About The Man

Who Saw God Face To Face





I was in a dream. I saw the man who saw God face to face. He was wearing white garment. Myself and one other person were following Him. He held us with His hands, one person on each side. We were coming to DivineBase Ministry. According to our heights, we could only reach His knees.

As we were moving, all the houses in Abagana were very small. We could pass through the houses or enter the buildings. The houses were not hindering our movement. When we got to DivineBase, He stopped holding our hands.


We stood near the altar, and the man who saw God face to face climbed to the altar. Just one step that He took, and He started ascending, to the sky. He was exactly as Jesus Christ. He was ascending very far, farther and farther.

His footprint was at the altar. It was only one footprint that was there.



This revelation is a confirmation that the man who saw God face to face, Raphael Okechukwu Nweze, is Jesus Christ reincarnated. He saw God face to face, before more than forty (40) times, and now more than seventy (70) times. He ascended to heaven, just as Jesus Christ did in the past.

The footprint means that Jesus Christ has come, as Raphael Okechukwu Nweze, to establish one true way of worship. The whole world of humanity shall follow and abide by His footprint, which are His teachings, published as Yahweh's Book Of Life.


One footprint alone means that only his teaching shall be followed by all humanity. Freedom of worship is not allowed in heaven and on earth. All the numerous churches, ministries and fellowships are just people deceiving themselves. And what humanity call freedom of worship is nothing but the multiplicity of idolatry. It is time for one church and one God. It is time for one flock and one shepherd. It is time for one ministry, one name and the same method of worship, all over the world.


Walking With The Man Who Saw God Face To Face

It happened that wherever the man was called for prayer or ministration, He took me to the place. And while we went to the place, we held our hands. People were … happy and giving us gifts. … We were holding our hands, while moving, and we were rejoicing.



Holding hands means unity, love and peace.


Tiger And Lion Nations

In a dream, there was a tiger nation and a lion nation. The lion nation was stronger than the tiger nation. And the lion nation was very good, better than the tiger nation. In that place, a rock was usually kept there for the Lion King. He stays on the rock. A very big lion.  Sometimes, He changes into a human being. 


The lion nation and tiger nation were associating. But, the tiger nation like to show lion nation that tiger nation is wise and daring. For example, if the Lion King gives us bread to share with the tiger nation, we the lion nation would show the bread to the tiger nation, and said, “This is what the Lion King gave us to share among ourselves with you tiger nation.” The tiger nation would share the bread and gave us, the lion nation, our portion. If we, lion nation, observed that they cheated us, we said to them, “Give us our share.” If they proved that they were wise and daring, we the lion nation would leave the place and report to the Lion King.


All the tiger nation were afraid of the Lion King. The tiger nation had their own king. The Lion King did stay in the place reserved for it, and the tiger king stayed on the other side. But, the Lion King was stronger than the tiger king. Whenever the Lion King gave an order, the tiger king could not oppose, stop or change the order. The tiger king, as the king of the tiger nation, had no say.


We, the lion nation, did work for the man who saw God face to face, who was the Lion King, and He gave us a very big loaf of bread and akara bulbs, to share. We kept the gifts aside, to first complete the work.


One woman came and greeted the Lion King, saying, called Him, “God the Father in heaven!”


After the work, each of us took a pinch of the bread and ate. Agozie was a tiger, but my sister and I were lions. We said, “Let us share the bread.” I did not know how knife entered into my hand.  Then, I shared the bread into three parts. One of us, Agozie, said, “No. Not three parts. The Lion King said that we should share the loaf into four parts, because my mother is among us.”


I asked her. “E e e h? Go and check whether your mother is still present.” She did not go. Another person went and checked. It happened that her mother had gone.

Agozie said, “That is a lie. The bread must be shared into four parts.” And it was a law of the lion nation that we lions must get our due share. I answered her, saying, “If we share this bread into four parts, two of us, the lions, shall be cheated, we shall not get our due share.”

Agozie replied, “That does not concern me.”

I stated, “The Lion King said that if your mother had gone by now, that we should not give to her.”

Agozie said, “That does not concern me.”


And she took the knife from me and shared the loaf into two. Myself took the knife from her and shared it into four parts, and our portion was not up to what it should be. And I said to Agozie, “Our portion is not up to half of what it should be.”

My sister, Ujunwa, did her hands like this (demonstrated), saying, “My hands are not in this,” and she left to report to the Lion King.


