everlasting. All that will take place is a transformation (transfiguration, which people call rapture.) That was why Jesus said,

“I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”. John 11:25, 26

True Meaning Of Death
         Death is only a 'door'. It is neither good nor bad, but is a 'door' through which a person passes to enter or leave the world. It is an illusion. It does not exist, but seems to exist. That was why Jesus said, “I am the resurrection, and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: And whosoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Believest thou this?”. John 11:25, 26
         Death is just the process of being reborn into another state of existence.

         Birth and death are opposites. Both birth and death are like passing through a door. Birth is coming in, while death is going out. This world is God’s own school, where experience is the best teacher. You enter this school by birth and leave it through death. Those who are spiritually awake neither die nor are born. Just as in the night rest called sleep. For while the body rests and is still, the spirit is wide awake and active.

The Fools Have Themselves To Blame
         He was a very rich man and quite famous. Whenever his car passed by, whether in the city or in the villages, people cheered him and waved. His actual name was Chief Ebubudike Agunaechemba, but people called him prestigious names.
         When he died, his funeral was full of glamour and decorations. Very important personalities and entertainers came from far and near to grace the occasion. His relations were very proud of the occasion. Many good speeches and remarks were made about him. Everybody praised him.
         The funeral mass was preceded by a long procession of the choir, music bands, brigades, mourners and sympathizers. The mobile police were not left out. The funeral undertakers did various stylish performances to entertain the visitors and the general public. Ebubedike’s funeral was one of the best. Every household or gathering discussed it. It was great.
         However, the unfortunate thing was that both Ebubedike and the society neglected the most important thing. They neglected the spiritual aspect of life. And so, it happened that after all the boisterous and graceful funeral ceremony, Chief Ebubedike found himself in the dark regions, groping amidst thick forests and traveling over wastelands. There was no rest for his soul or comfort in spirit for him. He failed to prepare for heavenly life. Now, it is too late. Let the wise learn from this.

The Relevance Of Earthly Life
         The earth plane provides opportunities for rapid rise in spirituality. However, the problem is that people neglect Spiritual Science. Many remain stagnant or fall to lower levels of spirituality. Everybody should strive to grow in spirit. The reason is that the lower a person falls in spiritual level, the harder it is rise to higher levels. This fact explains why people are lazy at doing spiritual practice. ‘It is not necessary,’ one person says. ‘It does not matter,’ another would add. Therefore, the society becomes stagnant and complacent, without knowing it. Also, the person at low spiritual level becomes more vulnerable to evil spirits, demons, ghosts and forces of darkness. That is partly the reason why so much deliverance is going on in the churches, crusades, ministries and on the televisions.
         Many are busy fighting against the Devil, when they suppose to seek self-knowledge. Those who win the battle of life are not those who fight against the Devil. Those who win the battle are those who attain self-knowledge. That is why Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” God confirms the same, saying, “For lack of knowledge, my people perish.”
         Earth is God’s own school, where people go to learn through hardship when they fail or refuse to learn through kindness. The earth provides good conditions for people to progress in spirit. The unfortunate thing is that majority forget, ignore or neglect the purpose of coming to earth, just as children would engage themselves hunting grasshopper in play fields, instead of staying in the classrooms to learn. Ignorant religious leaders worsen the situation by teaching fear in place of the eternal Truth.
         Those coming to the earth are usually well advised before departing the heavenly abodes. At times people make the wise ones laugh by their ill-informed comments about life on earth. Many of what people call misfortune were chosen by those people in order to help them learn something special about life. Others affirm that they must be what God said they should be. Well, they do well by asserting their faith. However, destiny is also self-made, for the individual’s personal interest and spiritual progress. For example, harsh conditions were selected to teach person endurance. Those who fail in their test have to reincarnate to repeat the test, just as a child repeats a class.

The Two Types Of Death (Physical and Spiritual Death)
         The two types of death are physical death and spiritual death. Physical death is a state of inactivity. It is devoid of life. Spiritual death is death in spirit. Many people who are physically moving about are spiritually dead. When Adam and Eve sinned, they died spiritual death, though they were still living physically. But when a man dies physically, his body decays and disintegrates, but the spirit man lives on in spirit.

What Happens Before Death
         Angels and Guides arrive before time – before the time of actual death. They wait for the final separation of the silver cord, and then lead the deceased home, to the plane of existence to which he is best suited for. For a person who lived a very bad life, evil spirits, ghosts and demons await him, to take him to the dark regions of hell.

What Happens During Death
         Unfortunately, people do not know the meaning and purpose of life on earth. That is why the world rejoices when a child is born, but mourns when the same person dies.

