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Commencement Date : July 21, 2012

The Man Who Saw God
Face To Face
Part I
The Man Who Saw God
Face To Face
Part II
The Man Who Saw God
Face To Face
Part III
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The Man Who Saw God
Face To Face

For Your Sake!
         "The Bible is incomplete," says the Almighty God.
Again, He says, "For lack of knowledge, my people perish." Hosea 4:6
         This website is one of the best opportunities in your life. We advise you to dedicate time to study everything in this online library. We are not asking you to just believe. You should investigate our claims. Your eternal life (salvation or doom) is not a matter you blindly entrust into the hands of ministers of God, many of whom are still spiritually ignorant of the enormous but simple Truth. Your destiny is in your hands. Ask God to help you out.
         That is why we have dedicated our services to help as many as are ready to know the Truth.

About DivineBase
         DivineBase is not a church. We are not even asking people to change their religion. We are only asking people to seek and know the Truth. When you know the Truth, you shall know the right things to do.
         Verily, I say unto you that you will be amazed when you know the Truth. And reading one holy book is not enough.
         DivineBase is a website, a KnowledgeBase, a SpiritualLibrary, and a TreasureBase, which is created out of practical and spiritual experience of the Life that is God Almighty. It provides you the following benefits:
  1. Broad and in-depth knowledge.
  2. Great and profound wisdom.
  3. Wonderful insights and foresights.
  4. Spiritual understanding and experience.
  5. Illustrative and meaningful parables.
  6. Personal knowledge and understanding.
  7. Key to self-knowledge and self-mastery
  8. Opportunity to open the door of your heart, for the Lord of Spirits to come into your life.
  9. Bridge between this world of illusion and the Life in Spirit that is the reality.
  10. The missing dimension in both education and religion, which is Spiritual Science.
  11. Real life testimonies backed with Power and Authority.
  12. Spiritual rebirth, called Spiritual Awakening (Being Born Again).
  13. Amazing revelations.
  14. Answers to the gaps and differences in religious knowledge and beliefs.
Questions and Answers About The Man Who Saw God Face To Face

More Of Self-Introduction To The Nations Of The World
Only those who are spiritually awake, enlightened and experienced can recognize the Truth.