The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

What God Has Done For Me, He Is Ready To Do For Those Who Are Faithful And Persistent
         I am the man who saw God face to face. For over thirty (30) years, God has done so many wonderful things for me. All the while, I was not used to too much talking. Now, I have started to speak often and clear, because God said to me, “It is time to start speaking.”
  1. The Lord Almighty has opened the window of heaven and shown Himself to me, face to face.
  2. Jesus Christ took me to heaven and showed me the Holy Trinity, face to face.
  3. The Holy Spirit made the Angels take me to the moon, to the sun and to the heavens.
  4. I have seen and worked with so many Angels.
  5. I have visited so many places in the spiritual kingdom.
  6. I have both experienced and expressed the various qualities of God, because humanity are Sons of God.
The Ark of Salvation
Whether you believe it or not,
My ministry is the Ark of Salvation,
     built with the precious blood of Jesus Christ,
     which ark sails only on the ocean of the Holy Spirit.
And the captain is Michael.

This Ark of Salvation is the third
     after the Ark of Noah
     and after the Ark of Covenant.

I am neither begging you,
Nor arguing with you.
I only say, “Follow me to the Father.”

Neither A Church Nor Government
My ministry is neither a church nor government.
It is the Spiritual Science and Practice of the Truth.
Truth is the Key to Salvation.

My Seven Witnesses
         My witnesses are the following:
  1. The Almighty Father, who sent me, and who has never left me alone.
  2. Jesus Christ, in whose footstep I move.
  3. Holy Spirit, - “Not by power nor by might, but by my spirit,” says the Lord.
  4. The Trinity, who is One God In Triple Manifestation, even as fire is heat, flame and light; and as water is solid, liquid and gas inside the refrigerator.
  5. The end time Warrior Angels of God, who have already swung into action.
  6. The teachings I give to the world.
  7. And the works I do before your very eyes, for every true professional is known by what he does, not by ordinary claims, neither by popularity nor by possession.
What Amazes Me
         The following are truly quite disappointing:
  1. People claim to love God, but not have time for Him. People are not inquisitive to know what God said – whether He is pleased with the world or not, what He looks like, what I did to see Him. Jesus said it clearly, We piped and you did not dance,…

  2. Even the elders and leaders, who claim to be wise, did not consult the true oracles of God to know whether what I am saying is true or false.

  3. People claim to know God, when they have not seen Him. Thereby, they make themselves hypocrites. Can somebody recognize what he does not know? People are only believers.

  4. Despites so many encounters I have had with God, after several visits to heaven, spanning over thirty (30) years, the numerous reverend fathers and sisters have not come close to say a word of gratitude to God , even to investigate. So, I say that many ministers of God are indeed working for themselves thinking that they are serving God. No wonder Jesus said, “Not those who call me Lord, Lord, that shall enter the kingdom.”

  5. The worst still is that many of the ministers of God tell their members not to do what I say, because they are more interested in members who give them gifts than in knowing the Truth. Their members have become their gods.

Corrections For The World
         They are so many corrections for the world. So many corrections for every religion and church. Blessed are those who heed the end time trumpet call of the Archangel, for they shall surely enter the kingdom of heaven.

Introduce Spiritual Science
         Man has developed all things, but failed to develop himself. He boasts of Computer Science, Physical Science, Chemical Science, Social Science, Political Science, etc, but has neglected the most important one, which is Spiritual Science.

All must start from the scratch to re-learn about God.
Already, billions of souls are languishing inside the hell fire,
     simply because they rejected God
     and choose to follow Satan.

It Is End Time!
         Relevant bile references are:
  1. DANIEL 2:34,35
  2. DANIEL 2:44,45
  3. DANIEL 12:1-3
  4. ISAIAH 25:9
         Do not fight against this ministry,
     because the Lord Almighty is the Battle Axe.
If you have plotted against me or this ministry,
     this is what you should do to save yourself:
  1. Take a bottle or sachet of water to any minister of God.
  2. Tell him to pray God to change it into the blood of Jesus.
  3. Drink this water and put it in your water for bath.
  4. Otherwise, many are already condemned in spirit because they rose against the Almighty.
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