What Happens After Death
         What happens at death depends on the type of life lived by the person. A righteous person, at death, draws towards himself bright and glorious heavenly beings, while a bad person attracts evil spirits, demons, ghosts and forces of darkness. The good ones ascend to the bright regions of heaven, where is abundant joy, while the bad people descend to the dark regions of hell, where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Where Are the Dead?
         In the spirit, there are heavens and hell. Each has regions. When people die, there go to any of the one, to which they are best suited for. The heaven, hell or region a person goes to is determined by his thoughts, words and actions. A person may ascend to brighter heaven or descend to the darker regions of hell.
         When a person dies, he goes to one of the following, depending on the type of life he lived:
  1. Heaven or (Paradise)
  2. Hell
  3. This World
  4. Marine Kingdom
  5. Reincarnate Later
         There are evidences to show that some dead people remain in the world, as shown in the two following narrations.
         While in spirit, I saw a dead person whom I knew. He came to his workshop, which seems to be in a bushy area. Immediately, I saw him, I recognized him. While he moved in the workshop, I saw him a second and third time. Immediately he saw me, he recognized me, and knew that I knew him he was dead. Therefore, he changed his countenance. The Spirit led me away from him, in order to confirm what I had seen. While in motion, I moved round a town, in the air, and came back to the same workshop. The Angel with me interviewed the man. He asked the man where his workshop was...
         When I slept, the second time, I had another revelation. We were holding a kind of family meeting, outside a house. Then the man of the house, who had died, came. He came out of the house, closed the door and was locking it. When all of us exclaimed that the dead man was present, he disappeared. Indeed, some of the dead live in spirit, among those who have not yet died.
         I remember what God once said, “It is not everybody that will go to heaven. Some will stay in the world, the new earth. Those Angels taken by Satan are being replaced. Once the number is complete, the replacement exercise will stop. Others will stay on earth. Apostle John, in the Book of Revelation, said he saw "a new earth and a new Jerusalem coming down from heaven.”
         This message is also a warning and an encouragement to everybody. Those who labour for the Lord, have better and greater opportunities than those who do not. Everybody has the free will to make himself great or small in the kingdom of God.
         Much depends on:
  1. Personal interest
  2. Consistent effort
  3. Sincerity
  4. Sense of responsibility (ability to work with little or no supervision)
  5. Efforts at teaching others about God
  6. Spiritual practice
  7. Intention, extent and duration of your actions
Factors That Determines Who Goes To Hell
         The following factors determine who goes to hell after death.
  1. Evil deeds
  2. The intention, extent and duration of the evil deed. A person who is always planning evil is likely to go to hell. Likewise, the person who finds it hard to forgive.
  3. Acts of selfishness, like embezzlement of public funds.
  4. Bad disposition such as anger, hatred, grudges, etc.
  5. The significance of mental state at the time of death : A person who is mindful of God at the time of death stands a better chance of attaining heaven than the person who is mentally disposed towards evil.
How To Help The Dead
         Out of ignorance, people do many irrelevant things at the death of their loved ones. The unfortunate thing is that they end up hindering the person's ascent to heaven or brighter regions. Just as they cluster around an accident victim, and thereby hinder a quick recovery of the victim. They continue to do so, even today, without knowing the harm they cause out of ignorance.
         Sometime ago, I was at the burial of a man. Out of sympathy, people clustered inside the living room (parlour). In the process, two of the man's children were collapsing - fainting - and about to lose consciousness. Still, nobody cared to go out, and allow fresh air come into the room. I had to rebuke them to go out of the room. Very soon afterwards, the two children revived and became normal. If I had not intervened, the sympathizers would have caused more death, without knowing it. Help the dead by doing the following:
  1. Stop crying, weeping or mourning for the dead. When you do so, you disturb their spiritual journey. Crying, weeping or mourning is a sign of your spiritual ignorance. That was why Jesus said, "Leave the dead to bury their dead. (Leave those who are spiritually ignorant to continue in their foolishness)."
  2. Do not wear black clothes. Black attracts evil spirits, demons, ghosts and forces of darkness, which hinder the person's spiritual journey.
  3. Discourage people from lamenting. When they lament, they scare away the Angel, who want peace and joy.
  4. The event of death must serve as a unifying event. It must not be used as an opportunity to revenge or encourage misunderstanding, quarrel or enmity.
  5. In all decorations, use bright colours, instead of dark, black or gloomy colours.
  6. The sooner a person is buried, the better for the person.
  7. The sooner the funeral rites are performed, the better for the person.
  8. The burial and funeral should not serve as means to exhaust all that the person has saved for his dependents.
  9. Helping the dependents of the deceased one, in their times and areas of need, is far better than mourning for the dead.
  10. Do not carry a corpse to holy places like church, seminary, convent, holy ground, etc. It is an abomination to do so.
  11. Discourage the belief that it is sin or evil to associate with the dead. Some of them may have important messages to deliver to the living. Several times, Jesus appeared to His disciples after His death, to give instructions.
  12. You can light a candle for the dead. Light is the symbol of heaven, knowledge, Holy Spirit and omnipresence. Light scares away evil spirits, demons, ghosts and black energies.
  13. Do not count on the funeral orations and tributes people write. They are like the babblings of the ignorant multitudes.
