Chapter 6


The Man Who Saw God Face To Face
Raphael Okechukwu Nweze

Some Ask ‘What Is Spirit? How Does It Look Like?”
         Spirit is life. The same spirit is light. The light you see everyday.
         That is why Jesus said, ‘I am the light of the world.” The statement is not a proverb, but a statement of reality.
         The light is the light of knowledge. It has to be present before you can see and know whatever you see. Being the spirit of Truth, it is the light of inspiration - the light that brings ideas and empowerment from God.

Similarities Between Spirit And Light
  1. Both have visible and invisible nature.

  2. The seven colours of light (rainbow) correspond to the Seven Spirits of God.

  3. Both have trinity. The Trinity of Spirit are God as the Almighty Father, God as the Almighty Love (Jesus Christ) and God as the Almighty Presence (Holy Spirit). Similarly, light, as fire, has the trinity of heat, flame and light; also, light has the trinity of three primary colours (red, yellow and blue)

  4. Both can become a consuming fire.

  5. Both light and spirit are weightless. That is why each can move at a very high speed, even instantaneously (appear or disappear).

  6. Both pass through matter and empty space.

  7. Both shine and glow.

  8. Both are unmodified (untainted) by things they come in contact with.

  9. The speed of light is like the speed of spirit, which is the speed of thought.

  10. In the Holy Spirit, there is no sin, no fear, no shame, no doubt and no error. The same is true of light. Imagine how issues which appear difficult, stressful or demanding at night, become simple matters in the morning when the daylight appears.
  11. The visible light represents a small fraction of the electromagnetic spectrum (light), just as God maintains the universe with a small fraction of His power.

  12. Light is everywhere, just as the Holy Spirit of God is everywhere (omnipresence).

  13. Light can pass through another light, just as a spirit can pass through another spirit.

  14. Light indwells another light (several bulbs can be on at the same time and in the same place), just as a spirit can indwell another spirit to form mixed spirits.

  15. Light is life, just as the spirit is life. Both light and spirit empowers (quickens, enlivens). The morning sun wakes people up, enlivens and reactivates, in the same way that Holy Spirit gives us spiritual awakening, liveliness and empowerment.

  16. Both are independent of darkness.

  17. Both dispel darkness, pass through darkness, and see in the dark.

  18. Both light and spirit are honest. They show you all things as they are, without adding or subtracting.

         How many of you know that the sunlight you see everyday is also spiritual energy from God? That is why mystics say that God is the Radiance of the Sun. And Jesus said that He is the light of the world.
         Holy Spirit is the Light that radiates from the Body of God, the Brightness of His Presence. You cannot see the Holy Spirit with your ordinary eyes. Therefore, God used the sun to make Holy Spirit visible to your eyes. Yet, the sun is not God.
  1. As honest as light, while Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. As honest as the Holy Spirit. The light does not add or subtract. It tells you the Truth by showing everything as it is, whether that thing is good or bad. Likewise, the Holy Spirit.

  2. The light has the rainbow of seven colours, just as God (Holy Spirit) has Seven Spirits that always stand in His presence.

  3. Light is not tainted (adulterated) by anything, just as the Holy Spirit is incorruptible.
  4. Light is everywhere, in the same way that Holy Spirit is everywhere.

  5. When the Israelites asked Jesus when the kingdom shall come, Jesus answered them that the kingdom is already here and people do not know it.

The Light Is Omnipotent.
         It empowers photosynthesis, ensuring healthy living, causing actions and reactions, enabling seeing, cooking, ultra sound scanning and x-rays, transportation in the form of vaporization and wind flow. It executes remote control, high frequency radio identification and tracking, radio and television broadcasts and display.
         The same light is heat, flame and light, even as God is a consuming fire. The light, itself, can become a consuming fire.
         People are ignorant of these facts. All because they do not know. More so, because they keeping on ignoring the Truth, which Truth is life, light and spirit. The same light you see everyday is spirit.
         Light is omnipresent. It consumes everything and itself is not consumed. Whatever fire does not consume by flame, it reaches by light; and whatever light cannot reach, it, as heat, overtakes that. God is Spirit, and Spirit is Light.

Fire Is Spirit
         According to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia,

“A wildfire differs from other fires by its extensive size, the speed at which it can spread out from its original source, its potential to change direction unexpectedly and its ability to jump gaps such as roads, rivers and fire breaks."

         The funny thing is that the Wikipedia team does not know that they are describing spirit. Now let us put the above description in a spiritual perspective.

A spirit differs from other things by its variable size, the very high speed at which it moves from its last location, its inherent power to change direction at will, and its ability to jump (move) over gaps such as wide roads, great rivers, enormous valleys, or pass through obstacles. Spirit is fire. The same fire is consuming fire (even wildfire).

         I, the author, have on several occasions, exhibited and experienced these facts. I have told you all these things, so that you know the Truth and do not fall into temptation. God is real, and He is indeed, the Almighty Father. He is Spirit, Light, Life and Love. I say all these things, in the glorious footsteps of Jesus Christ, who is the Father's Love for All, and also God’s gift of Himself to everyone.