Book Of Life





Yahweh's Book Of Life is the complete and original holy book of God for humanity. The contents ranges from everlasting to everlasting past, present and future.


Original Holy Book Of Christianity And For Humanity

All the people, who are seeking for the original holy book of Christianity should stop doing so. Let them read Yahweh's Book Of Life, because it contains what things are written in the original holy book. This Yahweh's Book Of Life is original, complete and accurate. It is perfect.



Apostle John: Translations of names and their meanings are not allowed. The names shall have the same respective meanings, spellings, pronunciations and uses, in all languages. When certain names are translated, they lose their meanings, sounds, spelling, pronunciation and uses. Thereby, the names become meaningless and destructive, without people knowing it.





Missing Records And Books

Apostle John: Son of man, Gideon, Joshua, about their records by the bible authors, are their records complete?

The Head: The records are not complete. Many of the records of their works are not available.


Apostle John: Son of man, why are the records not available?

The Head: One reason was that when the bible authors were selecting books, they selected some books and left out many. Many other books were lost. On many occasions, it was those people in government or leadership positions that burnt many books or hid away numerous books. The government and leaders do these evils to deceive humanity, so that people shall continue to be doing what the spiritually blind, ignorant and lazy leaders want.