Immediately, Agozie became a tiger and myself became a lion. I stretched out my hand for her, waiting for her to give us our share. Ujunwa went to report, crying. … I did not want to go and report. There was a way I did saw Agozie, physically. I decided to forgive her, but next, if she greedily again …


Agozie, who had turned into a tiger, went to report to their king. The Lion King ordered Agozie, saying, “Come here! Quick!”

Agozie replied, “The Lion King of the nations …”

The Lion King rebuked Agozie, saying, “I gave you people bread, and you cheated my child? What I will do to you e e e!” The Lion King was warning and warning Agozie the tiger. We were pleading with the man who saw God face to face, who was the Lion King, to have mercy. The Lion King said, “… Next time, you will try it or cheat any of the lions, what I will do to you e e e e!”



The time has come when the children of God shall no longer be maltreated and persecuted. This was exactly what the Angels told me.

The lion nation and tiger nation represents the children of God and the children of Satan, the kingdom of light versus the kingdom of darkness.


Reincarnation Of Jesus Christ As The Man Who Saw God Face To Face

I remembered what the man who saw God face to face said, that Himself is Master Jesus…


So, in a dream, I told my schoolmate, “See our pastor.” She looked and exclaimed, “Hi i! He is very handsome o o o!” If you see his height. We called Him, and He turned and waved at us. It happened that he was going to court. We bade Him good bye with happiness, and He did the same to us…


Myself also entered the court. I was standing by the side, to see what was happening. Inside the court, the man did exactly what Jesus did in the synagogue. He read the same bible portion that Jesus read, saying that Himself is Master Jesus. He read and said,


"The Spirit of the Lord God is upon Me,

Because the Lord has anointed Me

To preach good tidings to the poor;

He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,

To proclaim liberty to the captives,

And the opening of the prison to those who are bound;

To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord,

And the day of vengeance of our God;

To comfort all who mourn,

To console those who mourn in Zion,

To give them beauty for ashes,

The oil of joy for mourning,

The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness;

That they may be called trees of righteousness,

The planting of the Lord, that He may be glorified."”

Isaiah 61:1-3


When the man who saw God face to face read the portion and said that Himself is Master Jesus, the gathering started treating Him with disrespect. They were mocking Him and saying, “This man is saying nonsense.” They were murmuring. And they … all of them, including the police and those with guns, did to the man who saw God face to face what they did to Jesus Christ. If you see how they were pushing Him with disrespect and dishonour. The police were heavy on Him, holding him fast and tearing Holy Spirit dress. They led Him away.


I asked Him, “What happened?”

He said that I should wait. You know Jesus died on the cross. I did not want them to crucify the man who saw God face to face, on the cross. I was pleading and pleading and pleading.


I was a small child. I looked and saw multitudes of children. I was in the front.  I saw children behind me, so many children. And a voice said, “Let all the children run. Run to Jesus. All of you should run. The first person to meet Jesus, Jesus will carry the child in His arms, and the child will become a child of Jesus.” Immediately that was said, every child got ready to run. And the stage was set for race.


On your marks!
Get ready!

Pi i om!!!


And all the children ran and ran and ran. Every child was striving to be the first to reach Jesus Christ. The price was that whoever that reached Jesus Christ first shall become His first daughter. Everybody was doing things with one spirit. You did not need somebody to tell you what to do. I ran past thousands and millions of children.

A boy and a girl were running abreast with me. None of us three ran past the other two. I pushed the boy to know if he would fall, and the boy said, “Don’t push me again!”

I asked the boy, “Where are you going to?”

He replied, “I am going to the same place that you are going to.” He said that he would be the first to meet Jesus.


Next, the scene turned into a desert. It was a very wide and flat land, so that people could see faraway. The man who saw God face to face was sitting in a great white seat. He was very faraway, but people could still see Him, because the land was flat land.

I out ran all the other children. When I reached the man who saw God face to face, He carried me in His arms. I asked Him, “Will they still crucify you?” He replied, “No.”



Everybody has the spiritual eye, called the third eye. The unfortunate thing is that people do not know that they have this eye. And they do nothing to develop and open their spiritual eyes.

You cannot see spiritual realities with the ordinary physical eye. It is the spiritual eye that sees in spirit. That is why many people meet Angels without knowing it. Likewise, Jesus Christ has reincarnated in the midst of humanity, busy working for the salvation of humanity. But, it is disappointing that people do not recognize Him, and they do not honour the Lord and Saviour.

That is why the study of Spiritual Science is compulsory.