  14. Attend to the needs of the sick, those in need, etc. This is incomparably better than crying, weeping or mourning, when they are dead.
  15. Discourage people from going to see dead bodies.
How To Help Yourself When You Are Dead
         It is unfortunate that people do not know what they suppose to know about life, death and life in spirit. Therefore, many hinder their spiritual progress, instead of facilitating it. The result is vulnerability to the evil spirits, demons, ghosts and forces of darkness.
         Do the following to help yourself before, during and after death:
  1. Become interested in life in spirit. To believe that there is no after life is like disconnecting oneself from all ready help of the Angels and spirit friends.
  2. Your action at the time of death matters a lot. Any person who is fighting, stealing, cheating, angry, or doing any form of evil at the time of death is likely to miss heaven. Therefore, avoid every form of evil in your life. It is far better to lose all the pleasures of this world and inherit eternal life, than to gain everything and go to hell fire, where all forms of wickedness is unending and merciless.
  3. In the time of danger, chant or shout the name of Jesus or God. Shouting other names or saying things as 'My Mother,' 'I am lost,' 'I am in trouble,' etc does not help you.
  4. At the time of death, make peaceful statements. Forgive and forget. To refuse to forgive your offenders simply means that you have refused to enter heaven, and you cannot enter into the kingdom.
  5. Wherever you find yourself, and you do not what to do, simply pray to God for help or guidance.
  6. The more spiritual knowledge you have about life in spirit, the better for you, and the faster your journey to the heavens.
  7. Reduce attachment to money, wealth, people, places or things. Detachment sets you free. You are bound to whatever you cherish so much, so that at death, that thing pulls you to itself.
  8. At death, you migrate to whatever you worship. Those who worship the Devil, go to Devil; those who worship mermaid, go to mermaid; those who worship idol or shrine, go to it; whereas those who worship the only one true God, go to Him. That is why people should avoid polytheism, and worship the only one true God.
  9. Encourage charity and selflessness in your life.
  10. Those who love fame and/or seek power for selfish purposes, find it hard to ascend to the heavens.
  11. Those who embezzle public funds, find it hard to rise to the brighter regions of life. Government workers should beware.
  12. Those who engage in wicked acts, do not go to heaven.
  13. Do not form the habit of wearing black dress in your life time. Colours of heavenly saints are white, blue, etc.
  14. Too much talking causes hindrance in your spiritual growth and ascent to heaven.
  15. Other stumbling blocks you should avoid are hatred, anger, enmity, greediness, quarrelling, fighting, violence, disorderliness, fornication, adultery, etc.
  16. Enjoy gospel music and songs that are melodious, gentle, cool and soft; not noisy vibrations, booming sounds and bombarding music.
  17. In your everyday life activities, remember God. To die at the time you are calling God's name is very good for your soul. The name of God makes it easy for you attain heaven.
  18. Perform all duties as service offering to God.
  19. Perform duties without expecting rewards, without expecting thanks, and without being persuaded or forced.
  20. Extend you money and wealth to those around you.
  21. Encourage friendliness, because your earthly friends and loved ones shall be your spirit friends and loved ones.
  22. For How To Rise In Spiritual Level, see details in the book Know Your Spiritual Level
Death And Reincarnation
         Reincarnation is necessary for people to gain knowledge and experiences. Thereby, they become perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect. Reincarnation enables people to settle their karma and give-and-take accounts, by undergoing rebirth and continuing from where they stopped. In subsequent life times, positions are swapped.
         At death those who do not know the truth about life may be surrounded by the black clouds of doubt, by the black clouds of unreason and by spiritual darkness (blackness of ignorance). The result is unnecessary delays in your spiritual journey and development, which delays people call Purgatory. God has only heaven and hell. It is people that put themselves in purgatorial state. This isolation is both self-made and self-imposed. It can only be self-destroyed. That is why you should open your mind and welcome the new age teachings that are now unveiling the truth to you.
         And in spirit, only those person who are willing to receive help can easily be helped. When you are ready to receive help, say so or pray for it and the guides shall come to attend to you or guide you home - heavenwards.

The Fear Of Death
         People fear death because they are spiritually ignorant, and because the religious leaders are teaching what they do not know. They teach about God, who is Spirit, without studying Spiritual Science. Also, they use intimidating and frightening methods in teaching people about God. In the end, they only mess up things and turn very important, clear and simple Truth upside down. Besides, people do not seek for the Truth. They are more interested in remaining ordinary members of the church. That is deception, and is like going to school without entering the classroom to learn.
         Death is naturally pleasant. At the moment of dying, all fear is cleared, all pain is relieved, all suffering is removed and all burden is released.
         In terms of morality, the fear of death seems to benefit. Otherwise, people would commit suicide and there could be mass suicides. But suicide in whatever form is not acceptable in heaven and is punishable inside the everlasting hell fire. Whatever your condition may be on earth, you are expected to overcome by out-living the condition, and not by running away from it through suicide or untimely death. It is in heaven that you would appreciate all earthly sufferings and conditions. Then, you would thank God for His mercies and kindness.
         Humanity come to Earth as children go to school to learn. Of course, children should be kept in school and must not be allowed to escape into the joys of the countryside, where all is carelessness and lawless.